B Foster Bakery – Popular Ghana Bread Company

by Kojo Pocu

The “Bread League” tournament hasn’t ended in Koforidua and its vicinity. It used to be Nsawam Bread, but as one traveled from Accra to Koforidua via Aburi, all eyes were on Tutu Bread. You wouldn’t get to Koforidua or Aburi without being asked for Tutu Bread by friends and family. Then there was Jofa Bread, which was usually wrapped in a piece of paper. For years, it dominated the Koforidua bread market, and people recall Jofa’s cake-like flavor and a sense of competition for the most popular bread. B Foster arrived on the scene and hasn’t slid down the ranks!

The former roundabout that is now known as B Foster Roundabout is where the B Foster Bakery is located. The bakery has developed a reputation for producing bread using a proprietary formula known only to the baker.

B Foster, founded by Officer Forster K. Berbiye, has held the top rank on the “Bread League” for nearly two decades. The brand, which is named after a Ghanaian Airforce officer, has ascended the bread league ladder to claim bragging rights. A recent visit to the Bakery reveals an expanded enterprise that began as a little operation.


B Foster has succeeded in capturing a portion of Ghana’s bread eating industry after capturing the Koforidua market. Any store interested in trading in the commodity would have to join a huge line of others waiting to be supplied. Some retailers who spoke to Jetsanza.com admitted that it is possible to wait and not get some of the bread to sell, and that they must wait until the next day because the number of retailers who transport the bread outside of Koforidua to other regions has increased, and they are usually served first.

It is haram to travel outside of Koforidua without the expectation of carrying B Foster. As a result, the bread has effectively penetrated Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, and other key Ghanaian cities.

What makes B Foster bakery unique is still a secret recipe, thus it isn’t known to the general population. One can only hope that this legacy will outlast the visionary, rather than fade away like Tutu Bread and Jofa Bread.


B Forster Bread Price

B Foster became a much sought-after bread during the partial closure of areas of the country due to the coronavirus, along with the stay-at-home directive, as a loaf of GHS 15 would last an average family of three for a day or two.

B Forster Contact

This is the official number for B Foster Bakery’s

Contact: 0208434550

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