15 Cheap Places To Hangout In Accra

by Kojo Pocu
The 5 Lounge and Restaurant

Are planning to visit and spend some time in Accra? Are you in Accra? Are you on a budget or do you travel on a budget? If yes, there are so many things to do in Accra on a budget. There are cheap places to hangout in Accra without breaking the bank. Accra is the capital of Ghana, filled with thousands of places that can save you from spending much. In Accra, there are cheap places like historical sites, cheap restaurants, cheap nightlife, and whatever you think of. Accra is the best place to spend less and also spend much ( ahahaha does anyone find that funny?).

Mrpocu.com made a list to help you know and visit all the cheap places to hangout in Accra. Listing from some popular places to luxurious restaurants and more. What are you waiting for? Scroll through and start planning for your budget hangout in Accra.

Cheap Places To Hangout In Accra

Cheap places to hangout in Accra

Legon Botanical Gerdens

Welcome to the Legon Botanical Gardens, where the air is crisp and clean! The atmosphere is tranquil and serene, and there are lots of activities to suit travelers’ preferences. Simply take a slow reflective or romantic stroll over the grounds while assuring ‘bae’ of your undying love. Your love life will undoubtedly improve!

Bird enthusiasts will surely find their needs addressed here. The Vaughan Dam is home to a diverse range of birds that are a sight to behold. Binoculars, drinks, and food should all be on hand; your notepad will be thankful for the information. It is one of the cheap places to hangout in Accra. Check out more on Legon Botanical Gardens Prices.

Cheap places to hangout in Accra

Labadi Beach

The most popular beach on Ghana’s coast is Labadi Beach, often known as La Pleasure Beach. The local hotels maintain one of Accra’s beaches. Labadi Beach is located near Teshie in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, in the town of La, also known as Labadi. Although Labadi Beach is open to the public, there is a minor entrance fee of around GH10 (US$2.30). If you want to feel an Africa-style beach, visit Labadi beach and have a great experience.

Cheap places to hangout in Accra

Accra Zoo

The Forestry Commission’s Wildlife Division manages Accra Zoo, which houses live wild animals for conservation, breeding, education, research, and exhibition. Accra Zoo is open today until 4:30 p.m. On weekends, the place might get crowded, so arrive early.

Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach

The Densu River Delta, Ramsar site, and the Atlantic Ocean are all close to the Bojo Beach Resort Accra. Because Bojo Beach is a private beach, a minor admission fee of 8GH (about €2) is required. Bojo Beach is so clean and relaxing that it’s hard to believe it’s only a short drive west of Accra. After paying a nominal entrance charge, you’ll be rowed across a crystal-clear stretch of water to a lovely stretch of beach with sun loungers and refreshments.

Cheap places to hangout in Accra

Zen Garden

Zen Garden is a wonderful restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating that is discreetly tucked away in an enclosed garden. Zen Garden is an ideal location for a variety of events, including corporate gatherings, team building, wedding receptions, and simply sipping beverages.

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Koffee Lounge

Don’t worry about the luxury settings It is designed to let you enjoy hangout there. Koffee lounge is one of the cheap restaurants inside East Legon. American House and A n C Mall are the two sites of Koffee Lounge. It offers a menu that is both affordable and diverse. Their quantities are also said to be fairly substantial, so if you and your date want to be “too full to move,” go to either Koffee lounge location.

Cheap places to hangout in Accra

The 5 Lounge and Restaurant

The 5 restaurant provides a fine eating atmosphere while keeping your funds safe from extortion. The Jollof Arancini, which is Jollof made with corned beef, formed into a ball shape, dipped into eggs, and then covered with bread crumbs, is one of the restaurant’s most unusual dishes.

It’s almost like meatballs, except with Jollof instead of beef. Other interesting delicacies are available for you and your partner to eat at the 5. The 5 may be seen in Accra’s Cantonments.

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KFC Ghana

If you are looking for cheap places to hangout in Accra, check out any KFC branch in Ghana. It is one of the best and cheap American fast food to hangout with family and friends. There are a lot on their menu to help you save more during your hangout.

Arts Alliance Gallery

If you’re an art enthusiast, the Arts Alliance Gallery is a wonderful place to hang out in Accra and get some Ghanaian items. It’s a gallery loaded with so many art collections, Ghanaian apparel pieces like Kente, furniture, and so much more. The place has free entrance and if you want a private tour guide it comes with a fee.

Cheap places to hangout in Accra

Kwame Nkrumah memorial park

The Kwame Nkrumah memorial park, which includes a museum and a tomb, is located in central Accra. The museum houses a diverse collection of artifacts related to Ghanaian history, while the mausoleum houses the remains of Ghana’s first president. If you’re a history buff, this is a great destination to see in Accra.

Nice places in Accra to hangout


AM:PM is a restaurant with two sections: the AM, which serves American-style breakfast, and other morning staples like waffles and pastries, and the PM, which serves dinner. It can be expensive depending on what you want to buy, but there are still cheap things on the menu.

The nighttime session begins after the sun sets and you may have some tasty burgers, chicken wings, and juicy beverages.

AM:PM is a fantastic venue to hang out with friends in Accra, whether it’s morning or night.

Cheap places to hangout in Accra

Champs Sports Bar & Grill

Champs has long been one of Accra’s premier sports bars, with enormous TVs showing all important sporting events. Burgers and chicken wings are on the bar menu, as with other standard sports bar fare. When you want to see the ‘big game,’ here is the only place to go.

Nice places in Accra to hangout

+233 Jazz Bar & Grill

Formerly known as Bassline Jazz Club, +233 (the Ghanaian dialing number) is a well-designed club with live music six days a week. There are two levels on the inside. The band performs on a small stage downstairs, but the U-shaped upstairs can also watch them. There’s also plenty of seating outside, which faces a glass wall behind which the band performs. External speakers make it nearly as loud outside as it is inside. Each section has its own bar, staffed by friendly servers.

Burgers, hotdogs, chicken, chips, kebabs, and pork chops are among the menu items. The music ranges from highlife to blues to jazz (rarely hip hop) to whatever else is excellent. When the band merits it, there is an entrance fee (typically GH10). It’s a really popular place, and with good reason. Probably the greatest location to see live music in Accra right now.

Kokrobite Beach

Take a TroTro (minibus) (for less than five Ghanaian cedis) out of town on the weekend and relax in Kokrobite. If you can spare a weekday, even better. After swimming about in the ocean, snack on beachside kebabs, fried yams, and egg bread, or relax with a drink atop Big Milly’s Backyard’s balcony and watch the beach life go by.

If you’re in town on a Friday, stop into Dizzy Lizzie’s for highlife musicians, a great atmosphere, and delicious cuisine. Prepare to dance the night away at the all-night Kokrobite reggae party on Saturday.

Wild Gecko

This sprawling estate in Dzorwulu houses a pan-African gift shop as well as a carpentry studio, complete with monkeys and tortoises for good measure. Take a break on one of the house-made benches to chat, or browse everything from Ethiopian fabric to a map of the Gold Coast from 1789.