12 Best Nigerian Restaurants In Accra

You probably looking for some of the best Nigerian restaurants in Accra to satisfy your craving. Well, you are on the right page. There are numerous Nigerian food cultures and facts you should know as you looking to satisfy yourself with some great local Nigerian cuisine. There are about 250 different ethnic groups in Nigeria, and therefore it is natural that each of them has food and cultural characteristics. Traditionally, a lot of Nigerian food comes with starchy vegetables, tasty stews and spices. Arguably, most West African cuisines are made up of vegetables, herbs and spices to have great tasty sauces and soups.

Ghana happens to be one of Nigeriens’ favourite destinations, especially for business. The relationship between these two countries started after Ghana first became independent in 1957. Over years the number of Nigerians in Ghana has shot up to about 1 million and each year we still receive them. With this, surely you going to get some individuals setting up Nigerian restaurants in Accra for Nigerians here and Ghanaians looking to try their cuisines.

In this article, Mrpocu.com will list some of the top Nigerian restaurants in Accra you should visit. From some of the popular restaurants’ fine dining settings.

Nigerian Restaurants In Accra

Buka Restaurant Osu Accra

In actuality, Buka is a destination that everyone may visit. Buka, as it is commonly known, was created specifically to cater to the middle-class business community and the discerning foreign traveller. if you enjoy the well-prepared local cuisine. The restaurant is a favourite among Nigerians living in Ghana and those interested in trying regional African cuisine.

There is just enough variety on the menu at Buka to keep you interested. Most meals cost less than 50Ghc, and there are plenty of side dishes available, so the pricing is also not too awful. There are various dining options at Buka, including air-conditioned dining rooms with tables that can seat up to six people. Or, if you prefer to have a private event, private dining rooms are available for 100GHC per hour, excluding food. These are excellent for exclusive events. Try some Nigerian cuisine there and thank me later in the comment sector.

Chop I chop Nigeria Restaurant

Well, you can agree with me this is a typical Nigerian restaurant in the heart of the city if it’s not your first time hearing the name. Chop I Chop Nigeria restaurant is arguably one of the best Nigerian restaurants in Accra I would recommend visiting if you looking for great local Nigerian cuisine will all that vegetables and special.

My first time trying Nigerian cuisine was at this restaurant and the experience we much more than I expected. Their food is affordable and great to try. The restaurant is located at Golden Souvenir inside Tesano God’s Grace International School. You can dine in or order from some of the top online food vendors ( Jumia food, Bolt food and Glovo).

BOW Fast Food

One of the best choices if you looking to try Nigerien food in Ghana. Great food at a reasonable price is what BOW fast food is known for. The restaurant is one of the best options if you looking for fine or Instagrammble dining settings. One of my favourite food on the menu is rice with grilled chicken which I recommend you try. It is one of the best Nigerian restaurants in Accra for family or friends gathering.

Chez Clarisse

You have two options: whole grilled fish with onions and tomatoes, or tender chicken. This Ivorian and Nigerian favourite is still well-liked despite its limited menu because it offers a really authentic African dining experience with plastic chairs, eating with your hands, and sauces that entice customers to return. For those who are less courageous, cutlery is supplied upon request. It feels like a home away from the home dining experience.

Naija Food Joint

If you want to experience the diversity of authentic Nigerian cuisine with a global flair, visit Naija Food Joint. One of the benefits of ordering from Naija Food Joint is the variety of dishes available and the restaurant’s specialization in various cuisines. The restaurant over the years has managed to grow and paved its way through the people’s hearts and it is located at one of the best places in Accra for restaurants, East Legon.

Nigeria Kitchen Accra

One of the top and oldest Nigerian restaurants in Accra is Nigerian Kitchen. The restaurant is one of the best places to visit if you looking to try Nigerian food for the first time. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It is located at Okpelen We Street, East Legon. One can contact them on 0553804388.

805 Restaurant

Since Mr and Mrs James first introduced you to healthful and delectable West African cuisine in 2001 at 805 Old Kent Road in Nigeria, they have been dedicated to delivering you these meals both in their restaurants and in your homes. The restaurant was excited to collaborate with chefs that prepare meals from scratch using local foods and be a part of your celebrations, celebratory feasts, and relaxing schedule.

After 20 years, their premises have stunning tones, rotating unique art on the walls, and a pleasant ambience that encourages dish-sharing delights. In the heart of Hendon, South London, Reading, Accra, and Abuja, they bring you dishes on your own, as a group of one, several, or on behalf of your family.

The Accra branch over the years has managed to gain recognition for Nigerians in Ghana and Ghanaians looking to try Nigerian cuisine. Visit The 805 restaurants at Third CI street and thank me later in the comment section.

Atinka Restaurant & Bar

Imagine having that beautiful and memorable diner or Nigerian food experience in a classy ambience. Atinka restaurant provides all that and introduces you to some other great African cuisines. Local foods from Ghana and Nigeria, such as Gari Fortor, Fufu, Banku, Akple, rice balls, and ampesi, are the restaurant’s speciality.

Hot and Spicy Nigerian Restaurant

Fresh spicy vegetable soup with other popular Nigerian mouth-watering dishes is what Hot and Spicy Nigerian Restaurants is known for. Well-prepared and garnished with all the necessary nutrients, their customary Nkwobi. The Hot and Spicy restaurant also welcomes you to swing by and sample their delicious dishes with fresh palm wine.

Chez Afrique

This well-known restaurant frequently hosts live performances by highlife musicians. The music is superior to the cuisine, which is fine. Before returning with a highlife set that gets everyone up and dancing, many sets begin with a blend of reggae and other (random) tunes. Usually, the musicianship is top-notch.

Aside from great food and good music, the restaurant is one of the best places in Accra to get some good Nigerian. Try and check the place out, especially on weekends.

D’Den Exotic Afro Intercontinental Restaurant

D’Den Exotic Restaurant Ghana is one of the best restaurants in Accra, providing the highest standard of African and continental cuisine at an amazingly low price. Sure you going to get some of the best Nigerian cuisines served. The restaurant also has a nice dining setting you going to love.

Mama Put Gh

There is a typical everyday vista in practically every street in Nigeria. It’s the sight of a food vendor selling their goods from a wheelbarrow, an umbrella on a street corner, or a rented store designed for the purpose; as well as the long line of people waiting to buy food from the vendor for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The food vendors are commonly called in Nigeria Mama Put. Students, market sellers, celebrities, workers going to work, and footballers returning from training are rescued every day by a Mama put food vendor.

There is one joint located above Cheezy Pizza restaurant off the Spintex Road in Accra where you can get to experience some of the best Nigerian cuisines in Ghana. According to locals, the restaurant is said to be one of the best Nigerian restaurants in Accra.

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