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by Kojo Pocu
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Welcome to Ghana’s Western Region, which is home to many beautiful beaches, resorts and camping areas. It is possibly the ideal location in Ghana for lone visitors looking for a place to discover their unique selves. It is a historic location with hospitable locals. And one of my favourite destinations or resorts in the Western Region is the Axim Beach Resort, the little paradise on the western Coast.

With two restaurants, a pool, and a playground, this enormous resort is the biggest in the region but still manages to feel welcoming and small. Beautiful thatch huts in a deep crimson colour. Many of them have floor-to-ceiling windows so you can take in the breathtaking views, and they are dispersed over a lush green hillside that dips down to a charming beach.

About Axim Town

Axim is a seaside town and the administrative centre of the Nzema East Municipal District in South Ghana’s Western Region. In the Western Region, 64 kilometres to the west of Cape Three Points, is the port city of Sekondi-Takoradi. There were 27,719 settlers in Axim as of 2013.

The Nzema people lived in this region.

By the beginning of the 16th century, traders from Portugal had arrived. In 1515, they constructed Fort Santo Antonio, a significant seashore fort. Some Africans were exported as slaves to Europe and the Americas. The fort was enlarged and modified between 1642 and 1872 by the Dutch, who “controlled” during that time. The fort, which is now owned by Ghana, is accessible to the public. There are some beautiful islands offshore, including one with a lighthouse.

Axim beach resort

Axim Beach Resort

Using a traditional and in-tune nature design, a palm-lined oasis, encircled by lovely beaches, has managed to strike a balance between the needs of its patrons and the needs of the natural environment.

The hotel has incorporated environmentally friendly techniques like solar hot water and the use of bore water for amenities, as well as whenever possible, recycled materials because it recognizes the significance of sustainable tourism business for Ghana. Of course, environmentally friendly construction methods are used in conventionally constructed buildings. The hotel supports community initiatives in Axim town by using only local labour, buying local goods, and investing in local businesses.

The Axim Beach Resort is situated on a huge palm-covered tropical hillside that overlooks kilometres of deserted beaches with luxury rooms, suites, apartments, residences, penthouses and pool villas, restaurants and bars, an integrated water park, spa and gym, Axim Beach Resort is the perfect venue for any type of occasion.

Axim Beach Resort

Axim Beach Resort Accommodations

There are currently 70 rooms with sea views available at the hotel. Each room is self-contained and has a bathroom of its own. For 2 visitors, the price each night with breakfast ranges from $6 to $55 depending on the time of year and length of stay ( Prices are correct at the time of posting).

Both children and animals will feel at home in the spacious hotel area. The hotel’s amenities also include airport transportation, internet access, a bar/restaurant that serves African and continental cuisine, babysitting, wellness, laundry, IDD, a tour desk, a tour bus, a safety deposit box (safe), a long, undeveloped beach that is suitable for swimming, a doctor call, drumming and dancing lessons, and free conferencing for businesses and organizations.

Axim beach resort

Things To Do

Near Axim Beach Hotel are several interesting markets with typical Ghanaian handcrafts, African fabrics and musical instruments.

Axim Beach Hotel regularly organizes cultural events and offers drumming and dancing courses (please book in advance).

Several types of sports are available including surfing, snorkelling, canoe riding on river Ankobra, fishing, beach volleyball and hiking, sight marine turtles, and bird watching.

Axim Beach Resorts Tour Package

Nzulezu Stilt Village

A village that is unique to Ghana can be found near the coast in the country’s far west, close to the Cote d’Ivoire border. The beautiful beauty of the 400-year-old stilt-supported water settlement of Nzulezu, which is home to hundreds of residents in the Western Region, can be found on Lake Tadane.

The Nzema term “Nzulezu” means “surface of the water.” The earliest of the Western Sudanese States, the Ghana Empire, and its capital city Walata is considered to have been the source of the village’s residents’ migration. The village’s ancestors were supposedly transported to their current location by a snail, according to legend.

A dynamic interplay between man and nature can be seen in the tranquillity of the surrounding area and the everyday routines of life on stilts.

Fort Apollonia

The name Apollonia was given to the area by a Portuguese explorer who sighted the place on the Feast of Saint Apollonia, on 9 February. The Swedes established a trading post at Apollonia as part of the Swedish Gold Coast between 1655-1657. In 1691, a British trading post was erected at this site, which between 1768 and 1770 was extended into a fort. After the abolition of the slave trade, the fort was abandoned in 1819, but it was again occupied from 1836 onwards. The fort was transferred to the Dutch as part of a large trade of forts between Britain and the Netherlands in 1868, on which occasion it was renamed Fort Willem III, after King William III of the Netherlands. Four years later, however, on 6 April 1872, the fort was, along with the entire Dutch Gold Coast, again transferred to the United Kingdom, as per the Gold Coast treaty of 1871. The fort was restored between 1962 and 1968 and it is now a museum

Ankasa Conservation Area

Ankasa is the richest forest in terms of botanical diversity in the Country. About three hundred (300)plant species have been recorded in a single hectare. Notable among the plant is Makore, Dahoma and Khaya. Ankasa is home to many wells know plants including Marantas, Glory bower, and Bloody Lilly. There are also spectacular ferns and orchards.

The park is approximately 500 square kilometres and consists largely of the tropical evergreen rainforest. The Ankasa, Nini, and Suhien Rivers all pass through the park and are known for their rapids and waterfalls. The forest has the most biological diversity of any in Ghana, with over 300 different plant species having been recorded in a single hectare of forest. Animal life includes the elephant bongo, chimpanzee, Diana monkey, and 263 species of birds. 

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