Trendz movie House – Movie Houses in Accra

by Kojo Pocu

In Ghana, numerous individuals utilise movie houses like motels. The purpose of movie theatres has shifted in recent years. Movie house (Trendz) is designed to function as private cinemas for people who want to keep their affairs private and spend time alone with their loved ones viewing movies. Read more about secrets of movie houses in Ghana no one is telling you.

In these modern times, seeing movies in movie houses is not a popular pastime. However, there are still others who would like to try something new.

Even though you can watch movies on your TV, phone, or iPod these days, some of these fantastic movie theatres are still worth reserving a room and sometimes even a vacation for.

Trendz movie house in Accra is one of the best movie houses you can get in the capital. On Osu Street, you will always discover the greatest, there is no doubt about it. Trendz Moviehouse is the finest option if you want complete seclusion. Due to its serene and tranquil environment, the cinema house is quite popular among the inhabitants and residents of Osu. Because the space is limited, only a few guests can be accommodated at a time. There is a parking lot and it is a very safe spot to park.

Improved service this new year . In the capital city of Ghana-Accra, your best bet is inside osu near mazera restaurant.

Trendz Movie House Contact Detail.

Tell: 0549718321/ 0244633441

Trendz movie House Location

Address: Sei-Kojo Street, Osu.

You can just type the name in you Uber or bolt app and it will appear on the map.