About Marshalltown, Johannesburg – South Africa

by Kojo Pocu

Marshalltown, which is located directly in the centre of Johannesburg, is regaining its status as the main city’s financial and commercial hub. Marshalltown is a historic part of the city and is actively reclaiming its strategic relevance in the social and economic development of the city, which is swiftly assuming its rightful position as the continent’s powerhouse. Marshalltown is located near Braamfontein, Jeppestown, Joubert Park, and the cultural centre of Newtown.

Due to the efforts of numerous corporate and city collaborations to boost security and the appeal of the neighbourhood, Marshalltown and the inner city are undoubtedly busy and much safer throughout the day. Even while it’s hard to tell whether people are staying away from the city centre at night unless they’re in groups or going to see a play in Newtown or the Market district, nights are still a touch sketchy. Residents believe that although it is still in transition and forming its own identity, this area of Johannesburg is no more hazardous than any other.

In Marshalltown, there aren’t many pubs, restaurants, or other social gathering places. Due to your location being so convenient, your main reason for staying here is to do business in the area. The experience of staying in the “actual city” is a major advantage, as opposed to the opulent northern suburbs, which are comparatively rather sterile. And the magnificent Nelson Mandela Bridge makes it easy to enter and exit the city.

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