Freelance Models Surviving During this Pandemic in Ghana.

by Kojo Pocu

Every industry is down during this pandemic and they all finding ways to recover. The tourism industry, the fashion industry, and others are all affected, and praying things will get back to normal.

Talking of industries, the modeling industry in Ghana has being a sidekick to Ghana’s fashion industry. In the past years, we have seen models put Ghana’s fashion industry on top of the globe with their photoshoots and runways experience. Modeling back then didn’t pay a lot in Ghana before a recent protest to pay models. In recent years, modeling in Ghana is often glorified as a good job but it has many frustrating aspects to it, being a freelancer . It could be much better is there are measures put in place to support freelancer in this current situation

Due to the crises, there are restrictions to social gathering and the fashion industry is also holding most of their shows. In my previous article, I question if the fashion industry is ready for digital show. Hosting digital show during this pandemic can give a little surviving time for freelancers to wait for things to get back to normal because being a freelancer model in Ghana is much more than posing for a photo shoot.

What do freelance models do when there are no fashion shows or shootings due to the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Many of them are freelancers who move from job to job, deals to deals. It is crucial for freelance models, now more than ever, to adapt to this new world quickly and consider ways to pivot their skill set, as well as looking to roles and opportunities beyond their usual remit.

Business of Fashion hosts a discussion tailored towards fashion freelancers to give advice during this pandemic

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