Rosebank, Sandton – Johannesburg

by Kojo Pocu

Rosebank, a thriving multi-cultural neighbourhood, economic hub, and tourist destination, is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Rosebank is exceptional because it successfully combines a flourishing commercial hub with a welcoming working, retail, and leisure environment. Visitors, locals, and employees may all walk through the region, taking in the scenery as they go, because to its small size.

Rosebank is home to a large number of head offices, but the area also offers a wide range of excellent shopping malls, pavement cafes, top-notch restaurants, marketplaces, opulent hotels, theatres, art galleries, and nightclubs for the enjoyment of both locals and guests.

One of the city’s more upscale shopping districts is now The [email protected]. One of the most upscale retail centres in the city, it is a sizable shopping mall. It boasts a sizable movie theatre as well as other upscale shops.

Rosebank has plenty to offer everyone, whether they want to relax with a cup of coffee under an acacia tree, visit one of the best art galleries in the nation, watch an art house film, shop at upscale designer stores, or take a leisurely stroll through the neighbourhood. It is constantly teeming with joy and entertainment.

Rosebank is home to stunning art deco architecture with exquisitely crafted building facades. Why not go on a tour to see this beautiful architecture? In addition to being close to all of Johannesburg’s major centres, Rosebank is conveniently located just 35 minutes from OR Tambo Airport.

The Rosebank Management District is located in Rosebank. Living, working, and having fun can all be done in this precinct! The node’s ability to successfully combine a prosperous commercial node with a welcoming working, retail, and leisure environment makes it stand out.

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Things To Do At Rosebank


Visit The BE.UP Park

A facility that makes training so enjoyable that you forget you’re working out is the true test of success. The be. The energetic indoor facility known as UP Park is built to get people moving while also generating a good deal of laughter and perspiration. Due to the wide range of equipment and challenges, this activity centre is ideal for people of all ages. This is a realm of adventure and non-stop, pure fun, complete with trampolines, climbing walls, mazes, and aerial games.

In Cape Town’s Pinelands is the be.UP Park. It is more than simply fitness equipment; it is exciting, captivating, and enticing to both kids and adults.

See Everard Read Gallery

Visit the Everard Read Gallery for a while. In the nascent mining metropolis of Johannesburg, Southern Africa’s most well-known commercial art gallery was founded in 1912. With Johannesburg becoming Africa’s commercial and financial hub over time, the gallery has expanded in size and sophistication. The gallery relocated to a purpose-built structure in the elite Rosebank neighbourhood in 1980, leaving behind its opulent downtown setting.

The structure, a superb example of post-modern architecture, has developed into a well-known landmark. A curved building housing sculpture gardens and four exhibition halls of varying sizes with clerestory windows that ensure enough of sunshine surrounds a lovely 1920s house that serves as the gallery’s administrative hub.

The best art coming out of Southern Africa is now equated with Everard Read. Many of the most renowned painters and sculptors in this area show with Everard Read, who also acts as an agency for fine artists from other parts of the world. These artists include both established masters of the past and up-and-coming talent.

Explore The Circa On Jellicoe

Circa is a work of art in and of itself, with an intriguing and motivating building design. A remarkable art and design gallery with mind-blowing displays can be found inside this three-story futuristic amusement house. Every visit is distinctive because the exhibits frequently change.

Bezzy Bailey’s sculpture “As it is in paradise,” which was motivated by the horrifying poaching of our endangered rhinos, has already been on display. Another intriguing collection is by Angus Taylor, who creates sculptures “beyond completion” by using a variety of materials and textures. He then waits for the artwork to degrade before casting it. Instead of casting as soon as the figure is finished being moulded, he waits for the material to corrode and slowly fall apart because he believes that the corroding of the material itself tells a whole story.

Many other fascinating and interesting displays are waiting to be discovered. This is no ordinary art gallery, this is exclusive and exceptional and should not be missed.


Rosebank Sunday Market

Get involved in the Rosebank Sunday Market’s commotion. Tourists swarm the market to buy African trinkets to bring back to their home nations.

A wide variety of goods are available at this fantastic market, which has about 600 stalls. You can browse and buy clothing, arts and crafts, jewellery, carvings, home goods, cosmetics, gadgets, and much more here.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, pastries, confections, and homemade breads are all available at various food kiosks. Additionally, a variety of prepared foods and preserves are available here.

A terrific option would be to put together a picnic basket full of delicious market fare, take it to a nearby park, and enjoy your market finds there.

The Gallery Momo

In terms of commerce, entertainment, tourism, and government, Johannesburg is one of South Africa’s most prominent urban hubs. But it also has a rich cultural history. Homes, restaurants, schools, and shops abound in the affluent and historic suburb of Parktown. Additionally, it serves as Gallery Momo’s home address.

Momo is a modern art gallery that occupies a historic family home from the early 20th century, creating an unusual contrast. It underwent renovation in 2003 to house some of the best contemporary works of art in Gauteng, including ceramic sculptures, paintings, and photos.

An important part of the total experience is influenced by the building’s physical composition and architecture. The building’s exterior resembles an empty container with limitless potential for what these walls and rooms might house. The inside is wide, roomy, and airy, with sizable windows that let the sun in and perfectly display the art.