How To Apply For US Diversity Visa Lottery in Ghana

by Kojo Pocu
Visa To Ghana From USA

The US Diversity Visa Lottery is a method for persons who want to study, live, and work in the United States. Several countries prohibit their residents from emigrating to the United States. The green card lottery is tremendously beneficial to such residents. These individuals would be granted ten-year green card citizenship.

This time is plenty to establish yourself in the country in preparation for your future aspirations. For the same, one must go through the application process. It is simple to apply, and anyone who intends to relocate to the United States for work can complete the process.

To apply for the Ghana Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery), follow the instructions on the website and begin the application procedure. Citizens of Ghana who intend to travel to the United States must enter this lottery in order to be eligible for a green card. Learn more about the application process and fill out your paperwork to register for the same.

In the month of October, the Diversity Lottery Program began. Citizens are given enough time to prepare for their interviews. You can learn more about the lottery programme by looking at the information on their official website.

In this article, will give you a guide and all you need to know when applying for US diversity visa lottery.


What is the DV Lottery?

The Diversity Visa Program (DV Lottery) is a congressionally mandated programme that allows up to 55,000 people from countries that have historically been underrepresented in migration to the United States of America to apply for immigrant visas, commonly known as Green Cards, each year.

The programme is known as the “Green Card Lottery” or “dvlottery” because the winners are chosen at random from among the 10–12 million applicants who apply each year from all over the world.

The United States is proud to be an immigrant-friendly country. However, certain countries send significantly more people to the United States than others. For example, immigrants from Mexico, China, and the Philippines greatly exceed those from the majority of other nations combined. Immigration from specific regions of the world is regulated in the United States in order to maintain population variety.

As a result, every year since 1994, the DV Lottery has randomly distributed 55,000 so-called Green Cards to the United States.

How can I apply for the DV Lottery?

The yearly DV Lottery is essentially free to enter, and all eligible individuals can register for it on the US Department of State’s website. However, many people are unaware that up to 40% of lottery participants are rejected due to formal or procedural problems in their applications!

The Diversity Visa Lottery accepts or rejects applications through a computerised process, but participants are not informed of the outcome. It will not be revealed whether or not the application will be entered into the lottery.

The American Dream, a Green Card service business, ensures your participation in the official DV Lottery!

Each application is thoroughly reviewed by state-approved emigration advisors before being submitted to US authorities on time and in proper form.

Their crew has already accompanied over 19,000 Green Card recipients on their route to the United States, and has done so for years!

Process To Get US Diversity Visa For Ghanaian Occupants

  • Get the application form.
  • Fill in all your significant data which are to be required for your application. 
  • Cross-check every single record which your application requests. 
  • Save all the fundamental records. 
  • Give your application. 
  • Affirmation is done through a self-confident cycle done by the U.S. Division of State. 
  • You don’t have to get your Diversity Visa if you get chosen. Only in the wake of coordinating all the criteria, you will be qualified for the Diversity Visa.

Document Needed For US Diversity Visa Lottery

The required documents to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Ghana are as follows:

  • One must fill the form to initiate the process of application. 
  • The Last page of the valid passport is required for the application process. Documents reflecting Personal detailsare required.
  • PayPal wallet or Credit/Debit card information for payment processing.
  • A recent Digital Photograph must not be older than six months.
  • Valid travel insurance for your travel.

What Are The Price And The Processing Duration For The Form?

The duration of the processing and the prices for the Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Ghana vary as per the plan selected by the applicant. 

The available plans are:

  • Standard processing plan (USD 33.00 – 2 days): This plan is the basic processing plan that takes some to process the form. There are no additional charges and benefits with this processing plan. 
  • Rush processing plan (USD 48.75 – 24 hours): The processing of the form is faster as compared to the standard processing plan with some additional charges.
  • Super rush processing plan (USD 81.00 – 4 hours): This plan facilitates the processing of the form in minimum time with some additional charges applied.

How can I Apply For US Diversity Visa Lottery

To finish the process of applying for the Ghanaian Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery), you must correctly fill out the application form. Contact the customer service site for more information about the form.

Which Countries Will Be Benefited From The US Diversity Visa Lottery?

People from countries that do not allow their residents to move to the United States benefit from the Green Card lottery. People from countries like Ghana can simply apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) and experience the benefits of studying, living, and working in the United States.

What is The Requirements For Applying US Diversity Visa Lottery?

All we need to do to apply for the Ghana Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) is fill out the lottery form and give all of the required documentation.