Koforidua Transport System – Explore Cheaply

by Kojo Pocu
Areas in Koforidua

The best way to explore places is to travel cheaply and save more to explore more. Travel can be little expensive but if you know your way around it you can save more. If you are looking to explore Koforidua in Ghana, learn about Koforidua transport system and save money on transport.

The city of Koforidua has a reputation for being a peaceful place in Ghana. Within the previous two decades, the city has changed so much in terms of facilities and infrastructure that anyone who has gone and returned would be perplexed.

Years ago, the city’s transportation system was homogeneous, meaning that cabs were the only mode of transit available. This has altered throughout time. The city currently has trotro minibuses, taxis, and tricycles. Now tourist can explore Koforidau Cheaply without spending much on expensive traditional taxis. This new change is a good thing for tourist visiting the town and looking to explore.

This article takes you on a tour of Koforidua transport system. Give you all the detail you need while visiting the town. That is what we do at Mrpocu.com.

Ghana Travel Restrictions 

Ghana is open to most travelers again. I mean travelers from all over the world. However, you do need proof of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result before being allowed entry.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place, and you still have to follow certain guidelines. They are all good for our safety. 

Read the ultimate travel guide to Ghana to help you plan your trip.

Transport From Koforidua To The Rest Of Ghana

There are various bus, minibus (Trotro), and taxi terminals in Koforidua where one can board a bus, minivan, or taxi to destinations outside of the city. There are numerous lorry stations to pick from on the way to Accra. Metro Mass Buses and minibuses from various stations such as PROTOA, GPRTU, and COOPERATIVE UNIONS are among them.

Cities like Kumasi, Nkawkaw, Cape Coast, and Takoradi are no exception.

The Peagout station has closed, which is a significant development in this area. This used to be the quickest way to go to Accra. It used to be at the current Cape Coast/Takoradi Station and consisted primarily of Peagout 504 trucks.

Another difference is that the STC intercity minibuses that used to run between Accra and Koforidua have ceased operations.

Transport Within Koforidua

Traditional Taxi In Koforidua

New Juaben South and New Juaben North are the two municipalities that make up the city. It used to be just New Juaben South, with roughly 8 main suburbs and additional rapidly emerging villages, before the division in 2018. The city now has over 25 suburbs, with more sprouting up all around it.

Every suburb has a taxi service. The amazing thing about transportation in Koforidua is that each village has its own distinct view toward it. All of these factors should be considered before picking where to stay. Residents of the Old Estates/SSNIT Flats/Kenkey Factory, for example, are known for exclusively driving new and attractive taxis. Because the taxis that ply this section of the city close early, if you reside in this part of Koforidua and arrive late, you should plan on taking a chartered cab home. Koforidua transport system can be little complicated and you have to play smart to get home.

Taxis in Koforidua ply every suburb, however their attitudes vary depending on which one, the perceived social class of the residents, and the state of the roads. For example, once the rainy season comes in Abugri, you should prepare not to stay in town for too long because automobiles taxis will complain about the poor condition of the road and would close early; even on a charter basis, many taxis will decline an offer to ply Abugri.

Koforidua transport system

Because the road is straight and of good quality, places like Adweso would have taxis plying the community at any time, day, or season.

Nyamekrom/Densuano is the community with the highest ply rate. The quality of transportation in this neighborhood is the worst in the city. Taxis in Nyamekrom/Densuano would usually load two persons in the front and four in the back, especially after 5:00 p.m. Their justification is that the road is in poor shape.

With developing villages such as Morovia, Apenkwa, Rasta Down, Asokore Kuma, and others, one might expect cabs to ply all over the city if good roads are built.

Trotro (MiniBuses)

Trotros were first introduced into the Koforidua Intercity Transport system about ten years ago. These trotros would not be found in every town. Trotros would not ply Old Estates/SSNIT Flats, for example, because occupants would not board trotros.

Even though their introduction has aided, not all communities have “trotros” going there. If you live in Koforidua, are planning to relocate to the Eastern Regional city, or are already in the city and looking for a place to relocate to, be aware that trotros do not ply all communities in the city, and you may want to choose carefully if you want to board trotros. They can be found in places like Adweso – Mile 50 – Okorase, Trom, Two Streams, Aktekyem, Abugri, and Osabene, despite the fact that they are less expensive. These trotros are expected to serve more communities as the city grows.


In the year 2019, tricycles were introduced to Koforidua. They were usually seen in Zongo settlements and were transporting people from the city township to Zongo, pipeline, and the surrounding areas. They gradually began to infiltrate all other societies. These tricycles have no other station than the forecourt of the “second-hand garments market” at All Nations University’s city campus. They, on the other hand, can take you everywhere in the city and are far less expensive than taxis.

They have become the cheapest mode of transportation in the Eastern Regional Capital Cities because they run everywhere.

How To Explore Koforidua Cheaply

It is best to ask for reduction if you are using the traditional taxis. Taxi drivers in Ghana love to mention a higher price when you trying to hire. And it’s up to you to ask them to reduce it to the lowest amount. Also ask locals to help you with the district and how much you have to pay.