Cheapest Hotel Rates For A 4 Star Stay In Ghana

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Traveling can be very cheap if you learn how to book cheap flights and also learn how to book alternative options for cheap overnight accommodation. Though people travel on a budget, but most people travel on a very tight budget. So if you are reading this piece, I know you planning to travel on a very tight budget, and here are the 10 cheapest hotel rates for a 4-star stay in Ghana.

Social media travel bloggers spend massively on expensive hotels, making it look like expensive hotels are the only options when you travel. But that is their marketing budget. In real life, there are so many cheap places to stay for that treat and even free places to sleep during your trip. In this article, I want to list the 10 cheapest hotel rates in Ghana for a 4-star stay. These lists can help feed your timeline just like how those social media bloggers do. This article will inspire you to always travel on a tight budget to save money for your next trip.

How to Book Cheap Accommodation

Many wait to get to their destination before they book accommodation. But you are likely to fall out of budget during your trips if you always wait to get to your destination before booking. The best way for every traveler is to book accommodation days before your flight. With that, you are certain of your budget. There are so many traveling sites you can book accommodation and some of these sites gives refund even if your flight is canceled. I’ll list three of my best booking site for your next trip and maybe list the rest in any related article.

It’s first on my list and it’s one of the most trending booking websites for travelers around the globe. offers incredible choices, low rates, instant confirmation, no reservation fees, secure booking, and 24/7 support. It is always a good choice and I have personally recommended it to some clients. Book some cheap accommodation there and thank me in the comment. You will enjoy some of the top cheapest hotel rates for a 4 stay say in Ghana on their site.

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Their technology has summed up some of the best booking travel websites, where you can get cheap hotel rates. TripAdvisor is not a booking agent or tour operator. They have partnered with other travel booking sites. When you book with one of their partners, please make sure to check their site for a full disclosure of all applicable fees. 

Cheapest Hotels in Ghana For a 4 Star Stay

1.Frankie’s Hotel

LOCATION: Oxford Street Osu, Accra

STARTING PRICE: $70 per night 

AVAILABLE: Expedia,, 

cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

If you are looking to feel some Ghanaian culture in the capital then this is one of the best cheap hotels for your 4-star treat. Frankie’s is known to be the most popular restaurant on Osu Oxford street. Their ideal boutique hotel is to give you some great service you would get from 4-star hotels. Its consists of only 20 room, so it’s better to book days before the trip. As a traveler, this is the treat I would like to recommend to my readers.

2.Alisa Hotels North Ridge 

LOCATION: 21 Dr.Isert Road North Ridge, Accra.

STARTING PRICE: $90 per night  


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

Alisa Hotel is one of the popular hotels in Ghana so you can imagine the stay. The hotel is located in the capital, Accra. Alisa hotel provides everything a traveler needs in a 4-star hotel like a pool, free parking, WiFi, gym, free airport transportation, free breakfast, and many others you will get in all 4-star hotels. The hotel hosts some of the top conferences in the country, so there is always a new thing to explore. It is also another best choice for the cheapest hotel for a 4-star stay in Ghana.

3.Airport View Hotel

LOCATION: Airport Junction, Liberation Road, Accra.

STARTING PRICE: $74 per night 


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

For travelers looking for cheap hotels near the airport, Airport View Hotel is the best choice. Enjoy some of the city’s best views from the hotel. It is going to be more fun if you book a room from the top so you can get a perfect view of the beautiful Accra city. Because of its location, many think it’s expensive, but it is designed to suit your budget.

4.Accra City Hotel 

LOCATION: Barnes Road, Accra.

STARTING PRICE: $72 per night


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

Do you love to play long tennis? Accra city hotel has it all. It’s a 4-star hotel and very cheap than any other 4-star hotel in the country. The hotel is a 15-minute walk to the National Theatre and the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial. It is close to some of the city’s top attractions. Accra City Hotel is family-friendly and reads you host all the family. It has kids playing ground. So don’t worry about what the kids going to do. 

