List Of Restaurants At Villagio, Accra

by Kojo Pocu
Restaurants At Villagio

Check out a list of restaurants at the Villagio apartment in Accra.

Villagio Accra is a stunning apartment building that, with its unique architectural style and brilliant colours, really lights up the Accra skyline. Another Ghanaian business, The Villagio, is renowned for designing and building magnificent houses and flats for sale and rent. The title’s formal name is Villaggio II. Its offices are located in Accra, Ghana, on the Tetteh Quarshie interchange, close to Accra Mall, Ghana’s most well-known shopping centre, and right across from the African Regent Hotel.

Because of the magnificent structures that the company has constructed, it has strong sales and rental patronage. Villaggio apartment appeals to Ghanaians from all walks of life and from other nations. And hosts some of the top restaurants in Accra. In this article, will list all the restaurants at Villagio, Accra if you looking to spend some time. It is a perfect place for a date.

Restaurants At Villagio Apartment

Restaurants At Villagio

Santoku Restaurant

Santoku’s beautiful restaurant, bar, and balcony give Accra a taste of Tokyo. The restaurant has basic decor with polished concrete flooring and brass lighting, while the terrace is covered with lush greenery and linen furniture, giving the area a luxurious atmosphere. You can choose from standard fares like sushi, sashimi, and gyoza or go all out with a tasting menu when it comes to cuisine. Along with a selection of inventive cocktails like the award-winning Wasabiato, which combines wasabi, yuzu, and cognac, and the Tokyo Night, which combines vodka, lemon, kaffir lime syrup, apple, lemongrass, chilli, shiso, and ginger ale, there are exceptional champagne and Japanese whisky lists. Despite some stiff competition – not least from Urban Grill, its stablemate in the same group – Santoku remains Ghana’s best restaurant.

Restaurants At Villagio

Skybar 25

The members-only rooftop bar Skybar 25 is a terrific spot to hang out with friends after work. It is located on the Alto Tower, one of Ghana’s tallest buildings and part of the Villagio Vista complex, which boasts the tallest residential rooftop in West Africa and offers breathtaking views. It has a rooftop pool, a restaurant, and a bar. My friend and I went there for a night out to see the sunset and we really like the atmosphere and city view. The sights compensate for the occasionally slow service. Don’t make a special effort to remain for dinner; just stop by to check out the scenery and get a drink.

Restaurants At Villagio

Fatfish Restaurant

A restaurant like FatFish is one where I wish there was a 5-star +1 option! This eatery is exemplary… Such a great meal that was made in a unique way. Every table is treated to palate cleaners and/or surprise dishes from the chef. And who doesn’t enjoy a little surprise now and then? When I’m in town, I always make sure to eat at this fantastic restaurant! The beverages are also fantastic. If you’re feeling brave, try the ZOMBIE! Definitely a head-turner.



The stylish yet laid-back bistro/sports bar AM&PM is housed in the distinctive Villaggio Towers, a trio of colourful structures that are impossible to miss. There is something on the menu for everyone. Starting with light snacks and moving on to substantial burgers, salads, steaks, and fresh local fish and shellfish. (The fish and chips are, by the way, highly recommended.)

In contrast to most other sports pubs, AM&PM has improved by hiring a former fine dining chef. Concerned about costs? Don’t. The opulent Villaggio setting won’t break the bank. Prices are actually more than reasonable. For about GHC 35, try a substantial serving of excellent hash browns and eggs for breakfast, or a main course for roughly GHC 65 (price correct at time of posting).

The concept of breakfast in the morning and daytime and a sports bar in the evening and at night is reflected in the time-bound name. The best of American breakfast, including pumpkin spice pancakes, eggs in a basket, and red velvet waffles, are served in the morning, while bar food, including burgers, ribs, and chicken wings, is served in the afternoon. The walls and entryway are covered with black-and-white photographs of well-known athletes like Muhammad Ali and Serena Williams, making it a very popular location for selfies and picture shoots. In fact, Accra’s black iron staircase with the creative bike installation may easily be the one that gets the most Instagram likes. The restaurant is one of the best and most popular restaurants at Villagio.

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