Secrets About Movie Houses In Ghana No One Is Telling You

by Kojo Pocu

You could be forgiven thinking movie houses in Ghana are built for hotel purposes, I said that in my top movies houses in Accra article. But I think now you can think like that if you are in Ghana. All because movie houses in Ghana are not what it used to be. Now the purpose and reason has changed and people are using it for other reason.

People visit to movie houses all across the world to watch the latest and most talked about films in private rooms. In Ghana, the situation is not much different, as movie houses are no longer built with the sole goal of supplying people with the latest releases.

Now it has changed and if you wondering what movies houses in Accra is serving now, then will give you all the secret you dying to know.

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Ghana Travel Restrictions 

Ghana is open to most travelers again. I mean travelers from all over the world. However, you do need proof of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result before being allowed entry.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place, and you still have to follow certain guidelines. They are all good for our safety. 

Read the ultimate travel guide to Ghana to help you plan your trip.

Movies Houses In Ghana

Movie houses in Ghana

1.Place for prostitutions

Most movie houses in Ghana are simply described as such to hide the fact that they are mostly used for large-scale prostitution. You’d be shocked to see a building labelled as a cinema house in Accra only to enter and discover it’s actually a brothel where prostitutes ply their profession, so be cautious when entering any structure labelled as a movie house; you could be visiting a brothel. Or maybe they will tag you as one.

2.Bad Smell because of the many sexual activities

Because of the numerous sexual acts that take place inside the rooms, most movie theatres in Ghana stink. Condoms are frequently found strewn about in public restrooms. These items have a strong odour that pervades the rooms. Personally, I have experience that and that is why I put together these secrets.

3.Serve as Sex room

You may be surprised to learn that Ghanaian movie theatres are synonymous with brothels, as they are primarily used for sex rather than watching movies. Others who observed you go into a movie theatre with a true goal assumed you were there for sex. Movie theatres are less expensive than hotels, thus those who can’t afford a hotel stay consider them for their sexual encounters.

4.No movie Updates

While movie houses are meant to display the most recent films making headlines throughout the world and in Ghana, most do not have access to these current films and instead show old movies that you might have watched home. So don’t expect to see the most recent movies that are popular around the world if you go to a movie theatre in Ghana. If you simply watched pornographic movies, you may be satisfied.

5.Places to get infections quickly

It’s possible to leave a Ghanaian movie house with an infection without realising it. This is owing to the numerous unhealthy and harmful practises that occur in these homes, which can result in the spread of illnesses.

Despite all of this, there are many other movie houses in the country that still works perfectly fine and serve the right purpose. Check some out in my old post. Top Movie Houses In Accra