KFC Takoradi – Full Menu & Contact

by Kojo Pocu
KFC Takoradi

The number one American fast food paving it way through the Africa market, KFC now have their first and only restaurant in the Western Region. Welcome to KFC Takoradi, the only branch in the region. They are an America-inspired fast food restaurant, serving up delicious chicken and other finger lickin’ good chicken recipes. KFC Takoradi is a perfect place to go for a quick chicken fix or to quench your thirst with an icy cold soft drink.

KFC branch in the Western region serve about 1,000 of customers every month since it’s the only branch in the district. This show how people love to eat from the restaurant.

The place is mostly full on occasion and most people also love to order from some of the top online food vendors ( Jumia food & Bolt food ). That is another best and reliable way to enjoy some good finger licking chicken with going to the stress at the restaurant.

KFC Takoradi is one of the best way from people working from home. For work from home workers looking to change their place of work. This branch is one of the best places in Takoradi you should try.

If you are in the city and looking for a cool restaurant for launch, KFC branch in Takoradi is one of the best places to have some good time. And I know KFC have same recipe, but this branch taste very well and delicious. 

Ghana Travel Restrictions 2022

Ghana is open to most travelers again. I mean travelers from all over the world. However, you do need proof of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result before being allowed entry.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place, and you still have to follow certain guidelines. They are all good for our safety.

Read the ultimate travel guide to Ghana to help you plan your trip.

KFC Takoradi Contact Number

This is the official number for Takoradi KFC. One can call this same number to place an order.

Contact: 031 229 2276 / 030825 1000


KFC Takoradi Menu And Price List

KFC deals

The menu has the following options and this is KFC Ghana menu price list in cedis.

  • Hot delivery deal – 4 pieces of chicken
  • Regular chips and 300ml only on KFC Delivery – GH₵ 25.00 
  • Streetwise 10 – 10 chicken pieces and two large chips -GH₵80.00 
  • Tower burger – GH₵25.00 
  • Streetwise bucket For 1 – 1 chicken piece, two hot wings/ 2 pieces of crispy stripe and small chips – GH₵15.00 
  • Chicken rice bowl – Fried rice, chicken bites with Shito – GH₵14.00 
  • Streetwise 5 – 5 pieces of chicken and large chips – GH₵43.00 
  • Crunch burger with chips – 1 piece crunch burger with regular chips – GH₵15.00 

Just For Me Offers 

The menu has the following options: 

  • Streetwise Streetwise 1 with chips at GH¢15.00 
  • Streetwise 2 with chips at GH¢20.00 
  • Streetwise 2 with rice at GH¢22.00 
  • Streetwise 3 with chips at GH¢26.00 
  • Streetwise 3 with rice at 3 pieces of chicken or hot & crispy and fried rice at GH¢28.00 
  • Streetwise 2 with mini loaf – 2 pieces of chicken and 1 mini loaf at GH¢20.00

Burger Offers

  • Burgers Burger meal – Sauces: zinger or colonel at GH¢35.00 
  • Zinger burger – A spicy zinger fillet topped with fresh lettuce, a slice of tomato and Colonel dressing on a burger bun at GH¢24.00 
  • Colonel burger – An original recipe fillet topped with fresh lettuce, a slice of tomato and colonel dressing on a burger bun at GH¢24.00 
  • Tower burger – Tower burger at GH¢28.00


  • Box master meal – Sauces – zinger or colonel at GH¢40.00 
  • Twister meal – Sauces – zinger or colonel at GH¢35.00 
  • BoxMaster – Colonel/zinger sauces at GH¢30.00 
  • Twister – Colonel/zinger sauces at GH¢24.00
 KFC takoradi


  • Mini loaf at GH¢4.00 
  • Cheese at GH¢4.00 
  • Small chicken bites at GH¢15.00 
  • Hash brown at GH¢5.00 
  • One-piece chicken – 1 piece original recipe or hot & crispy at GH¢9.00 
  • Two-piece chicken – 2 pieces original recipe or hot & crispy at GH¢17.00 
  • 6 Lime chilli wings – 6 pieces of lime chilli wings at GH¢25.00 
  • 12 Lime chilli wings – 12 pieces of lime chilli wings at GH¢46.00 
  • 6 crispy strips – 6 crispy strips at GH¢29.00 
  • 3 crispy strips – 3 crispy strips at GH¢16.00 
  • Regular chicken bites – Chicken bites at GH¢19.00 
  • Large chips – Large chips at GH¢10.00 
  • Regular chips – Regular chips at GH¢8.00 
  • Fried rice – 350 Gram at GH¢11.00 
  • Coleslaw – Coleslaw at GH¢5.00 Shito – Shito at GH¢2.00


  • Coke 500 ml – GH¢8.00 
  • Fanta 500 ml – GH¢8.00 
  • Sprite 500 ml – GH¢8.00 
  • Water 500 ml – GH¢8.00 
  • Coke Light 500 ml – GH¢8.00 
  • Coke 200 ml – GH¢5.00 
  • Fanta 300 ml – GH¢5.00 
  • Sprite 300 ml – GH¢5.00 
  • Coke light 300 ml – GH¢5.00


  • Regular coconut & banana krusher – Regular coconut & banana krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Regular mango & passion krusher – Regular mango & passion krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Mini coconut & banana krusher – Mini coconut & banana krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Mini mango & passion krusher – Mini mango & passion krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Mini oreo krusher – Mini oreo krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Mini blueberry krusher – Mini blueberry krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Regular oreo krusher – Regular oreo krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Regular blueberry krusher – Regular blueberry krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Sundae plain – Vanilla / chocolate sundae at GH¢9.00 
  • Soft twirl – Soft twirl at GH¢5.00