15 Top Kumasi Ashawo Joints And Their Prices

by Kojo Pocu
Ashawo In Ghana

List of Kumasi Ashawo Joints you should know in case.

Kumasi is the second largest city in Ghana and arguably one of the best places to stay in Ghana. I have spent more than two months in Kumasi exploring the beautiful city and It was amazing. Beautiful culture, friendly locals and great traditions. Nightlife in Kumasi is one of the best things that could happen to you in Kumasi if you love to spend the night partying. I bet you can chill in Kumasi till morning without you knowing. Fun clubs, good music and beautiful women.

I’m pretty sure you landed on this page because you looking for Ashawo joints in Kumasi or you are interested to know there are ashawo joints in The Garden City. Yes, there are plenty of ashawo joints in Kumasi you should know of in case you want one.

In this article, Mrpocu.com will list all the top Kumasi Ashawo joints and the prices they charge. I will be reducing the stress of roaming on the street to look for Hook up girls.

Is Prostitution Legal In Ghana?

Ghana and some other nations in Africa forbid prostitution. The trade continues despite being prohibited, and I find it hard to believe that these women were imprisoned in Ghana for doing so.

Sometimes suspects are detained but not charged after arrests. Naturally, they will lie, and since there is insufficient evidence, the authorities must release them, allowing them to resume their operations.

In Ghana, there are a lot of locations that are well-known Ashawo (Prostitutes) hangouts. Perhaps you’ve frequented these areas without even realizing it or you are already aware. At select elite clubs and locations, some also hang out with us. Until you engage them in conversation, you won’t know.

The s36 trade industry is now out of control or expanding daily in Kumasi. It’s funny how some foreigners come here specifically to participate in it with Ghanaians. Additionally, I’m rather certain that some Ghanaians move elsewhere to conduct business.

After my experience with one (just an interview for this topic), I decided to do little research on Ashawo (Prostitution) joints in Kumasi, Ghana. How much they charge, how often they get client, the risk and the scary side of it. It might seem like a bad job (which it is), but these girls are really making a living out of it. And it will shock you how much some earn and their top clients.

Kumasi Ashawo Joints
Kumasi At Night

My Experience with Ashawo (Prostitute) in Ghana  

So I’ve travelled from Takoradi to see my travel partner Perry who is also a professional digital marketer in Accra to plan our next trip. After a long day of planning and writing scripts for Youtube content, I insisted we get a drink and Perry can’t say no to a bottle of beer. 

Oxford Street Osu was the first place in mind for a Saturday night beer hangout. But we didn’t drink much, just four bottles of beer for the two of us and we decided to take a walk on Oxford street before we hit home. 

I was tipsy and so was Perry and that was the reason for the walk. Even though I knew Osu Oxford street is full of sex workers at night and also one of the top Ashawo joints in Accra but this beautiful girl didn’t look like one. 

I know you can tell from their appearance. Sorry If this offends you, but this modern fashion can’t let you tell the difference.

Let me cut the chase and hit the point. I said hi to her and she came straight at me and I was surprised.

We didn’t talk for long and she started giving me prices of how long we can spend a night at my place or her place. That is when I realized I was talking to a prostitute (Ashawo). 

Suddenly I turn to Perry and he started laughing at me. But I have to keep the conversation going so she doesn’t think I was just joking with her. 

She was friendly and cool even though I told her I wasn’t interested but she was willing to answer my question. Maybe she thought I will be interested later. 

That is when I got to know some of these girls are making a good living out of it but it is very risky and scary. I don’t think I will advise anyone to be Ashawo. And I’m sure there are Ashawo joints in Kumasi where people are making more money

It was a long conversation with her and I felt bad and sorry, but that is the job she is doing to survive. Somehow we all have secrets and engage in sinful acts. Hey, I’m not here to judge or justify anyone. Just a writer sharing my experience. 

How Much She Charges

She said her charges are sometimes based on clients’ appearance. If you look flashy, then she is charging you high. It can be around Gh600 ($100) for a night at your place and Gh400 ($65) at her place. And Gh 300 ($49) for a short night at your place and Gh200 ($33) at her place.  

That is much for an average Ghanaian to earn for a day or even a week job.

But charges may be lower if you don’t look fancy. Somehow she needs to get something before the night ends. They sometimes go as low as Gh50 (just for one round and that is all) if the market is bad because they still have to earn something before the night is over.

She can make about Gh1000 (almost $200) a night and sometimes more or less. But that sometimes depends on the location and branding. Branding is the key to selling yourself in any business. But Osu Ashawo (red light District) has higher charges and that is why she also hangs out there. 

Some other Ashawo joints in Accra charge less and some are very cheap as low as Gh10 ($2) for SHORT (one round). And she doesn’t hang out at those cheap joints because she has top clients in Osu that can pay her very big for a night. 

The Risk And Scary Part Of Prostitution in Ghana ( The Dark Secret) 

Kumasi Ashawo Joints

So what is the scary part of your job? “ I can die anytime”. How she said it was very funny but true. Accepting to sleep with a total stranger for money is one of the scariest things to do as a person. You don’t know who this person is and where they are from. 

She shared a story where some of her friends were used for voodoo and others didn’t return. Till now they still don’t know where they are and who took them. 

Some clients don’t tell you the truth and when you get to their place, there will be other men and every one of them will sleep with you. Though their work is to have sex with men for money, at their own will and these men sexually abuse them since they are not ready to sleep with 4 or 5 men in a room. 

Some false them very hard and others treat them badly like animals. Especially when you go to their place. So it is sometimes hard for her to follow you to your place. She sometimes recommends a hotel or guest-room around if you don’t like to go to her place 

It’s a risky job she said but I have to survive. 

Top Kumasi Ashawo Joints And Their Prices

I found this list of Ashawo joints in Kumasi from a Twitter account named [email protected] Some of these locations might still be active and others might not. And the prices might not also be the same. 

1. Dichemso Plaza – 10 to 15cedis(If you want to make them do you fine 20cedis\

2. Dichemso 7seven – 25 to 40cedis(60cedis for No Condom)

3. Dichemso Phase 1 – 35 to 60cedis(20cedis BJ)

4. Adum – 20 to 30cedis

5. Asafo BB – 10 to 20cedis

6. Asafo Anadwo yEdE – 15 to 30cedis

7. Ahodwo(Around Vienna City Golden Tulip Area) – 150 to 400cedis(Blow job and everything inclusive)

8. Airport Roundabout – 150 to 250cedis

9. Kenyase – 20 to 40cedis

10. Tafo Ahenbronumu – 20 to 30cedis

11. Amaniampong Nite Club – 50 to 100cedis

12. Podium – 20 – 50cedis

13. Vienna City, Kumasi – 50 to 100cedis

14. Ol’ Lady Sports Bar and Lounge – 20 to 50cedis

15. X5 Pub – 20 to 30cedis

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