15 Best Restaurants In Osu & Their Contacts – Accra

by Kojo Pocu
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Once you are in Ghana, visit osu and see for yourself. It has been turned into a vacation playground for local and international tourists. From some of the top hotels, apartments, restaurants, and wild nightlife – here are top best restaurants in Osu, Accra.

Home to every tourist in Ghana, Osu is called the wild nightlife destination in Ghana. Hosting some of the top spots in Accra, Osu has become one of the busiest locations in Ghana.

Osu is a place where all international tourists love to hang out and socialize with locals and other tourists. It’s a place where people from different backgrounds or destinations blend in together and become one people.

Most of these people don’t care about colours or anything, they all just want to have fun and go their way.

On the street of Osu, there are so many things to do and places to eat. As you having fun, I’m pretty sure you would like to fill your stomach. Osu is also one of the best places in Ghana to go on a date and there are so many restaurants you would love to have that romantic date.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Osu over the years when I was in Accra and explored every corner and I have put together this guide to help you find some of the best restaurants in Osu.

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Ghana is open to most travellers again. I mean travelers from all over the world. However, you do need proof of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result before being allowed entry.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place, and you still have to follow certain guidelines. They are all good for our safety.

Read the ultimate travel guide to Ghana to help you plan your trip.

Restaurant In Osu

Noble House – Osu

restaurants in osu

Contact: 0243439035

In many ways, Noble House restaurant has been serving thousands of guests since 2013 after its first open branch in Osu. The restaurant is one of the best places in Osu to eat. They sincerely believe that the aromatic smell, consistent flavours, and rich and diversified colours of the dishes are what make their food stand out.

And if you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Osu that suit your budget, Noble House is the best place, and don’t worry about how luxurious the place looks. The restaurant has a large menu list suitable for everybody, ensuring an exquisite dining experience, plenty of space, tranquillity, and privacy in a beautiful and natural setting. 

If you want to order online or delivery service you can use their website.

Buka Restaurant Osu 

buka restaurant

Contact: 0244842464

Exploring Osu is incomplete, especially as a group if you haven’t experienced the great Buka cuisine. A luxurious set design especially for the middle-income business community and discerning international travellers.

It has that picturesque setup for your social media feed. Is it that first-time dining destination for your blind date? Book a reservation at Buka restaurant and have the best dining experience ever. Buka is one of the best restaurants in Osu for your budget.


restaurants in Ghana

Contact: 030 296 3086

If you don’t know, the Osu KFC branch was the first KFC branch in Ghana, in 2011. You could imagine how the place can get full or choked. The Osu branch is one of the best brunches in Ghana to have that crispy chicken and fries.

All branches across the nation have the save price list and the same recipe, so you don’t need to worry about the budget and how good the food would be.

Rina’s Restaurant

rinos osu

Contact: 0303932693

Rina’s is a casual dining restaurant located in Oxford Street Mall Osu. They serve both continental and Ghanaian dishes at very competitive prices. There are so many activities you going to enjoy at Rina restaurant. Enjoy the balcony with an amazing view and karaoke night every Friday with your friends and strangers.

Frankies Restaurant

restaurants in osu

Contact: +233249680000

Arguably, Frankie’s restaurant is the most popular and oldest restaurant on Osu Oxford street. They are famous for their ice cream and desserts and also the incredible view of Oxford street.

They also have a variety of other dishes, such as fried rice, cheeseburger, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and pastries you would love to try. It is one of the best restaurants in Osu you can see other tourists enjoying continental cuisine.

Breakfast to Breakfast

Breakfast to Breakfast

Contact: 0208800008

From personal experience, I will give Breakfast to Breakfast 3-stars for great customer service and amazing food. The restaurant is located at Osu Oxford Street 6Th St Street and is one of the best breakfast restaurants in Ghana. Get that hot morning coffee before you hit the office.

Breakfast to Breakfast restaurant doesn’t offer only breakfast but also Sandwiches, Burgers, Continental, Lebanese, Smoothies & Juices and they are open 24/7.

