25 Top Restaurants in Ghana

by Kojo Pocu
Restaurants in Ghana

List of restaurants in Ghana you should try if you are in Ghana or now visiting.

Ghana has one of the biggest food industries in West Africa. From the bustling capital city of Accra to the capital of the Asante people Kumasi, and the beautiful savannah land in Tamale, Ghana has several plush restaurants. These restaurants serve diverse delicacies. These restaurants portray some of the best Ghanaian cultures from their decor, to their customer service.
No matter your preference many restaurants cover everything from the simple laid-back diner, to posh, upscale gourmet Chinese and French cuisine.

Once in Ghana, it is fairly simple to locate eateries and restaurants to try. Ghana has more than 500 different restaurants and food establishments, many of the most well-known of which are found in the country’s urban centres. With a few upscale and highly regarded options in the Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi regions.

In this article, Mrpocu.com will list some of the top restaurants in Ghana you can visit when you’re in Ghana. From some of the top and popular restaurants to some of the Instagrammable restaurants. Keep reading and see where you would like to eat.

Top Restaurants In Ghana

Azmera Restaurant

Restaurants In Ghana

The Azmera restaurant is a restaurant that serves some of the tastiest local dishes. It is a restaurant that portrays the culture of the Ghanaian people through its various services, from meal serving to the uniform of the chefs and waiters. The restaurant is one of the best places to eat and experience Ghanaian culture. The menu here covers a wide range of local delicacies. Situated in the heart of the city, Azmera Restaurant is a kind restaurant, offering a wide range of local Ghanaian dishes served in an elegant buffet style. Experience authentic Ghanaian culture, the Azmera way.

Dimaensa restaurant

Restaurants In Ghana

Dimaensa restaurant is a restaurant with a beautiful cultural ambience located in Accra. Its name which is in the local dialect Twi translates to ‘eat till there’s nothing left a testament to the restaurant’s delightful cuisine. They have a cool relaxing environment with excellent customer service. They have a large social media following and it is due to their excellent food and great service. Dimaensa is also very popular for the earthenware bowls which are used in serving all dishes. It is eco-friendly and safe and is preferred more than modern utensils. It is an ideal place to have a taste of Ghana’s diverse cuisine.

Capitol Restaurant

Restaurants In Ghana

One of the plushest restaurants in Accra, the Capitol restaurant is one of the restaurants that have some of the best reviews. Capitol Café and Restaurant combines the best taste from both Turkish and international cuisine in the city of Accra. It is located in the upscale neighbourhood of the Cantonments. The elegant atmosphere and diverse menu always attract several people. They also have a delightful menu that caters to special occasions and events. The menu has vegetarian options which are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. Capital is one of the popular restaurants in Ghana.

Ikes Café and Grill

Restaurants In Ghana

Ikes Café and Grill is located in the garden city of Kumasi. The restaurant has amazing customer service and a relaxing environment. It serves some really tasty gourmet food. It mainly serves African dishes. They have a menu which caters to vegetarians too. It is a good place to be with friends and family. Foods have moderate pricing with generous portions.

The View Bar and Grill

Restaurants In Ghana

Located also in Kumasi in the town of Ahodwo this trendy restaurant is one of the city’s best places for dinner, lunch, or even a date night. It has a relaxing airy environment. It can also cater to large groups of people, so folks tend to hang out with friends and family at the restaurant. There is a full bar that serves a wide range of drinks. They have other perks like free WiFi, and digital payments and are wheelchair accessible.

The Branche Restaurant and Bar

Restaurants In Ghana

The Branche Restaurant is located on the Golden Tulip premises in Accra. It is one of the ideal places that offer quick meals and also different types of cuisine. It is also noted for the buffet which comes with multiple African flavours. The restaurant offers prompt services with the best customer service. They have beautiful surroundings and the decor is impeccable.

