10 Top Restaurants in Ghana

The View Bar and Grill

Ghana has one of the biggest food industries in West Africa. From the bustling capital city of Accra to the capital of the Asante people Kumasi, and the beautiful savannah land in Tamale, Ghana has several plush restaurants. These restaurants serve diverse delicacies. These restaurants portray some of the best Ghanaian cultures from their decor, to their customer service.
No matter your preference many restaurants cover everything from the simple laid-back diner, to posh, upscale gourmet Chinese and French cuisine.

In this article, Mrpocu.xyz will list some of the top restaurants in Ghana you can visit when you’re in Ghana.

1.Azmera Restaurant

Azmera Restaurant

The Azmera restaurant is a restaurant that serves some of the tastiest local dishes. It is a restaurant that portrays the culture of the Ghanaian people through their various services, from meal serving to the uniform of the chefs and waiters. The restaurant is one of the best places to eat and experience Ghanaian culture. The menu here covers a wide range of local delicacies. Situated in the heart of the city, Azmera Restaurant is a kind restaurant, offering a wide range of local Ghanaian dishes served in an elegant buffet style. Experience authentic Ghanaian culture, the Azmera way.

2.Dimaensa restaurant

Dimaensa restaurant

Dimaensa restaurant is a restaurant with a beautiful cultural ambiance located in Accra. Its name which is in the local dialect Twi, translates to ‘eat till there’s nothing left’ a testament to the restaurant’s delightful cuisine. They have a cool relaxing environment with excellent customer service. They have a large social media following and it is due to their excellent food and great service. Dimaensa is also very popular for the earthenware bowls which are used in serving all dishes. It is eco-friendly and safe and is preferred more than modern utensils. It is an ideal place to have a taste of Ghana’s diverse cuisine.

3.Capitol Restaurant

Capitol Restaurant
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One of the plushest restaurants in Accra, the Capitol restaurant is one of the restaurants that have some of the best reviews. Capitol Café and Restaurant combines the best taste from both Turkish and international cuisine to the city of Accra. It is located in the upscale neighborhood of the Cantonments. The elegant atmosphere and diverse menu always attract several people. They also have a delightful menu that caters to special occasions and events. The menu has vegetarian options which are perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

4.Ikes Café and Grill

Ikes Café and Grill

Ikes Café and Grill is located in the garden city Kumasi. The restaurant has amazing customer service and a relaxing environment. It serves some really tasty gourmet food. It mainly serves African dishes. They have a menu which caters to vegetarians too. It is a good place to be with friends and family. Foods have moderate pricing with generous portions.

5.The View Bar and Grill

The View Bar and Grill

Located also in Kumasi in the town of Ahodwo this trendy restaurant is one of the city’s best places for dinner, lunch, or even a date night. It has a relaxing airy environment. It can also cater to large groups of people, so folks tend to hang out with friends and family at the restaurant. There is a full bar that serves a wide range of drinks. They have other perks like free WiFi, digital payments and are wheelchair accessible.

6.The Branche Restaurant and Bar

The Branche Restaurant and Bar

The Branche Restaurant is located on the Golden Tulip premises in Accra. It is one of the ideal places that offer quick meals and also different types of cuisine. It is also noted for the buffet which comes with multiple African flavors. The restaurant offers prompt services with the best customer service. They have beautiful surroundings and the decor is impeccable.

7.Captain Hooks

Captain Hooks

Captain Hooks is your go-to restaurant for some of the best seafood. The restaurant is located in Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western region of Ghana. They serves some of the tastiest seafood cuisines from lobsters to prawns and other delicacies. It is also a great place for friends and family to hang out and have a good meal. It has great seating with a tasteful décor that features artwork and several other exciting perks.

8.Chuck’s Bar and restaurant

.Chuck’s Bar and restaurant

This restaurant is located in the northern city of Tamale. It is very popular for its garden setting and outdoor ambiance. The restaurant serves good food and drinks in a relaxed environment. It is also a very popular spot for expatriates and foreigners who come to relax and unwind. They serve diverse cuisine from European to vegetarian dishes. Other perks include free WiFi, easily accessible by wheelchair and it has free parking available.

9.Bombay Spice

Bombay Spice

This exotic Indian restaurant serves the best Indian delicacies in Takoradi. It is the ideal place for lovers of Indian cuisine or simply folks who would like to dive into some spicy Indian meals. This eatery has the best home-cooked quality Indian food. In addition to this, they have vegetarian dishes which is sometimes hard to come by in Ghana. It also has a bar that serves a variety of well-priced drinks.

10.Coco lounge

Coco lounge

One of the top restaurants in Accra, Coco lounge is well known for the breathtaking view it provides of the city of Accra. Coco lounge offers several cuisines from vegetarian, gluten-free, and European dishes, everyone gets to find something to like. They also features a brassiere-style experience destination bar. Coco Lounge is also great for celebrating special occasions with its authentic interior design which flaunts high ceilings and an open area with colorful artwork displayed. It is a perfect place to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has a wood-fired pizza oven, relaxed bar top dining options, and several other perks that make the restaurant all the more intriguing.

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