How To Book Flight Itinerary For Visa Application

by Kojo Pocu

Many people are perplexed by the number of paperwork that an embassy or consulate requires visa applicants to provide in order to acquire a visa. Especially when the applicant is unsure about what he or she is being requested to submit, the type of document required, where he or she should obtain it, and how to obtain it.

A flight itinerary ( for Visa Application) or a round trip flight reservation may be among the documents requested by the embassy or consulate of your travel destination country.

Depending on the embassy/consulate, this document might be referred to by different names as:

  • Booked / Confirmed Flight Itinerary
  • Round Trip Reservation
  • Flight Reservation / Confirmation
  • Confirmed / Round trip Flight tickets
  • Proof of Onward Travel, etc.

On social media and discussion boards, people might also refer to as:

  • Dummy Air Ticket
  • Dummy Ticket for Visa Application
  • Air Ticket Booking, etc.


What is a Flight For Visa

A flight for visa is a precise map of your flight. It contains details such as the flight number, departure/arrival times, dates, flight code, departure/arrival airport IATA codes, and flight reservation/booking numbers. It is the flight details embassies seek to see when applying for visa. There are so many ways to obtain that without paying it.

What is a Flight Ticket?

A flight or airline ticket is a document provided by an airline or travel agency that verifies that a passenger has reserved and paid for a seat on an aircraft.

The flight ticket usually contains:

  • Traveler’s name.
  • A flight name.
  • Flight reservation number or Booking ID.
  • Arrival and Departure date.
  • Airport IATA codes.
  • The price of a real Flight Ticket and
  • Details of any connecting flights (if there are any).

Do I Need to Book a Flight Ticket Before Applying for a Visa?

No. You do not need to purchase a plane ticket before applying for a visa. Instead, you can present a flight itinerary that you can book without paying the entire amount of the travel ticket, and then purchase the real flight ticket once you get your visa.

What is a One-Way Ticket?

A one-way ticket is a ticket for a single flight between two points. A one-way flight from India to Germany, for example, with no return date. Most times embassies don’t accept such flight details because there is not return ticket, that is when your visa application is for a shot stay.

What is a Return Ticket?

A return flight ticket, sometimes known as a round-trip ticket, is a ticket that allows you to travel from your home country to a destination country and back. For instance, fly from Manila, Philippines to Paris, France, then fly back to Manila, Philippines.

What is a Flight Reservation?

A flight reservation is a document that contains a complete itinerary for your trip or vacation to a specified country. In reality, it is nothing more than a flight/travel timetable on the selected trip airline, which includes a flight name, traveler’s name, a valid flight reservation booking number, arrival and departure dates, and airport IATA codes.

The majority of embassies and consulates require a round-trip flight reservation rather than a one-way flight reservation.

What is a Dummy Ticket?

A dummy air ticket is just a round-trip flight reservation from the original departing country to the destination country. A dummy ticket is not a return ticket that has been paid for. It’s basically just a document with travel plan information, but it’s not a confirmed ticket.

Can we use a dummy ticket generator?

No! We highly advise against using a generator to construct a phoney dummy airline ticket and using it to apply for a visa.

Instead of using a false ticket generator, we recommend that you read the rest of this post to learn about your choices for getting a flight reservation without paying full price and using it for your visa application.

Now that we know what a flight itinerary, flight ticket, flight reservation, and a dummy air ticket are, let’s look at why embassies and consulates require them and how we might reserve a flight without paying the full fare.

Why do Embassies and Consulates Ask for it?

Most embassies and consulates across the world do not require visa applicants to purchase a plane ticket because they understand that if the visa is denied, the applicant will inevitably lose money. They even state in the list of essential documents for visa applications that applicants are only required to reserve flights, not to purchase tickets.

Only when you have received your visa will you be able to purchase the ticket you have reserved, or cancel it and purchase others at more convenient times during the duration of your visa.

However, there may be exceptions, such as when embassies or consulates require you to purchase a round-trip aeroplane ticket prior to your visa interview.

The Main Reason Embassies Ask For Flight Reservations

The primary reason the embassy or consulate of your travel destination country requests documentation of a round-trip ticket reservation is to ensure you do not overstay your visa and return to your home country before it expires.

A round-trip reservation is a compelling document that you will return because it displays your departure and arrival in your home country. This implies that you must book a round-trip flight reservation; otherwise, your reservation will be useless.