Captain Hooks

Restaurants In Ghana

Captain Hooks is your go-to restaurant for some of the best seafood. The restaurant is located in Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western region of Ghana. They serve some of the tastiest seafood cuisines from lobsters to prawns and other delicacies. It is also a great place for friends and family to hang out and have a good meal. It has great seating with a tasteful décor that features artwork and several other exciting perks. If you are in Takoradi, then Captains hooks is one of the best restaurants in Ghana you should try.

Chuck’s Bar and restaurant

Restaurants In Ghana

This restaurant is located in the northern city of Tamale. It is very popular for its garden setting and outdoor ambience. The restaurant serves good food and drinks in a relaxed environment. It is also a very popular spot for expatriates and foreigners who come to relax and unwind. They serve diverse cuisine from European to vegetarian dishes. Other perks include free WiFi, easily accessible by wheelchair and it has free parking available.

Bombay Spice

Restaurants In Ghana

This exotic Indian restaurant serves the best Indian delicacies in Takoradi. It is the ideal place for lovers of Indian cuisine or simply folks who would like to dive into some spicy Indian meals. This eatery has the best home-cooked quality Indian food. In addition to this, they have vegetarian dishes which are sometimes hard to come by in Ghana. It also has a bar that serves a variety of well-priced drinks.

Coco lounge

Restaurants In Ghana

One of the top restaurants in Accra, Coco lounge is well known for the breathtaking view it provides of the city of Accra. Coco lounge offers several cuisines from vegetarian, gluten-free, and European dishes, and everyone gets to find something to like. They also feature a brassiere-style experience destination bar. Coco Lounge is also great for celebrating special occasions with its authentic interior design which flaunts high ceilings and an open area with colourful artwork displayed. It is a perfect place to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has a wood-fired pizza oven, relaxed bar-top dining options, and several other perks that make the restaurant all the more intriguing.

Noble House Restaurant Kumasi

Restaurants In Ghana

In addition to local and Asian foods, Noble House is the perfect place to enjoy African-Asian cuisines. It resembles going back to your home city in Asia. The eatery offers a wide selection of Asian cuisine, including Chinese and Indian dishes. The setting offers a welcoming atmosphere and affordable cost to satisfy your appetite. One of Kumasi’s premier hotels and dining venues, Noble is more than just a restaurant.

Noble House is known for more than just its delectable Chinese and Indian food; they also offer the best-specialized catering services for large, small, and private groups of people. If it’s tough for you to settle on just a few options from the menu, The Noble House has a superb selection. Their Kumasi site is just as welcoming as their East Legon location.

Momo’s Pool Bar

Restaurants In Ghana

Your experience won’t be complete if dinner isn’t served at Momo’s pool bar near the pool (lol). The best place to go in Kumasi if you want to spend the entire day having fun is here. Family members will enjoy the enjoyable late-Sunday excursion; bring them along. Momo’s Pool Bar is a guest house with a magnificent pool and gardens that doubles as a restaurant and bar in the Nhyiaeso neighbourhood of Kumasi. It’s perfect for a tranquil break because of the secluded gardens and location. The bar staff is friendly, and the food is reasonably priced. The bar and pool are available each day starting at 10 a.m. The pool is closed at dusk unless there is a special event. Momo’s Pool Bar should be on your bucket list if you’re seeking one of Kumasi’s greatest eateries.

Moti Mahal Restaurant

Restaurants In Ghana

At the Moti Mahal restaurant in the Top Martins building is located near the Asafo Interchange Kumasi, all the foods made and ordered are from fresh ingredients to meet your needs. The restaurant is divided into two main areas. The bar area, which features a pool table if customers so desire, is always open to eating. A fantastic dining establishment in Kumasi is the Moti Mahal.

They will go above and above to satisfy any specific requirements you might have to ensure that you enjoy your meal. The restaurant takes pride in its ability to accommodate customers with special requirements, such as diabetics. Because it only serves vegetarian food, the restaurant is a great place for everyone to visit. If you have any unusual allergies, kindly let them know in advance so that their chef can create a dish that satisfies your requirements. Any palate is likely to be pleased by the diversity of delicacies on its menu.


