Komenda Cave – Central Region Tourist Sites

by Kojo Pocu

Depending on who is telling you the story, the history of the Komenda Cave can be told from a variety of perspectives. According to some, specifically certain Komenda natives, the caverns were formed by torrential waves that blew through the rocks years ago, producing a big hollow hole and even dropping water into it, as can be seen now when visiting. Some argue that the cave was formed by a volcanic reaction that occurred centuries before the art of writing and documentation reached the regions, therefore the lack of a written document to support their claim.

It’s difficult to know which of the two traditions is accurate, but one thing is certain: the Komenda Cave plays a significant role in the Komenda people’s storied past, and they treat it with the highest care since they see it as a sacred location that must not be taken for granted.

It is thought that the old cave served as a hideout for the inhabitants, mainly women and children, throughout the pre-colonial era and even before the Europeans landed on the shores of Ghana.

The old cave was reportedly rumoured to have functioned as a hideout for members of the British Royal family during World War II. Despite the fact that this outlandish claim cannot be confirmed, the residents of Komenda are convinced it is genuine, owing to the fact that the area where the cave is located once housed a British military base that trained British and Ghanaian soldiers for the war.

Today, the cave is a renowned tourist destination in the Central area, attracting thousands of visitors to Komenda each year with the sole purpose of viewing the ancient cave.


History Of Komenda

Komenda is a Ghanaian town in the Central Region. It has a long and illustrious history dating back to colonial control. It includes two forts and a historic cave that may be found along the town’s gorgeous beach. Because both nations seized the town during the slave trade and erected their forts there, the town is divided into two parts: the British komenda and the Dutch kmdnds. The cave’s history is tied to Elizabeth I, Queen of England.

During her travel to Ghana, then the Gold Coast, the First World War broke out, and she was tracked down by British adversaries. The cave was utilised to convey the Queen from Komenda to the Cape Coast castle, which was the capital city of the Gold Coast at the time, in order to evade enemy threats. The cave is connected to the castle’s dungeon. She boarded a ship as soon as she arrived and arrived in Britain safely. The inhabitants of Komenda have set aside this location as a tourist attraction.

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