However, this does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa by the embassy or consulate. You’ll have to submit other documents in addition to the airline schedule, so be cautious with those as well.

Deciding the length of the visa

Another reason is to determine how long your visa will be valid. The officials at the embassy or consulate where you are applying will determine the length of your visa based on your Itinerary Flight, ensuring that you are granted a visa that permits you to stay in your destination country for as long as you need it and not for any less time.

Deciding at which embassy you should apply

If you plan to visit more than two countries, the consular official wants to make sure you’re applying at the correct embassy. For example, if you are applying for a ten-day short-stay Schengen visa and plan to spend seven days in France and three days in Germany, you must apply for a France Schengen visa at the French embassy or consulate in your home country rather than a Germany Schengen visa. However, if you intend to spend five days in France and five days in Germany, you must first apply at the embassy of the nation where you intend to land.

Now that we know why some embassies and consulates may require a visa applicant to produce a reserved flight ticket rather than purchasing a genuine one, let’s look at the options available and how you can reserve a flight without jeopardising your money by paying in full.


How to Get a Flight Itinerary for any Visa Application

You can get a confirmed flight reservation for any visa application by:

  • Purchasing a refundable flight ticket, or
  • Reserving a flight ticket which is way cheaper.

The problem is that most flight tickets are only good for 72 hours, and visa application confirmation can take up to fifteen days. As a result, you should try to find a solution to extend the validity of the purchased flight reservation. You can do it in a variety of ways, depending on your preferences. Keep in mind that booking a round-trip flight is always a good idea.

Reserving a Flight Ticket on Travel Visa Booking Websites 

You can reserve a flight without paying the full price of the ticket through travel booking websites.

Follow these steps to book your flight without making the full payment:

  1. Go to Visa Reservation
  2. Choose the right traveling package.
  3. Submit your flight and travel details and pay the fee.
  4. Wait for an email confirmation with all the details of your Flight.

Getting a Confirmed Flight Itinerary by Purchasing a Refundable Flight Ticket

If you’ve opted to book an aeroplane ticket or if the embassy (or consulate) has required you to do so, this is the safest option to get your money back if your visa application is denied. The majority of airline companies provide completely refundable plane tickets, however they are significantly more expensive than regular tickets.

If you want to cancel the flight and get your money back, they may charge you a fee. The refunding process can take anything from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the airline. If you want to book this type of ticket, you should do so directly through the airline’s website.

Reserving a Flight Ticket with your Local Travel Agent

Despite the fact that local travel agents will charge you a price for their services, this is a great choice because they can hold a ticket for seven days or even longer. They normally charge you 10% of the fixed ticket price, though this is not always the case.

Reserving a Ticket with a Hold Option for a Fee by Airlines

Because not all airlines provide flight reservation services, it is necessary to conduct extensive research in order to identify the best airline that does. Some airlines may hold your tickets for a modest cost ranging from $10 to $30. The length of time they will hold your ticket varies by airline, but most of them can retain it for up to three days.

Is One Way Flight Ticket Reservation Acceptable For Visa

Keep in mind that you must purchase a round-trip ticket. The primary reason embassies request a flight reservation is to ensure that you will not overstay your visa; nevertheless, reserving a single trip ticket does not confirm that you will not overstay your visa.

When you hand over your documents, it is critical that your flying itinerary be plausible. It must be compatible with your travel dates, and your activities must be organised in such a way that your plans are credible; otherwise, your visa application will be denied.

Caution on Making a Fake Flight Ticket Reservation!

Many internet services can give you with a fake flight reservation without a unique booking number, which are created using photoshop and appear to be genuine flight tickets. They are inexpensive, but it is strongly advised that you do not use any of these scam websites or purchase false trip tickets in order to apply for a visa.

To avoid being cheated when booking a fake flight, we recommend going to VisaReservation to book an airline ticket without paying in full!

You can utilise any of the techniques we outlined above instead of making a bogus travel itinerary because if the embassy or consulate where you are applying finds out that the flight reservation you supplied as a booked ticket is phoney, it will be used against you. Not only will your visa application be denied, but it may also result in the rejection of future visa applications to that nation or region.

What Countries Require Proof of Onward Travel When Applying for a Visa?

Schengen visa member states, Canada, Japan, Algeria, Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and others all demand a round-trip flight itinerary when applying for a short-term visa for business or tourism purposes.