Restaurants In Ghana

This exquisitely furnished location, which occupies the ground floor of the iconic Villagio tower, is the gold standard for high-end, expertly made Japanese cuisine. It is renowned for its elegance and high standards, as one would expect from the group that founded the renowned Nobu restaurants. For those who are a little intimidated by the dinner options, a smaller but nonetheless beautiful tasting menu is available every day for lunch. An outdoor drinks patio is ideal for before and after the meal.

The Buka Restaurant

Restaurants In Ghana

Buka is the place to go in Accra for excellent Ghanaian cuisine. Buka is a terrific place to sample a broad variety of delectable local delicacies because of its convenient location in the heart of the restaurant-heavy neighbourhood of Osu. Customers have the option of indoor/outdoor sitting or the comfort of an air-conditioned anteroom. Go early or late to ensure a table on the well-liked patio at this consistently popular lunch location. Both the grilled tilapia and their fufu with guinea fowl in a hearty groundnut soup are perennial favourites. It is also one of the best Nigerian restaurants in Ghana.

Little Havana

Restaurants In Ghana

Charming Afro-Caribbean restaurant with Cuban decor and top-notch rum cocktails. The first Afro-Latino-influenced street cuisine type restaurant and bar in Ghana and West Africa, Little Havana, is located in an old colonial-style building in the young, creative, and enterprising neighbourhood near Osu Ako Adjei Park.

Marcus Morgan-Etty, the founder and designer of Little Havana (of Santoku, The View, and Burger & Relish fame), has evoked the opulent days of the Cuban capital’s pre-revolutionary era by maintaining the building’s original wooden shutters and art deco detailing and adding opulent chandeliers, charming vintage furniture, and vibrant eclectic décor. This trendy new restaurant offers a tantalizing meal together with exuberant Afro-Cuban and Latino music, expertly made premium rum drinks, and vivacious service, all of which combine to create a new and genuine alternative to Accra’s posh high-end social scene.

Marcus eagerly exclaims, “Latino food is exploding with flavour and fresh ingredients, and has very strong crossovers with Ghanaian foods,” as he bustles about the kitchen creating a Cuban sandwich. Marcus resembles Jon Favreau’s lead character from the 2014 film “Chef” in appearance. I drew inspiration for the Little Havana menu from traditional Cuban and Latin American dishes and ingredients, but I bought everything in Ghana from local vendors.

The Vine Lounge

Restaurants In Ghana

The Vine Lounge Accra has been a phenomenon ever since it debuted last September in the Best Western Premier Accra hotel in Airport Residential. The lounge provides a wide range of meals, drinks, and activities themed on brunch, the hottest cuisine trend right now. Enter the Best Western’s basement to find a bright, green, and contemporary open area with nooks for more private breakfasts and larger lounge tables for gatherings.

Waffles, pancakes, pastries, eggs, bacon, sausages, and french toast are all on the brunch menu. The lunch and dinner menu is also continually growing, and it will soon include a new, complex cuisine in addition to light nibbles like squid, shrimp, and salads. However, Vine’s broad menu of creative cocktails, wines and champagnes is where it really shines. The wildly popular weekend Champagne and Prosecco day parties have returned. Arguably it is one of the best luxury restaurants in Ghana for couples’ dates.

Live jazz music is performed every Wednesday at The Vine Lounge, and every Thursday, Craft Cocktail offers instruction based on your favourite spirits and mixers. Prosecco of the highest calibre kicks off the weekend on Fizz Fridays. Initially, only a brunch location, Vine Lounge has since grown to be a gathering place for all hours of the day, whether it be for a leisurely morning breakfast, a romantic dinner, or an exciting evening of creative cocktails and live music.

Green Eats Salad Bar

Restaurants In Ghana

The trend of eating healthily is currently huge, and Green Eats Salad Bar is introducing it to Ghana. This “make your own salad” concept is a novel addition to Accra’s new healthy dining scene as the city’s first fully stocked salad bar. Nyaniba Estates is the location of Green Eats Salad Bar. Since it first debuted, Green Eats has garnered a sizable following; lunchtime lines are now a given. The idea is straightforward but excellent. Choose a salad base first—mixed greens or local lettuce—then join the line for your desired toppings.

