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by Kojo Pocu
Azmera Restaurant Accra

To unwind from the pressures of daily life and have a fantastic informal dining experience in Accra, visit AZMERA Restaurant. In Roman Ridge, at AZMERA, you may get foods that are truly from Ghana. A variety of regional Ghanaian dishes are available at the restaurant, which is set up like a royal banquet. The luxurious, cosy, and chic AZMERA environment brings the best local cuisine to life.

As Ghanaians, our culture has always been deeply entwined with the spirit of FAMILY. These are the individuals who direct and motivate the AZMERA restaurant Accra to be the best version of themselves in the nation, the individuals who are aware of their low points, and the individuals without whom the restaurant cannot conceive of enjoying its happy times. It is not surprising that during this holiday season they donate to this foundation of love because family is the greatest gift of all. FAMILY is really all you need throughout the year, whether they are close friends or family who have become an important part of your life.

If you are in Ghana and looking for a restaurant that serves great local cuisine, AZMERA is the best option in town.


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Contact Details

+233 302 77 06 06

+233 268 02 99 66

+233 558 70 85 94

[email protected]


No 9 Arku Korsa Rd, Roman Ridge Accra