Orlando Towers, Soweto – Johannesburg

by Kojo Pocu
Orlando Towers

The distinctive Orlando Towers, which were once two obtrusive cooling towers, has been transformed into a venue for some of the most exciting and enjoyable adventure sports in the nation. They are located in Soweto, a neighbourhood outside of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province. The largest township (or informal settlement) in South Africa is still Soweto, a significant cultural and historical location. The OR Tambo International Airport is located in Gauteng, which is also the country’s wealthiest and most globally connected region. The location of the Orlando Towers is suitable for tourists from all over the world due to a combination of these qualities.

A coal-fired power plant once stood where the Orlando Towers are now located. The construction of the Orlando Power Station began in 1935, but it took around 20 years to finish as a result of unanticipated delays brought on by World War II. After that, it was closed in 1998, and it remained abandoned for another ten years before being turned into the amazing adventure and commercial hub that it is today.

The organization behind this metamorphosis is called Skyriders. Instead of two dilapidated relics of a bygone industry, they saw enormous opportunities. Soon after receiving a renovation, the Orlando Towers sprang to prominence as one of Soweto’s most popular tourist destinations, the location of the first-ever bungee leap between cooling towers, and the site of the highest SCAD freefall in history. These towers, which stand 33 stories tall, provide an absolutely gut-wrenching adrenaline sensation.

The vibrant attraction is a well-liked location for a variety of daring, adrenaline-pumping sports. These activities include pendulum swinging, paintballing, zip line, rock climbing, bungee jumping, and abseiling. Subject to restrictions, base jumping and rap jumping are other options.

Orlando Towers

Additionally, there is a booking office here where tourists may organize and reserve their township tours of Soweto, which are awash with the history, culture, tradition, and people who make up the face of the nation. An accurate parallel for the present South Africa, where an undeniable mood is supported by a lengthy, complicated past, is the marriage of culture and adventure.

At the Orlando Towers, bungee jumping is still the most well-liked adrenaline sport. Jumpers must weigh between 35 kg and 115 kg. To engage in any of the activities offered here, children under the age of 18 must have their guardian’s permission. A safe and enjoyable excursion is guaranteed thanks to the staff’s experience and training as well as the top-notch equipment employed.

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