Choose from a variety of vegetables, such as curry cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots, and top your salad with some chicken, beef, or pork (chicken crisps are a great substitute for bacon). You can also add some pasta, quinoa, or bulgur wheat, as well as a variety of cheeses. With its wide selection of handmade dressings, Green Eats has really excelled. Any dress you can think of is available. You may also order a variety of smoothies from Green Eats and specify the fruits and vegetables you wish to use as the foundation; you can also try their homemade iced tea. You can eat your fresh, healthy lunch on the wonderful little terrace at Green Eats, order it to be delivered, or have it taken out. The restaurant is one best salad restaurants in Ghana.

Bistro 22

Restaurants In Ghana

Bistro 22 is one of Accra’s most well-known and laid-back restaurants and the recipient of the Ghana Tourist Authority’s restaurant of the year award. This Labone kitchen and bar offers a large variety of high-quality dishes, including a variety of steak, calamari, seasonal salads, juicy burgers, and desserts. A spacious patio outside and a sizable wine menu are also available, adding to the ambience of relaxation.

La Chaumiere

La Chaumiere

On Liberation Road, a charming manse set back from the street is home to one of Accra’s oldest French eateries. La Chaumiere maintains a cosy atmosphere with tasteful furnishings and a little bar. Excellent meat, fish, and French specialities like French onion soup, Andouillette sausage, and rabbit are all featured in the opulent and rich menu, which is further complemented by a strong wine list and top-notch service.



Katawodieso, more of a street kiosk than a restaurant, is a local legend in Accra. The lunchtime lines testament to its popularity and the quality of the traditional Ghanaian food it provides. Banku, fufu, and jollof rice are all bubbling in its courtyard, but waakye is the house’s speciality. If there is space, enter and find a seat. If not, order at the kiosk from a waitress and observe what comes out. Since it has been here for 25 years, the restaurant has become well-known throughout the neighbourhood.

Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen

You could assume that Country Kitchen is a high-end establishment based on the presence of government officials, occasional tribe leaders, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, whose photo is prominently displayed there. The major draw, though, is the hearty, authentically Ghanaian home food. Although the cuisine is freshly prepared, the ambience is as laid back as the employees. Each of the three rice dishes—fufu, banku, and Jollof—offers a selection of chicken, beef, mutton, or fish—typically “redfish.” The larger grilled tilapia is served without silverware and is accompanied by banku, a bowl of water, and washing-up liquid. It provides delivery and takeout options.

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia, now well into its second decade, combines great thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas with an appealing setting to easily rank among Accra’s best Italian dining alternatives. It is located around a pleasant rustic courtyard about five minutes walk from Oxford Street. But the restaurant serves more than simply pizza; we also heartily endorse the substantial and reasonably priced seafood platter. With its rough-hewn pavers, terracotta tilework, and cosy, uncomplicated design, the outside area offers a trattoria-like air. Inside dining is also offered with air conditioning. This place values service.

Simret – The Taste of Ethiopia

Simret is a modest family-run restaurant that opened in Accra in June 2014 with the goal of offering an affordable authentic Ethiopian buffet dining experience. They have a secure parking area and are situated in a private compound in Roman Ridge. Due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Ghanaian government, they currently offer Dine-in, Take-away, and Delivery services. The restaurant is one of the best West Africa Restaurants in Ghana.

Polo Club Restaurant & Lounge

Accra Polo Club, once Il Cavaliere Pazzo’s residence, rises to its location in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, overlooking the playing field of the polo club. Risottos, gnocchi, and ravioli are among the excellent, expertly prepared Italian delicacies on the menu, along with, uh, sushi. Even though there are no natural bedfellows in this location, the sushi is quite good. The lobster linguini and the calamari are two of the menu’s standout items. The chocolate fondant is also deserving of praise.

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