Accra City Guide: 10 Bars you Should Visit According to Locals.

by Kojo Pocu

Bar has always been one place we feel relax for a long day or weekend. Sometimes take shots or have a beer and hit home after a stressful day or weekend, and that has always been part of human culture. As the capital of Ghana, as ranked as one of the peaceful countries in West African, Accra is the number one largest city in Ghana and a friendliest and peaceful destination you will ever visit or stay.
There is always a plan to explore Accra, visit all the nice places and experience the culture in the capital. You can always feel at home whenever you visit and spend more time exploring the beautiful city.
If you are in town or even think of visiting, these are top bars in Accra you would like to visit and socialize. From the street of Osu, where there is always fun to airport street, these are the top ten bars you can have a great day.

The Republic Bar.

Location: 3rd Lane kuku hill, Accra

This is the bar with quality music from all corner of the would and have several DJs from all over the world on rotation. One of their best selling points is its great drinks, more specifically the well-mixed cocktails at affordable prices. If you looking for a bar that suits your budgets, then the Republic bar is where you need to visit.

Purple Bar.

Location: Rind Road Estate Osu.

The most popular street bar in the capital which pulls crowd most nights with its signature “five finger” cocktail. Friday night can’t be boring purple is jamming. Music is mostly loud which makes the place jam and draw attention. So if you looking for a street bar and great music, then the purple bar is the best place to visit with friends.

Champs Sport Bar.

Location: Paloma hotel ring road central.

Champs is No 1 and a popular sports bar in Ghana. If you looking for a bar where celebrities visit, then its champs. Best karaoke night with an energetic crowd and pool tournament every night. You can enjoy the other side if you not a fan of sports or Pool playing. Like table tennis, board game, and video games if you are less of an active person.

+233 Jaz Bar & Gill

Location: Dr Isert St, Accra

This is probably the best live music Bar in Accra. +233 has a massive open-air beer-garden with a stage at the center and several bar counters on the edges, with loads of tables in the middle. The Jazz band plays a lot over cover songs of US and African classics and its highly entertaining. Cheap food when compared to your average Western restaurant or hotels.

Sky Bar

Location: Rooftop Alto Tower, 16 N Airport Road, Accra.

This place ranked the No 1 rooftop party in Accra by locals. If you need a bar in the sky, then Sky bar got you covered. Private serene ambiance with an amazing view of parts of the capital. Its one of the luxury bars in Ghana and don’t forget to make a reservation because it’s a busy place.

Bloom Bar

Location: House No F, 330/2 Troas St, Accra.

This is the best active Bar in Ghana with no doubt. The place is even full-on Mondays, so you need to go early to find a place to enjoy great music, good shisha and food. It’s a great open-air bar and good security. Whiles you parts you don’t need to worry about anything, you safe.

Kona Bar

Location: NO 24 oxford St Osu, Accra.

Kona is the best bar on Oxford street Osu and where most celebrities visit. Although the place is shot up a little bit but it got a nice atmosphere and it adds to the fun, bump into your neighbor and make new friends.

The Gallery Bar

Location: Ministries, PMB, Nasser Ave, Accra.

Looking for first-class luxury and a cool place for your date? Gallery bar is where you need to visit. One of the best international bars in the capital and serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
They have other tourist attractions that allow you to socialize and also enjoy live music with a smooth sound to get you in the mood.

Venus lounge Bar & Gill

Location: H P Nyemitei St, Accra.

It has both an indoor and outdoor area where you can have time with friends. If you want a place that suits whatever you wearing, Venus got your back. You can wear anything as far as you ok with what you wear.

Cockpit Bar & Lounge.

Location: Osu, Accra

Cockpit has Accra’s best industrious chef, who loves to serve you with delicious food. This one of the instagrammble bars I have visited in the capital.

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