10 Beaches In Accra You Should Visit

by Kojo Pocu
Beaches In Accra

When visiting Ghana, Accra is undoubtedly where your journey will begin. It is probably one of the top destinations in Ghana for both residents and tourists from abroad. Everyone who wants to see Accra, the capital of Ghana, will find a lot of locations to visit there. From sophisticated dining establishments, historical attractions to white sand beaches in Accra, there are plenty of things for everyone.

From Aflao in the Volta Region to Cape Three Points in the Western Region, Ghana’s coastline stretches about 560 kilometres (350 miles). Numerous stunning beaches with various sand and rock formations embrace the Atlantic Ocean along this coastline. And Accra is one of the top places in Ghana for beach vacation.

Are you trying to find a beach in Accra where you can relax and take in the scenery? Mrpocu.com has put together a list of top beaches in Accra perfect for your vacation type.

Beaches In Accra

La Pleasure Beach

Ghana’s most well-known beach is La Pleasure Beach, sometimes referred to as Labadi Beach. Visitors who prefer to stay near to the water can find some of Ghana’s finest hotels along the western fringe of Accra. There is an entrance fee for visitors who are not hotel guests. On holidays, Labadi Beach is well known for hosting big entertainment concerts and festivals.

The beach features infrastructure and amenities including restrooms, locker rooms, restaurants, bars, and many others that will make visitors enjoy their time there. The busiest beach in Ghana is open and safe to visit.

Beaches In Accra

Bojo Beach

Ghana’s most well-known private beach, Bojo, offers opulence and exotic delight. The exclusive beach provides you with top-notch resort facilities, including hotel lodging and unmatched service. Bojo Beach is located 13 miles from the international airport and 12 miles from Accra. Visitors arriving in their vehicles are provided with free private parking. Since 2013, the beach has been open for business.

Beaches In Accra

Sakomono Beach

One of the well-known beaches in Ghana is Sakomono Beach, which is enjoyable to visit because some of the shoreline is rocky. This beach is a must-visit for music fans. It has a long, beautiful rocky shore. The Tema port is the closest beach to it.

Beaches In Accra

Kokrobite Beach

Kokrobite is Ghana’s best beach to visit if you enjoy the genre of music. Despite being only 25 kilometres away from Accra, the beach has a completely different vibe from the busy city. If you need a hideout for whatever private reason, it’s the perfect location. Kokrobite Beach comes alive at night with bonfire festivals featuring music, dancing, and drumming.

Luxury beach Accra

Luxury Beach

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience tranquility,true comfort and relaxing experience at The Luxury Beach Resort.

When seeking for the best beaches in Accra, picking Luxury Beach will be your best bet if you want a super-hideout beach with no crowds. The waves are ideal for families and the beach is clean.

Beaches In Accra

Best Western Plus Accra Hotel Beach

The Best Western Plus Accra Beach Hotel provides a wonderful setting for both unwinding and having fun. It contains customs and cultural elements from Ghana. The hospitality is excellent, and the sea view is breathtaking.

If you want to remain close to the beach, it may be the finest choice. Additionally, the hotel is one of Ghana’s greatest beachfront budget top hotels.

Beaches In Accra

Dansoman Beach

Despite not being the best tourist spot in Accra, Dansoman is worth visiting for the beach experience. Growing up, I got to know what it was like to spend a day at Dansoman beach. Observing local fishermen working as well as kids enjoying swimming. During the holidays, the beach might become crowded. It is best to visit the beach during weekends.

Beaches In Accra

Bola Beach Accra

Amazing location on a Saturday morning before the sun comes up. the Bola beach, which is located behind Ghana’s Independence Square. Bola beach got its moniker from the massive amount of plastic rubbish that was dumped there. There are steps being taken to stop the heaps of plastic garbage, but I think this can only be done if people’s mindsets change.

And now both local and international tourists enjoy visiting the beach.

La palm beach

La Palm Royal Beach

Another popular destination in Accra is the La Palm Royal Beach, which has been open for more than 20 years and offers a beautiful oceanfront. The La Palm Royal Beach is ideal for tourists seeking clean, noise-free leisure in Ghana since it places a priority on luxury and creates a luxurious ambiance.

Teshie Beach

At Teshie Beach, feel the sand, the breeze teasing your hair, and the sea at your feet. To complete off a fantastic day out, stay for sunset.
I have some wonderful news. Teshie Beach in Accra can be accessed for free. You don’t have to stop your sightseeing at this section of coastline, though. Your day will come to a satisfying conclusion at nearby attractions like Labadi Beach, The Junction Mall, and A&C Mall.