12 Things To Consider While Booking Hotels

by Kojo Pocu

Hotels play a quintessential role when it comes to vacation. How good your vacation highly depends on the fact of how your hotel was. From services to the friendly staff to rooms to food everything matters a lot.


Don’t worry if you don’t know what things to consider while booking a hotels. We are here at your rescue. This blog will guide you about the 12 things you need to consider while booking hotels.

If you are planning a vacation and don’t want to waste your time and money. Then, here are the 12 things to consider while booking hotels.

List Of Things To Consider While Booking Hotels

Choosing the right hotel that matches all your preferences is not that easy. There are so many things that you need to consider while booking hotels. So, we have decided to make your work a bit easier by sharing 12 things to consider while booking hotels.

Here is a list of the following things that you need to consider while booking a hotel.

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1.Check Out The Exact Location Of The Hotel

Many times we fail to notice the exact location of the hotel as a result we waste all our time regretting the decision. So, while you book a hotel look for the facilities available near the hotel, transportation and how far it is from the main market. Look for a hotel in the center of the city that will help you to save a lot of money in commuting from one place to another. If you want to spend less time on the road, go look for an exact location. Many hotels provide map facilities for your convenience as well.

2.Free Morning Breakfast

Okay, this is also one of the important factors. Hotels provide free breakfast facilities and some charge a bit more for it. But, spending a penny extra for including breakfast helps in saving time as well as money. Anyhow you will eat breakfast, so spending a penny extra and getting at the convenience of the hotel room is a far better option then, spending more money eating in a cafe outside the hotel.

3.Look For Feedbacks

We agree with the fact that all that is written on the internet is not true. But still searching through the trusted websites and looking for reviews is never a bad idea. It helps you to get an idea about the hotel and its services. Not all google reviews are accurate, so you can go through different blogs to know which are the best hotels to stay in.

Apart from this, these blogs will also give you ideas about the best rental companies, places to visit, and cafes to eat. 

4.Hotel Type

With whom you are traveling matters a lot. If you are traveling alone you would prefer some budget-friendly hotels. If you are traveling with your family you would prefer hotels that offer family-friendly policies. Look for hotels that have special deals on family packs if you don’t want to miss out on these benefits.

Some hotels provide smoking and non-smoking rooms. There is no denial of the fact that different people have different choices. So, choose according to your preferences.

Room size matters a lot whether you travel alone or with your family. Look for the hotel room size they offer to you.  A room needs to provide comfort to the people who are staying there.

Now, another important factor that is special needs. Some people love to travel with their pet animals. So, look for hotels that have pet-friendly policies and services. If you are on a business trip look for hotels which offer conference rooms and company event services.


The cost of the hotel room also plays a very important role. So, check out the prices of the hotel on other websites and compare them. Look for some discount coupons available. Some websites offer heavy discounts but while booking online be sure you book a hotel from a trusted website. Check out the official website of a hotel. While booking online read all the terms and conditions.


Every hotel provides amenities like an internet facility, breakfast and dinner, and housekeeping services. While booking a hotel be sure about what amenities they are providing and are they free or do you need to pay extra for it. This will help you a lot. 

If you don’t find a particular service you are looking for on their website, call them and enquire about the service. Many times small hotels fail to update information on their website.

7.The Internet Facility

Whether you agree with the fact or not but the internet is super important. There are times when you get pissed off because of the poor network service. Some hotels have free Wi-Fi facilities while some charge a bit extra. So, check out the website of the hotel.  If you are really worried about the internet facility don’t forget to read the reviews of the website.


Cleanliness plays a very important role when it comes to hygiene. You definitely don’t want to stay in a hotel where there are bugs and holes on the wall. No hotel will post its messed up and dirty room photographs. So, check out the photos posted by other bloggers and people or go and check their review column.


We often feel that the five stars hotels provide the best service. It is not true. ‘There are three stars hotels which are far better than a five-star hotel. There is a probability of finding the staff and receptionist of five-star hotels rude and unhelpful. Learn from other experiences.

10.Hidden Charges

You might fail to notice but sometimes there are hidden charges in the hotel. S, pay attention to every small detail. It might be possible that the hotels have some hidden charges or tax that might result in a lack of money while you are on a vacation. 


Although 3 star and 4-star hotels offer free parking but still check out what their parking situation is. If you’re traveling in your own vehicle. Some hotels charge extra for parking and valet. These charges might increase the budget of your vacation. So, double-check it.

12.Ask For It

If you are booking a hotel for a special occasion like a birthday surprise or honeymoon, then ask for the packages or upgrade option. This might result in a bigger room, bed, and more facilities.

There is no harm in asking, you might crack a better deal.

Early Check-In

Whenever you book a hotel never forget to look for its early check-in policies. If your flight reaches early you might get in trouble. So, try to know about their early check-in policies. There is a probability that they might not have vacant rooms at that time but they will hold your luggage at the front desk so that you can explore the city unless your room is ready!

These were some of the tips that might save you from a bad hotel experience. Look at all the amenities and possibilities. Don’t be too quick to judge and book. Do better research to make your trip more successful and for every lasting hotel experience. Need more information regarding budget travel? Check out this guide of traveling on a budget.


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