5.Airside Hotel 

LOCATION: 44 Patrice Lumumba Road, Accra 

STARTING PRICE: $81 per night 


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

Airside Hotel is located at the plush Airport Residential area, less than a 5-minute drive from the Kotoka International Airport. Location is one of the safe places to stay in Ghana. So it is worth booking a room at Airside Hotel. The hotel has a wide range of well-furnished and equipped standard rooms, double rooms, executive double rooms, suites, and a 2 bedroom apartment. Their Zara restaurant and bar serve a blend of continental, Chinese, and local dishes, as well as various kinds of beverages. 

6.Ibis Style

LOCATION: Plot 24, Airport City, Accra

STARTING PRICE: $85 per night 


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

Ibis-style hotel is known for its design. My first experience was great and I don’t mind booking a stay again if I need a vacation. As a travel blogger, getting all the best treats and paying less to save money is a priority for me. So I recommend Ibis style hotel for you if you want to experience a 4-star treat on a cheap budget.  

7.Oak Plaza Hotel

LOCATION: Dede Plaza, Spintex Road, Accra

STARTING PRICE: $93 per night


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

The hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in the country. Luxury that comes cheap is what you would love or everyone would love to book. The hotel is also one of the best 3-star hotels in the country but trusts me, you going to get a 4-star treat and I’m talking from experience. Their Lucida restaurant offers excellent dining choices with ab extensive range of Ghanaian and continental cuisines. Oak Plaza Hotel is among my top list on the cheapest hotel rates for a 4-star stay in Ghana. 

8.Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel

LOCATION: Beach Road Area, Takoradi

STARTING PRICE: $97 per night 


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

Atlantic Hotel, that is how they call it for you to visit Takoradi. Wish I could share pictures of myself getting all the best treat in the best Western Region hotel, Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel. If you looking to feel luxury and a 4-star treat at cheap on the Western side of the country, then Atlantic hotel is the best place to book. I never knew it could be cheaper on

9.Golden Tulip Kumasi City Hotel 

LOCATION: Rain Tree Road, Kumasi 

STARTING PRICE: $105 per night


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

This might be a little out of my price range, but you may not be landing in the capital. So had to give you something you might enjoy in the second-largest city in Ghana, Kumasi. Golden Tulip Hotel company is one of the leading brands in the country because of their treat and luxury. If there should be any good choice in the second-largest city in Ghana, then Golden Tulip is the best option. There can enjoy your stay also by visiting the nearby barbeque restaurant, Momo’s Pool and Bar.

10.Asantewaa Premier Guest House

LOCATION: 3b Club Street, Kumasi 

STARTING PRICE: $27 per night 


cheapest hotel rates in Ghana

Wondering how a guest house is going to give you a 4 star treat? Was also asking myself some questions. But maybe booking a room at Asantewaa Premier Guesthouse is going to ‘’WOW’’ you. They are award-winning Guesthouses in Kumasi that cater and treat their guest with all the best treats top-star hotels can offer. The guest house also provides a Shuttle service from the Kumasi Airport, so this must show you the kind of guest house you booking. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Hotel In Ghana 

Well, It depends on the season or your time of visit. Accommodations are expensive during festive seasons. So it is best to book accommodation in advance before those active seasons. 

Prices might be around $200 during normal seasons and can shoot up to $400 during festive seasons. The best advice is to make an online booking in advance so you don’t have to break the bank for accommodation during a trip. 

You can read a whole topic on How To Find Cheap Accommodation. 

What is the Cheapest Type Of Hotels to Stay

 It’s best to always find cheap accommodation to save more money to travel, maybe unless you are a luxury traveler. Sleeping in Cheap hotels or getting cheap accommodations is another best way to save money whiles traveling. 

One simple part about planning a trip is to get cheap accommodation. How I wish finding cheap flights are simple like finding cheap accommodations. If you are willing to save money on cheap hotels and accommodation, then Check out the cheapest type of hotels to stay.  

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