12 Fun Places In Accra To Visit – Full list

by Kojo Pocu
Fun places in Accra

Do you know that Accra is arguably the best place to stay in Ghana?  As Ghana’s capital, the city is where most tourists start their trip. There are millions of fun places in Accra you can visit for a date, nightlife, beach experience and many more.

Once you’ve decided which enjoyable spots in Accra to visit in your spare time, it’ll be much easier to make the most of your time. Unfortunately, there is never enough time to have a good time, despite the abundance of locations to visit and sites to view.

There are numerous activities to do in Accra that you should add to your bucket list if you have spare time in Ghana or are planning a vacation. Here are some of the best fun places in Accra, ranging from wild nightlife spots to elegant restaurants and busy historical sites.

Fun Places In Accra


Republic Bar & Grill

This is one of Accra’s most interesting hangout spots. The Republic Bar & Grill is located in Osu, also known as “The Republic,” on the corner of a bustling street. The Republic is an outdoor venue containing aspects of music, food, and beverages.

This is one of Accra’s most interesting hangout spots. The Republic Bar & Grill is located in Osu, also known as “The Republic,” on the corner of a bustling street. The Republic is an outdoor venue containing aspects of music, food, and beverages. During some nights, visitors can participate in karaoke performances.

It is most renowned for hosting visitors from around the world who want to learn more about Ghanaian culture and music. The Republic’s major source of entertainment is live band music and performances, where top performers are invited to showcase their skills and delight guests.

Fun places in Accra

Labadi Beach

This is an excellent choice for anyone searching for an outdoor adventure on one of Accra’s most renowned beaches. It’s the ideal spot for a late lunch while watching people participate in a variety of activities such as horseback riding, young boys dancing, and acrobatics. It’s an excellent suggestion for anyone who is exhausted and needs to refocus before beginning a difficult activity. A few hours at the beach will put you in a fantastic mood.

Fun places in Accra

Artist alliance gallery

As people take in and enjoy the great work of the artists here, this will make art aficionados tick. The variety is breathtakingly gorgeous, with metal, wood, and textile artwork all on show. If you’ve been looking for a place to buy all of the great artists’ work, this three-story find is ideal. Thanks to Ablade Glover, one of Ghana’s greatest artists, all Ghanaian artists worth their salt are on display at Arts Alliance Gallery. If you wish to bring an art piece with you, make shipping arrangements and have it delivered to you promptly.

Fun Places in Accra

Oxford Street in Osu

Consider Oxford Street, which is located in Osu market’s posh sector, if you’re seeking for a spot where it all happens. This is the street to be on if you want to visit some of Accra’s greatest restaurants, stores, and pubs. Aside from the fraudulent imitations that can be found in some stores, you should be prepared to cope with traffic.

The street is Ghana’s best tourist attraction, welcoming everyone who comes for the first time. If you’re seeking for fun places to go or things to do in Accra, it’s a spot to visit every day, even if you’re a local. Some of the country’s best restaurants and nightclubs can be found on Osu Oxford Street. It is Ghana’s best nightlife destination.

Fun places in Accra

Kona café and Grill

When you want to celebrate with a local drink, here is the first place you go. Asana or palm wine made from caramelized corn are delicious. In the garden area, you can sit on the wooden pallet furniture or hang out at the first-floor bar. This spot is ideal for anyone looking for a place to unwind as the sun sets. When darkness falls, the peaceful atmosphere changes as young Ghanaians go to the venue to enjoy great music.

Fun places in Accra

Coco Vanilla

At night, Coco Vanilla is one of the busiest and most enjoyable places to be. It features both an indoor and outdoor location that is both good and appealing. Their services are excellent, and their employees are pleasant. The people and setting are so appealing at night that passers-by are enticed to join in the fun.

Fun places in Accra

Sky bar

The activities that are carried out by the people, employees, or extras make Sky bar the busiest bar in Accra allowing both tourists and residents to feel much more relaxed. It’s a rooftop restaurant and bar that doubles as a nightclub. If you want a sharper and more gorgeous view of the city, the Sky Bar is a terrific spot to go. It is located on the top of Villagio, directly across from Accra Mall.



Bloom bar is well known for its engaging activities that are complemented by various types of music to help guests have a good time. Bloombar is a party spot for those who want to dance the night away or enjoy amazing music and ambiance for amusement. They also organize a variety of local activities to keep their clients entertained, particularly at night.

Fun places in Accra


The AM&PM is a trendy-yet-casual bistro-meets-sports-bar. This is a great area to meet up with friends for a peaceful night out or before a party, and it’s also a great way to start the day, weekend, or evening. Black and white photographs of notable athletes such as Muhammed Ali and Serena Williams adorn their walls. From burgers, salads, and steaks to fresh local fish and shellfish, their menu has something for everyone.

Jazz bar & grill

Live musicians perform six days a week at this venue. The venue has been designed with space both inside and out, with a glass wall behind which the band performs. Depending on one’s preferences, one can choose. There is a bar with a server at each section to ensure that your cup is always filled. On the menu, you’ll find burgers, hotdogs, chicken, chips, kebabs, and pork chops. The music ranges from highlife to blues to jazz to any nice music. The restaurant is one of the fun places in Accra to visit with friends and family.

Polo Club Restaurant

Accra Polo Club, originally home to Il Cavaliere Pazzo, is situated in one of the city’s most desirable locations, overlooking the Polo Club’s playing field. The menu features a combination of excellent, well-prepared Italian foods (risottos, gnocchi, and ravioli) as well as, uh, sushi. Although not natural bedfellows at one location, the sushi is fantastic. The lobster linguini and calamari are two of the menu’s highlights. It’s also worth mentioning that the chocolate fondant is divine.

The restaurant is one of the fun places to be on weekends if you are in Ghana. You will get the chance to meet new people and socialize.

Fun places in Accra

Champs Sports Bar & Grill

Champs has long been regarded as one of Accra’s top sports bars, owing to the fact that it has perfected the formula. Pool tables, TVs, karaoke nights on Fridays, live music on Saturdays, and movie nights on Sundays are all available. The regular quiz is also a huge hit. Then there’s the cuisine, which includes chicken wings, fantastic sliders, steaks, and fish and chips. On the huge TVs, expect to see all important sporting events.