6 Koforidua Hotels With Swimming Pool

by Kojo Pocu
Koforidua hotels with swimming pool

Traveling can be relaxing if you book a cool accommodations with pool even if it’s not a luxury accommodation. If you find yourself in Koforidua in the Eastern region of Ghana, here are All Koforidua Hotels with swimming pool.

Now it is becoming unpopular thing if you hear swimming pool. Swimming pools used to be a privilege reserved for the wealthy. The mystery of swimming pools is ended, thanks to industrialization and urbanization catching up with the majority of the population. Pool parties can be seen all throughout Ghana and the city of Koforidua.

Most people visit those hospitality facilities not for accommodation but for swimming or pool party experience. It has become the new normal in the beautiful city of Koftown. For traveling to the town and if you found yourself in the city, check out of the top hotels in Koforidua with swimming pool. Mrpocu.com always get you covered.

Ghana Travel Restrictions 

Ghana is once again open to most tourists. I’m referring to tourists from all over the world. Before you can enter, you must show documentation of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours have updated health and safety regulations in place, and you must still adhere to specific rules. They are all beneficial to our safety.

Read the ultimate travel guide to Ghana to help you plan your trip.

Koforidua Hotels With Swimming Pool

1.Regiboat Hotel

Certainly not one of the “flower city’s” most popular hotels. Regiboat hasn’t yet acquired the same clout as the others. This is one of the new “hidden” hotels in Koforidua, similar to Osabene. Regiboat is a good option if you want to swim alone, away from the crowds, and in peace.

2.Eastern Premier Hotel

It’s been dubbed a “classy hotel.” Almost every time you go to the pool at Eastern Premier, you’ll see folks from your class and instructors. If you want to swim with the pros and make friends with the “jones” who frequent swimming facilities, head to Koforidua’s Mile 50. And it is the new most popular hotel in Koforidua with a luxury swimming pool.

Koforidua hotels with swimming pool
Luxury hotel pool. Picture – Pexelswebsite.

3.Canadian Dreams Hotel

This hotel in Trom, which is best described as a latecomer among the other hotels with pools, is not as huge as the others but attracts a lot of attention from the community’s young people. The hype for this Canadian Dream hotel is always night in Koforidua because it host some of the top pool parties in the city

4.Bedtime Hotel

The pool at Bedtime hotel is well-known for being overrun by university and second-cycle students, and it attracts the most young tourists. If you’re young, active, and looking for buddies who swim once a week, here is the place to be and international tourist can also make some new friend here too.

5.Capital View Hotel

This is arguably the hotel whose pool attracts the most programs and activities, as it has continued to expand its bounds. If you’re looking for pool parties with music that fades in and out, Capital View is the place for you.

6.Mac Dic Royal Hotel

The hotel has one of the city’s largest swimming pools, making it one of the favourite hotels for government officials and events. This is the best you can get in Koforidua, with instructors on hand to help you.