Hans Cottage – All You Need To know

by Kojo Pocu

Hans Cottage is a Botel in a densely forested location with an atmosphere fashioned out of the woods. Han lives on a lake that is home to crocodiles, weaverbirds, egrets, and other wildlife. Sailing, fishing, and boating are also available for guests’ enjoyment on the lake.

Hans Cottage is in the Central Region, just a few kilometres from Cape Coast Township. It is located roughly 7 miles from the iconic Cape Coast Castle on the Cape Coast-Praso route.

Things To do

Visitors to the beautiful facility are guided by tour operators to witness some unique attractions, such as the crocodiles that live in the man-made pond. Pieces of bread are tossed into the pond to bring fish to the surface in order to see the crocodiles. Crocodiles who rely on these fish for food rush to the surface in the hopes of snagging some.

Unlike the crocodiles at Paga crocodile pond, which are friendly with humans, the crocodiles at Hans Cottage are not. They generally avoid humans. They are not harmful, and they do not assault tourists; instead, they prefer to remain in the water.

The exhilarating boat ride on the lake is another fantastic attraction at Hans Cottage. A ride on the lake in a boat paddled by a tour leader is also available to visitors. Tourists can observe some of the crocodiles up close with their heads poking out of the water while on the lake.

At Hans Cottage, there’s also a bird watch. Along the lake’s edge, there are a variety of short and small trees that provide habitat for many bird species. During the day, these birds move out in search of food and return to the trees in the evening. Birds that are laying eggs, on the other hand, stay there and spend their days in their tree nests.

Hans Cottage also features a modern restaurant for tourists who want to feed their appetites, as well as excellent guest rooms for those who want to stay the night. Hans Cottage is one of Ghana’s few privately held tourism facilities, with the government owning approximately 90% of the sites.


Hans Cottage prices

Room Prices

ROOM                                                                                                                         PRICES

Suite (Queen-size bed)GH¢550.00
Enhanced Room (king-size bed)GH¢450.00
Enhanced Room (Queen-size bed)GH¢400.00
-extra mattress (Adult)GH¢100.00
-(Below 18 years)GH¢50.00
Family Fan RoomGH¢420.00
Standard Room (Double)GH¢250.00
Standard Room (Single)GH¢180.00

ACCOMMODATION                                                                                               PRICES

-Extra mattress (Adult)GH¢80.00
-(Below 18 years)GH¢40.00
Economy (Double)GH¢190.00
Economy (Single)GH¢135.00
-(Below 18 years)GH¢30.00
– Extra Mattress (Adult)GH¢65.00
Dormitory (without Breakfast)GH¢50.00
Camping Grounds (without Breakfast)GH¢30.00

Hans Cottage Contacts

This is the official number every tourist can reach the botel on 0244322522. One can also check their official website for more update on prices.

Website: hansbotelgh.com

Ghana Travel Restrictions 

Ghana is open to most travelers again. I mean travelers from all over the world. However, you do need proof of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result before being allowed entry.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place, and you still have to follow certain guidelines. They are all good for our safety. 

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