10 Affordable Restaurants In Osu – Full List

by Kojo Pocu

Since Osu is now a playground for local and international tourist, people may love to explore cheaply. Sleep in cheap guesthouses, shopping at local markets, and also eating at some of the best affordable restaurants in Osu.

Osu is a popular hangout spot for international visitors who want to mingle with locals and other visitors. It’s a location where people from various origins and destinations join together to form one group.

The majority of these individuals are unconcerned with colors or anything else; they simply want to have a good time and go their separate ways.

Whiles having fun and exploring the Osu Oxford street cheaply, you may love to fill your stomach. Mrpocu.com have put together a list of affordable restaurants in Osu for all budget. Check them out if you find yourself in Osu.

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Restaurants In Osu



If you didn’t know, the Osu KFC was Ghana’s first KFC location, opening in 2011. You can imagine how crowded or clogged the place can become. The branch in Osu is one of the best in Ghana when it comes to crispy chicken and fries.

You don’t have to worry about the budget or the quality of the meal because all branches across the country have the same pricing list and the same recipe.

Papaye fast foods

Papaye fast food

Papaye Fast Foods is one of Ghana’s oldest eateries. It is located on Oxford Street in Osu, Accra, and has branches all around the capital, including Tesano and Spintex Road.

They have a variety of selections, including night food, casual fare, and vegetarian fare. Papaye quick food is easy to find because it is right by the roadway. They provide excellent customer service and some of the best food in the country.

Pinocchio and LA Piazza Restaurant


The Embassy Road, H P Nyemitei St, Osu, Accra is home to Pinocchio and LA Piazza Restaurant. On the menu, they provide a vast assortment of pizzas produced with imported Italian flour and Neapolitan recipes.

Their pizzas are cooked in a high-temperature oven. Chefs that have won renowned titles such as World Pizza Championship, European Pizza Championship, and World Pizza Classics Championship train the LA Piazza Pizza team each semester. Ice cream fans can enjoy their handcrafted ice cream, which comes in more than 50 varieties. Waffle and cake fans will find a wide variety of freshly baked cakes, wonderful wraps, fresh salads, sandwiches, spaghetti, and other delectable Italian cuisine.

Buka Restaurant Osu


Buka restaurant is a vivid depiction of the African landscape’s thrill and way of life. Ghanaian, Nigerian, Ivorian, and Togolese cuisines are available at the restaurant.

If you haven’t tried the great Buka cuisine, your exploration of Osu is incomplete, especially if you’re traveling in a group. A lavish set designed for the middle-class business community and sophisticated overseas guests.

It features a lovely layout for your social media feed. Is it your blind date’s first time dinner experience? Make a reservation at Buka for the best dining experience you’ve ever had. Buka is one of the most cost-effective eateries in Osu.

Frankies Restaurant

Frankie’s Osu

Frankies Restaurant is one of the oldest and most well-known dining establishments in Osu, Accra. They are known for their ice creams and desserts, but they also provide fried rice, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and pastries.

Frankie’s restaurant is arguably the most popular and oldest on Osu Oxford Street. They’re well-known for their ice cream and pastries, as well as the breathtaking view of Oxford Street. try their pizza and thank me later.

Breakfast to Breakfast

Breakfast to breakfast Osu

Based on my own experience, I rate Breakfast to Breakfast three stars for outstanding customer service and delicious food. The restaurant, which is located on Osu Oxford Street 6th Street, is one of Ghana’s top breakfast establishments. Before you go to work, get a cup of hot coffee.

Breakfast to Breakfast serves not only breakfast but also sandwiches, burgers, continental, Lebanese, smoothies, and juices, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rina’s Restaurant


Rina’s Restaurant is located on Oxford Street in Accra’s Osu neighborhood. They have outside dining, fantastic cocktails, and it is quite nice and easygoing. (Oxford Street mall) The restaurant is a casual eating establishment located on Oxford Street in Osu’s Oxford Street Mall.



Katawodieso is located in Accra’s Osu La Crescent. Katawodieso is a semi-legendary Accra food outlet that is more of a street food vendor than a restaurant. Even though their major specialty is Waakye (a Ghanaian local meal made of rice and beans), they are known for how good their food tastes. They have amazing local Ghanaian cuisines such as Fufu, Banku, and Jollof rice, to mention a few.

The long lunchtime lines attest to this. Katawodieso has been around for almost a decade and is popular in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

Kpootoo Park Food Joint

Kpootoo is a popular eatery on Osu Oxford Street in Accra, Ghana. This location is ideal for children, groups, and get-togethers. They sell food into the wee hours of the morning. There are both casual and vegetarian options available. The location is calm and tidy, and it’s definitely one to add to your list of places to visit.

Indomie Cafe

Indomie Cafe is the best street cuisine to try if you’re looking for a street joint on Osu Oxford Street. Most street dishes in Ghana are not to be trusted, but this is one of the greatest in Accra.