Busua Beach – Secret Of Western Region Best Beach

by Kojo Pocu
Busua beach

Busua Beach has long been a competitor to Kokrobite as the ultimate Ghanaian beach chill-out destination, albeit its relative distance from Accra and less tightly crowded facilities mean it comes across as quieter and less overtly touristy than its eastern cousin.

The beach, which is bordered on the west by the Busua Lagoon, is widely regarded as having some of the safest swimming in the country, though tides and currents can be unpredictable here (as they are anywhere along the Ghanaian coastline), so take local advice before swimming and don’t go deeper than the locals do.

Busua beach has become a focal point of Ghana’s ever-growing surfing industry, attracting a constant influx of budget travelers to its beach since the 1960s. While the majority of the amenities are aimed toward low-cost volunteers and travelers, Busua also caters to a more affluent clientele, with the Busua Beach Resort in particular serving as a popular weekend getaway for expats working in the Tarkwa and Takoradi mining industries.

Busua beach has also hosted the Asa Baako Festival since 2011, which takes place in March for three days and features concerts, parties, art exhibitions, sporting competitions, trekking, tree planting, and other activities.

After my first experience at the beach, I have put a guide together to help you know more about the beach and how you can visit without any stress.

Busua beach

History of Busua Beach

Busua is the traditional residence of the Ahantamanhene, the supreme chief of the historically significant Ahanta Kingdom, which first appeared on a map produced by an unidentified Dutch captain in 1629 and now encompasses the majority of the coastal stretch between Shama and Essiama. According to oral tradition, Ahanta was founded by a leader named Badu Bonsu (also spelled Baidoo Bonsoe) who emerged from the mouth of a whale with his younger brother and sister, as well as hundreds of other followers, at a landing site somewhere between the mouth of the Ankobra River and the current Ivory Coast border.

Badu Bonsu took up his combat sword as soon as he set foot on ground and declared himself ruler over everything he saw. He then led his people east along the coast and interior along the Ankobra River, eventually settling at a well-watered location known as Bresu, Ahanta’s first capital. A few generations later, the survivors of a mysterious plague in Bresu were forced to flee to the coast and build a new capital at what is now Busua.

Busua beach

What Makes Busua Beach Special

Wandering around Busua Beach, you’ll notice that the waves are quite strong, or that visitors enjoy surfing on the beach all of the time, or that tourists in their camping tents are having the nicest camping experience they’ve ever had.

Locals and tourists hire or take their surfing board out in the early morning and start the day with smiles and excitement.

Busua beach is a wonderful place to be, with its night cool breeze and accommodating atmosphere. The water here is serene and most inviting.

Because of its more rural location, the beach spans for kilometers and is free of waste and overcrowding. It takes more effort to get there, but it is well worth the effort.

Cape three point

Ways To Visit The Busua Beach

It will undoubtedly be a road trip to the beach. However, there are other interesting things to see and do on the way to the beach. There are several stops along the road, since the beach is 30 kilometers from Takoradi, the region’s capital.

One can visit Cape Three Point while visiting Busua. The town is a small peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean in Ghana’s Western Region. The British built the first lighthouse at Cape Three Points in 1875 as a navigational aid for commerce vessels travelling across the Gulf of Guinea. The original lighthouse is now a ruin, but a larger and more modern lighthouse was built in 1925 and is still operational today.

Cape Three Point is worth seeing since it a great place with history. Try take a turn there and feed you social media with some beautiful pictures with the lighthouse showing.

The Nzulezu stilts is another best option if you looking to explore other places before getting to Busua beach. Near the coast at the far western side of Ghana, near the border with Cote d’Ivoire, is a village that is unique in all of Ghana. Spectacular scenery of the 400-year old stilt propped water settlement of Nzulezu, is a unique village built on stilts in Lake Tadane, which is home to hundreds of people in the Western Region. It is worth seeing.

Busua beach

Busua Beach Resort

Busua offers a variety of recreational opportunities for everyone, including tennis, water sports, and a children’s playground. Busua’s own island, ‘Aboakwa,’ is a must-see. Listen to enticing bird sounds in our bird sanctuary or relax in one of our beautiful pools. Every nature lover’s dream comes true with these breathtaking characteristics.

Suites, Ocean View Double, Ocean View Single, Beach Front Twin, and Budget accommodation with fan or AC are available at Busua Beach Resort. Our standard rooms and suites are equipped with air conditioning, a private bath, and a television. With two satellite dishes, you can get up to ten channels. Busua has its own backup generators to ensure that power is available at all times.

The 62 chalet-style rooms at Busua Beach Resort include own furnished balconies with views of the ocean or the resort’s lushly landscaped garden and pool area.

Our suites at Busua Beach Resort include private kitchenettes and living rooms. For families who want a home away from home experience, some of our standard rooms offer communal kitchenettes.

Busua beach

Camping At Busua Beach

Nothing beats spending a weekend with your family at the beach or camping in the woods. When people get the chance to be near to nature, they are ecstatic.

It is best to visit the beach with your personal tent or tell your tour guide to provide one in case you are visit with a tour group. Busua beach is arguably the best camping destinations in Ghana now.

Busua Beach Location

Busua Beach is located on several acres of natural sandy beaches about 45 kms west of the port city of Takoradi in Ghana’s Western Region, which is about a 5.5 hour drive from Accra.