Effects of Puberty Rites In Ghana – Read more

by Kojo Pocu

The Dipo and Bragoro puberty ceremonies of the Krobo people and the Akan people, respectively, are the most popular in Ghana.

While these rites are still performed today, they have been met with strong opposition and criticism from human rights organisations, primarily due to the manner in which they are performed and the long and short term effects they have on the girl child, with many claiming that the rites violate the rights of adolescent girls. This post will outline some effects of puberty rites.

What Is Puberty Rites

Puberty rites are a typical occurrence in Africa, and Ghana is no exception. Every year, specific customary and traditional festivals for young girls entering puberty are held in our region of the world. The practise is thought to be centuries old, and individuals, particularly traditionalists, have fought every attempt by civil organisations and campaigners to put an end to it, saying that it is a part of their culture that must not and cannot be changed.

The Effects of Puberty Rites On Young Girls

Many individuals believe that the puberty rite has a long-term psychological impact on the girls who undergo it. According to some mental health specialists, most girls will never be the same psychologically after being dressed semi-naked and paraded through town against their will, rather than on the urging of their parents and community.

Some claim that half-naked girls being walked around a community gives male youth in the community a sense of entitlement to these young girls’ bodies, which may foster sexual abuse by the male youth.

Another aspect that activists have brought up is how puberty ceremonies might harm or diminish the confidence of young girls in the community. Following the rite in which the entire community watched their nudity, these young girls lose confidence in themselves, which might have a negative impact on their academic performance and jeopardise their educational career.


Important of Puberty Rites

Puberty rites are common in traditional cultures, and thus may provide some universal adaptive benefits. The broad characteristics and functions of puberty rites may give light on the fundamental nature of human adolescence. Puberty rites are said to serve a variety of purposes, including intense training in adult sex roles, instilling cultural loyalty, regulating and publicising the acquisition of adult status, and increasing the initiate’s mate value.

These functional hypotheses are consistent with evolutionary theory, data on pubertal changes and functions, and behavioural data from across cultures and species. That is, puberty rites may work in tandem with adolescent bodily and behavioural changes to prepare a person for maturity. Furthermore, while puberty rites vary considerably around the world, they may share some basic aspects in order to fulfil these functions. These modal properties have preliminary functional explanations that are suggested and examined.

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