12 Places To Visit In Takoradi

by Kojo Pocu
Places to visit in Takoradi

Are you wondering where to see in the oil city, Takoradi? After a year staying and exploring the beautiful city, here are top places to visit in Takoradi.

Takoradi is a port city and the capital of Ghana’s Western region. Takoradi is a significant port. It is also known as the oil city because of the vast amounts of oil found on its coastlines. With a population of 25000 people, it is undoubtedly one of Ghana’s busiest cities. The city is home to a number of distinct tribes, including the Fantes, Nzema, Ahanta, and others. Takoradi features a number of intriguing locations worth mentioning. Thousands of visitors visit each year to learn about the culture and heritage of its people.

A 48-hour stay to Takoradi may not be enough to fully explore the city, but it will allow you to experience and see what the city has to offer. If you are there now planing a trip, check out some of the amazing places to visit in Takoradi. From some of the fine restaurants to wildlife, the city is full for fun.

Places To Visit In Takoradi

Places To Visit In Takoradi

Monkey Hill

The Monkey Hill (Monkey Forest Resort) is a habitat in Takoradi’s city center. It’s an animal refuge with a diverse range of wildlife. Monkeys are the most common species here, and there are two primary species: the Mona and the Spot-nosed Monkey. This is a popular destination for ecotourists. Tourists and visitors can spice things up even more by hiking as a source of exercise and stress relief. The reserve was recognized for its biodiversity in 2002.

Nearby, there are various lodges and restaurants. Perhaps you’d want to have a bite to eat or spend a few days admiring the scenery. The Monkey Hill is the city’s highest point, thus a hike there provides views of the gorgeous sprawling city below.

Places To Visit In Takoradi

Takoradi Market

The Takoradi market, also known as Market Circle, is one of the largest in the vicinity. A large number of people travel from all over to conduct business by buying and selling wares. Everything is available to buy in the market, including fresh farm food such as tubers, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. There are a number of other stores nearby that sell a diverse range of goods. You’ll notice how enthusiastically market women and men shout out the names of their items. They may even go so far as to tell passers-by that they have the best and most inexpensive items.

Places To Visit In Takoradi

Fort Orange

Fort Orange is a historical site located a short distance from Sekondi’s harbor. The fort was built as a stronghold by the Dutch in the 17th century. In 1694, the Ahantas stormed the fort, according to legend. As a result, the Dutch decided to refortify the stronghold in order to make it less vulnerable to attack. After being seized by the British in 1873, it was converted into a lighthouse. As a result, the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority uses it as a naval base. This is a fantastic subject to visit if you want to learn about history and culture. Fort Orange is one of the best places to visit in Takoradi.

Places to visit In Takoradi

KFC Takoradi

KFC, the world’s most popular fast food chain, has opened its first and only outlet in the Western Region. Welcome to KFC Takoradi, the region’s lone location. They’re an American-style fast food joint that specializes in excellent chicken and other mouth-watering chicken meals. KFC Takoradi is a great place to get a quick chicken fix or a refreshing soft drink to relieve your thirst. After a log day exploring Takoradi, you can eat at KFC.


African Beach,Takoradi

The African Beach Resort, as its name suggests, provides a flavor of the African shoreline, with a mix of original African architecture. Every year, hundreds of international and local tourists visit the resort, which is located directly on the beach. On most weekends, people visit the African beach resort, which is one of Takoradi’s most popular and older attractions.

During my first visit, I fell in love with the place because of the characteristic African vibe you get at the beach. The staff is quite polite and always greets customers with a grin, which will greatly persuade you to visit. You can get it out if you find yourself in Takoradi, and your stay will not be boring.

Tourist sites in Takoradi

Vienna Beach

If you want to go on a beach vacation without the crowds, a beach resort in Takoradi is the place to go. Vienna Beach, a Takoradi beach resort just a short drive from the city, offers a diverse selection of beach-related activities. Easy access to the beach, a range of dining and drinking options, and lots of space to relax on the sand are all features of the greatest beach resorts in Takoradi.

If you don’t want to swim in the ocean, Vienna Beach also has a lovely swimming pool. It is, without a doubt, the city’s most popular beach resort. Weekends, especially Sundays, are the busiest days for the establishment. If you want to party all night, it also boasts a nightclub. Here is where most people visit on sundays, so check the place out if you are looking for nice places to visit in Takoradi.

Allan Beach Resort

Allan Beach Resort

Allan Beach Resort is a family-friendly beach resort located in the coastal city of Takoradi. It is recognized for its sandy white beach and pure blue waves. The resort has a beach bar, a car park, a restaurant, and a pool bar, among other amenities and services. The helpful team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with everything you require.

The resort may not be as luxurious as you may anticipate, but it is one of the most enjoyable locations to visit in the city on weekends. It’s also close to a beach resort in Vienna.

Veivaag Lodge

The Veivaag Lodge, on the west end of Takoradi, is a lovely beachfront resort with a large swimming pool and a beachside restaurant. There are a range of rooms and suites available at the lodge, some of which have sea views. The hotel’s restaurant is known for its seafood, and it also features a bar that serves regional beverages. The hotel’s personnel is among Takoradi’s friendliest, and they are always willing to provide local knowledge and advise.

Things to do in western region

Takoradi Mall

The mall is one of the best spots in Takoradi to spend a day. It is not as large as the other malls in the country, but it is the only mall in Takoradi, so it will be your only option. It’s constantly open, and there are some cool restaurants where you can sit and eat. When you visit on weekends, it’s always a lot of fun.

Some locals refuse to work on weekends and spend the majority of their weekends there. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with some residents and learn more about Takoradi, the oil metropolis.


Atlantic Hotel 

Best Western Atlantic Hotel, the higher star hotel in Takoradi, is located in the centre of Takoradi. For a relatively little charge, you can easily spend a whole day admiring the beauty of the sea and swimming in their pool. You do not need to book a room to use the pool; you can pay and swim without doing so. They have a great restaurant, although the food is somewhat pricey; it’s a good idea to look over the menu before ordering.


Aqua Makarios 

This is one of my favorite sites in Takoradi to visit. Aqua Makarios, a restaurant on the water made of solid wood. I usually work from home, but when I need a change of scenery, I go to this lovely location. On weekdays, avoid going because it will be boring and lonely. Weekends are the greatest time to visit Aqua Makarios, and canoeing costs a dollar. There are no other venues in Takoradi where you may go canoeing besides Aqua Makarios. Don’t worry, their cuisine is inexpensive.

Tourist sites in Takoradi

Takoradi Fishing Harbour

The local fishing harbor is one of Takoradi’s most attractive sights. You’ll like the vista with the various colorful boats and canoes lining the shore. The local fishing harbor is the finest spot to get a sense of Sekondi-authentic Takoradi’s culture and way of life.

Taxis are inexpensive online, and you can catch a ride to the Sekondi fishing harbor to avoid getting lost. A local fisherman will take you on a canoe ride for a fee or a tip. I haven’t tried it before and am not sure whether it will work, but it’s worth a go.