Car Rentals In Kumasi – Everything You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu
Car rentals In Kumasi

My guide on everything you need to know when resting a car in Ghana can give you a great ideal when you find yourself in Kumasi and looking to rent a car. Car rentals in Kumasi is just like renting a car anywhere in Ghana.

Renting a car in Kumasi can be little stressful if you new to car renting thing ( not really a thing though). There are many ways one can rent a car in Kumasi depending on how you want it. From top online car rental companies to locals giving their cars out to people looking to rent them. There is plenty of options for everyone looking rent a car in Kumasi.

Renting a car in Kumasi and driving around the city on your own is a fantastic opportunity to get a feel for the tranquil Kindom. It’s also the ideal way to explore compared to other options because it gives you the freedom to choose where you want to go and see the attractions at your own interest. has put together a guide to help you rent a car in Kumasi. From what you need to rent a car and all guides to help you rent a car in the city of Kumasi.

This guide is free. I’ve worked hard putting them together to help you rent a car in Kumasi without stree. If you fine this guide useful, share with others to help them.

Should You Self-Drive In Kumasi

To be honest, it is advisable to book a tour package from a tour operator if you enjoy joining a group tour or traveling with strangers. There’s no need to organize ahead of time or drive; simply relax and let someone else handle the details.

My friend Med on instagram is one of the best tour guides in Ghana to help you explore Kumasi.

If, like me, you enjoy independent travel and having a good time on the road, renting a car and going on a self-driving tour in Kumasi is the greatest way to see the city.

You don’t need a schedule or a timetable to drive around Kumasi, stopping wherever you find something interesting along the route. Yes, if you are not afraid of driving late at night, you can take your rental car anyplace in Kumasi.

Just be aware that there are some bumpy roads and numerous speed ramps along the way. However, if you spend a day driving in Kumasi, you will learn all of the tactics of the trade.

One of the best things about renting a car is the freedom it gives you if you want to change your plans or go off the beaten road.

Car rentals in Kumasi

Do I Have To Get Car Rental Insurance In Kumasi?

As I previously stated, driving in Ghana can be challenging. Driving in Ghana is as dangerous as it sounds. The majority of drivers, particularly commercial drivers in Accra and Kumasi, do not adhere to the laws. There are also a lot of terrible roads.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing automobile rental insurance, you’re on the right track. Unfortunately, car rental insurance is not required in Kumasi.

All you’ll need is your travel insurance to protect you if something goes wrong.

In Ghana, most cars have insurance coverage that cover the majority of the damage. So, if you’re hiring a car online, make sure you read all of the policies first.

Fire and third-party liability insurance are normally included in the rental price, but only up to a specific amount. So, before hiring a car in Kumasi, please double-check with the rental agency and ask a lot of questions.

The majority of direct garage car rentals do not have many policies. All they need is a copy of your ID card and driver’s license. It’s the second-best option for renting a car in Kumasi. Simply ask around for recommendations for a reputable garage.

Car rentals in Kumasi

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car In Kumasi

Locals may find renting a car in Kumasi a touch pricey, but as a tourist, I’m confident you’ll find it affordable. This is due to the current currency rate.

Depending on the sort of car you receive or need, renting a car in Kumasi might cost anything from $20 to $100 each day. Minivans will cost between $100 and $200 a day to rent. The cost of renting a Saloon Compact 4-door is roughly $30 per day.

Purchasing a car straight from the garage can be less expensive than doing it online. You can haggle with the owner and have the price reduced for you.

One disadvantage of renting a car from a garage is that you must return it when you leave. The majority of them do not provide airport pick-up or drop-off services.

Kumasi car rentals

Can I Rent Automatic Car In Kumasi?

Yes, one can rent automatic car in Kumasi. We can all agree that manual autos are becoming obsolete in the system. Everyone nowadays wants to drive in a simple manner. As a result, automatic cars have recently become more expensive.

In Kumasi, automatic rental automobiles are more expensive than manual rental cars (now automatic cars are more common in Kumasi and Ghana in all). When making a reservation, it’s ideal to indicate the sort of vehicle you desire.

Age Requirement For Renting A Car In Kumasi

Although the legal driving age in Ghana is 18, you will need to provide a valid identification card and a valid driver’s license before renting a car.

Car Rentals In Kumasi

Car rentals In Kumasi

ST. Michael Car Rentals

St. Michael Rent a Car maintains excellent service quality standards to meet the ever-increasing demands of its discerning clientele.

Rent a car from St. Michael car rentals to get a taste of what they have to offer. St. Michael is arguably the best car rental agency in Kumasi. Visit their official website for more details.

Justlink Travel & Car Rentals

Justlink Travel & Car Rentals is located in Ahodwo, Kumasi- Ghana. The company don’t only provide car rentals services, they also provide travel and tour services for people looking to travel.

Ghana Car Rentals

Ghana Car Rentals offers cars that have air-conditioning, a driver, radio/cd player and even free mileage on some of their cars. Their cars available for rent in Accra range from Toyotas to Hyundais. Prices range between $95 and $125 per day. They can be found in Asylum Down in Accra. Being able to select your choice of car from their fleet to rent adds a bit of excitement to the car renting process.

Traffic Access Car Rental Co

Traffic Access Car Rental is a car rental company located opposite the departure hall, Airport- Kumasi. For those looking to rent a car near the Kumasi airport, this is the best option for you. Their prices are cool and affordable. Make sure you do more enquirers when renting a car at Traffic Access Car Rental Co.

Express Car Rental Gh

Express Car Rental is a rental company located on the CPC Road- Kumasi. It is one of the best budget car rental in Kumasi. One can call them one 0550628546

Angle Life

Angle Life is a car rental company located in Kumasi that also provides quality services of its customers.

George Atta Poku Car Rentals

George Atta Poku Car Rentals is one of the top car rentals you can find in Kumasi. Contact George Atta Poku Car Rentals on 0550815834

Hertz Ghana

Hertz Ghana promises to provide it’s customers with the rental cars they expect.

Their intention is to provide you with quality vehicle and services which will allow you to move around with peace of mind. Visit to check out their cars.