Larabanga Mystic Stone – Unremoved Stone

by Kojo Pocu
Tourist sites in Northern region

The Mystic Stone is located in Laribanga, in the West Gonja area, near the city of Damongo. It is about 6 kilometers from the famed Mole National Park and 21 kilometers from Damongo.

The stone initially achieved notoriety in the 1950s, when the British colonial administration began construction on a road in the Damongo area, where it was discovered. A path on which the stone was lying was cleaned as part of the activities to make room for the road project.

According to legend, the contractors returned the next day to find the stone had inexplicably returned to the precise spot where it had been cleaned.

The contractors cleared the stone from the route again, but when they returned the next day, they discovered the stone had returned to the spot where it had been moved the first time.

The officials opted to leave the stone where it was and find a new path to build the road, and the Stone has remained in the same position ever since. The indigenous people named the stone the Mystic Stone because of the unusual mythology surrounding it, believing it contained heavenly powers.

The stone is now more than just a stone, with locals using it as a place of worship, where they go to pray to their ancestors for favor and other things.

The location has also grown in importance as a tourist attraction in the northern region, attracting thousands of visitors each year, most of whom come from other regions of the country.

Ghana Travel Restrictions 

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