Bojo Beach, Accra – All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu
Bojo beach

Accra-Cape Coast Road, close to Kokrobite Beach, and Bojo Beach are all in Ghana.

Bojo Beach is one that comes to mind when thinking about Ghana and its countless white sand beaches and resorts. This charming location is along the Accra – Cape Coast Road past Mc Cathy Hills turn left at the Old Police Barrier (Beach Road) towards Kokrobite, travel for about 3 miles, just before Bortianor, turn left at the Bojo Beach sign and head to Bojo Beach Resort. The facilities are still being improved to accommodate the ever-growing clientele.

The majesty of nature soon envelops tourists after only around 30 minutes from Downtown Accra. Once there, visitors can enjoy the calmness and tranquilly of the Atlantic Ocean and its azure waves.

You will quickly realise that you have found paradise on earth when you add top-notch entertainment, fine food, and a wide range of fantastic activities. Bojo Beach is the place to go if you enjoy golfing, beach strolling, water activities, and fine dining.

The beach is unsheltered and exposed, yet the sea air, specifically designed little canopies, stationary umbrellas with thatched tops, and benches make it comfortable.

Bojo beach

Additionally, visitors can hire plastic seats, umbrellas, and tables. You can comfortably arrange for yourself to enjoy a restful beach day by renting beach equipment. Visitors to Bojo beach Accra can enjoy the stunning views of the sea and sunset while relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, and visiting the beach bar.

The beach slopes into the water, however caution is advised because the bottom may not always be level in those areas. Although the ocean off the coast of Bojo isn’t usually calm and occasionally has rather large waves, families with young children frequently go to the beach. The rescuers, who are always on the scene, watch out for the children splashing in the water and all the other swimmers. Bathers are asked to leave the water when there are large waves.

Bojo Beach Resort

There are two portions to the resort. Upon arrival, a friendly and accommodating staff members welcome travellers. There is plenty of secured parking. The main component is a redbrick building with a 200-seat conference room, a bar, a restaurant, and a game area with a range of sports available, including table tennis.

The beach is an island with a bar and a big straw hat. There are also public restrooms with showers there. When our team visited the resort on this particular day, it was crowded with vacationers, locals, and a mass of college students who had come to relax, have fun, and socialise while taking use of the resort’s attractive amenities.

Bojo beach

It appears that they had reserved a portion of the resort for a day in the sun. For a special event, music amplification, or the use of specialised setup gear, a permission is necessary.

As travellers must drift between the conference centre and the beach, which is about 200 yards away, on a sailboat or canoe, they immediately experience the strongest sense of nostalgia. Normally there isn’t a line to get on the canoe, but on this particular day there was.

After receiving life jackets, the tourists head to the canoe. The boat departs with a whooshing sound, taking the tourists to a tropical paradise where memories are as plentiful as the beach’s natural white sands. Here, guests can combine a cosmopolitan retreat at a top resort with the allure of nearby historic fishing villages and undiscovered ecological gems.

Bojo beach

When To Visit Bojo Beach Accra

The average annual temperature in Ghana is between +24 and +32 degrees. You should keep in mind that dry desert winds blow from the north in the months of January and February, albeit their impact on the coastline is essentially nonexistent. The best time to visit Ghana is in the summer or winter because spring and autumn have rainy seasons. and weekends are the best time to visit Bojo Beach.


Despite the distance from the city, the beach has certain amenities: 

  • toilet;
  • changing rooms;
  • bar with food and drinks;
  • rescue service
  • rent of beach equipment.


  • beach volleyball and football; 
  • horseback riding; 
  • cycling;
  • sea fishing; 
  • water skiing.

Contact Details

Tel: +233 540120684

Email:  [email protected]