Papaye fast foods

Contact: +233302246499

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Ghana. Most of the review on TripAdvisor is mostly about their great testy chicken. As a local Papaye fast food has been one of the best places to eat in Ghana and the Osu branch is one of the best places to eat in Osu.

I remember back then, whenever you tell someone you going to Osu, they will ask you to buy them Papaye on your way coming. 

Your $5 USD can get you a full meal if you are on a budget. Order some Jollof rice and thank me later. 

Pinocchio and LA Piazza Restaurant

restaurants in osu

Contact: +233 560 266 888

Pinocchio restaurant is one of the best places to in visit Ghana if you’re looking for that Italian style of pizza. The restaurant has large selections of pizza on their menu made with imported Italian flour following theNeapolitan recipes

Pinocchio pizzas are baked in a hot-fired traditional oven. Their workers and team are trained each semester by Chefs that won prestigious awards such as World pizza Championship, European Pizza Championship, and World Pizza Classics Championship. It is one of the Instagrammable restaurants in Osu located at the embassy road, H P Nyemitei St.

The Honeysuckle Pub & Restaurant (Osu)

restaurants in osu

Contact: 0275556006

The Honeysuckle is widely referred to as La British pub and a meeting place for families and sports lovers to enjoy food and socialise in a great atmosphere in the heart of Accra. The truth about Honeysuckle is they have the best customer service and you are going to visit the place again after your first experience.

Don’t mind how fancy the restaurant looks, it is perfect for every budget.

Suncity Hotel Restaurant

Suncity Hotel Restaurant

Contact: 0302798347

Well, you don’t need to book a room before you can get access to the restaurant. Get that rooftop dining set up at Suncity hotel restaurant and have one of the best dining experiences ever. There are other activities you can enjoy at the hotel apartment, nightlife rooftop party, rooftop pool and many others.

You don’t have to break the bank before you can enjoy a meal at Suncity Hotel Apartment and book a room if you looking to stay in Osu during your vacation

The Republic Bar & Grill

Contact: 0592399130

The Republic” is more than just a bar. It is a creative movement, a creative space and a place where like-minded people can flock and fold together and share a unity of purpose. The elements of music, atmosphere and good vibes come with great local and international cuisine.

If you looking to see or network with some tourists and locals, The Republic Bar and Grill is one of the best restaurants in Osu to eat at.

Indomie Cafe

Contact: 0553441991

For street food lovers, if you are looking to get that street joint on Osu Oxford street, then Indomie Cafe is the best street food to try. You don’t need to trust most street foods in Ghana but this is one of the best street joints in Accra.

Nirvana Inn Indian Restaurant

restaurants in Osu

Contact: 020 666 9995

Nirvana Inn is one of the newest Indian restaurants in Osu, Accra. It has operated out of its current site since its founding in 2016. Other cuisines are also available at the hotel, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well as specialities from Africa. They also run a bar where they serve alcoholic beverages to their clients. Nirvana Inn Accra, an Indian restaurant, is open daily from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm and on weekends from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. In Accra, Ghana, the restaurant can be situated at 198, East Legon Residential Area, next to Shiashie Junction and in front of Gulf House.

Bhabhi Da Kitchen

restaurants in Osu

Contact: 024 149 8700

Bhabhi Da Kitchen is an upscale Indian restaurant in Accra. The restaurant not only gives customers a place to eat, but also takeaway, deliveries, and an outdoor setting. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to its patrons. It is located in Accra at the Pearl Chinese Restaurant on Oxford Street, Roberson Cres., and 7th Lane. The restaurant is one of the best Indian restaurants in Osu.

Jamestown Cafe

Contact: 055 874 0830

Accra’s Jamestown Café has fish that you can have while working. Creative work is stimulated by the wonderful artwork on display in this cafe, a stylishly decorated co-working space owned by architects. On the menu, they have tilapia that has been charcoal-grilled and deep-fried crab. Work while gazing out your window at the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean.

The majority of Ghanaians are falling in love with the new kid in town, Jamestown Cafe. If you like to socialize, go to the restaurant and attempt to make some new acquaintances.

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