8 Top Hangout Places In Dansoman – Full List

by Kojo Pocu
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One won’t agree with Dansoman being one of the best places to Hangout in Ghana. Sorry for you. Maybe you don’t know Dansoman or you haven’t hangout there before. For party gods like me, There are plenty of hangout places in Dansoman you don’t know.

Dansoman (DC) is considered West Africa’s largest estate. The area, on the other hand, is well-known for its excellent beach access. It is also one of the best places in Accra to stay.

In this article, Mrpocu.com will list top hangout places in Dansoman you can visit with friends and family.

Hangout Places In Dansoman


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Mama’s Inn, after the Dansoman roundabout, has an open space with music systems. There are round tables with chairs surrounding them, as well as ample room for people to dance. Tobacco for shisha is accessible.

A BBQ, tilapia, and hog joint are also available. There is a bar with a wide selection of local beverages. From Friday to Sunday, the place is packed with people. It’s a great spot for catching up with pals over cocktails.

Fizzles Dansoman


It’s a bar and nightclub close to Methodist University. They offer a club above, a bar downstairs, and outside seating. Local beverages, whiskies, and cocktails are available in the bar. Fridays and Saturdays, especially after 9 p.m., are extremely packed. If there is a program there, the place can get choked and busy. Arguably, it is the best place in Dansoman for nightlife. Enjoy wild nightlife at Fizzles and thank me in the comment section.


Samini, one of Ghana’s most well-known celebrities, owns the tavern and club. This is why so many celebs frequent the area. They sell both local and international cuisine. There’s a dance floor, a stage, sofas, an executive wing, and a few wooden chairs and tables in this confined room.

A smoking lounge is also available. Their bar serves both domestic and international drinks. On Friday and Saturday nights, it is the busiest. If you’re travelling with a group, make a reservation in advance. Sakaman is home to Dancestardom.


KFC Dansoman

We all know how KFC branches in Ghana are one of the best places to hangout. This branch is one of the best hangout places in Dansoman for all the family and friends.

Customers who prefer an airy space will like the lovely interior decor and balcony. They serve finger-licking chicken and fries, as well as burgers, salads, ice creams, and beverages. Their cuisine is prepared under sanitary circumstances. On the Hansonic Road, the restaurant is located at the Shell Fuel Station.

Dansoman Beach

Let me tell you about my experience at Dansoman beach. I used to stay at Dansoman with my aunty when I was a young boy. The beach is the first place I visit with my other cousin when we wake up in the morning and it was the place we visit when we go to bed. The beach has that traditional and local vibe that always catches your attention. You would love it there after seeing locals having fun and dancing. Honestly, Dansoman beach is one of the best hangout places in Dansoman.

Vanilla Pub & Restaurant

Vanilla is safe and good for the family. My first visit with an amazing one. the setting is nice and simple for all types of social media feeds and their menu is the best. If you are looking for one budget-friendly hangout place in Dansoman, check Vanilla Pub & Restaurant out, and thank me later in the comment section. They are located on Dansoman road or call them on 0509043471.

Afrik Gardens (Jazz Bar & Restaurant)

Yes, the name describes the place. For live music lovers, Afrik Gardens is one of the best hangout places in Dansoman. For locals in Dansoman, they know this is the best place to visit on Friday night. You will have a bit of everything. From kebab to popcorn, Jollof and everything you think of.

They are located on the 10th close, Dansoman high st or call them on 0302907709.

Jollof Restaurant

Honestly, I haven’t been there before but I know they serve great and delicious food. I ordered their food online. According to reviews on Google, they have the best setting for hanging out with all the family and friends.