uShaka Marine World Durban – All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu

uShaka Marine World is a theme park in Durban, South Africa, that opened in 2004. This theme park has eight different parts with something for everyone of all ages. This park is situated between the beach and a harbour. This marine park is a famous tourist destination in Durban, with most visitors making a point of seeing this massive water world. This water park is the largest marine theme park in Africa.

About uShaka Marine World

Durban’s uShaka Marine World is a top-notch entertainment and tourism destination. uShaka Marine World, Africa’s largest marine theme park, is located at the end of Durban’s Golden Mile. Spanning over 15 hectares of prime beachfront.

Creative Kingdom Inc., an American agency, created the design. After three years of construction, Shaka Marine World debuted on April 30, 2004. The Themed Entertainment Association honoured the park in 2005 with an award for “Outstanding Achievement in Thematic Creative Design.”

About 15 hectares of land are acquired by uShaka Marine World. This location is ideal for a family vacation and is home to the world’s fifth largest aquarium in terms of water capacity. Ushaka Sea World, Ushaka Wet ‘n Wild, Ushaka Sea Animal Encounters Island, Ushaka Beach, Ushaka Village Walk, Ushaka Kids’ World, Ushaka Dangerous Creatures, and Chimp & Zee are the eight areas of this water park.

uShaka Marine World features fresh and salt water, lush greenery, natural materials, and a re-creation of a cargo ship disaster from the 1940s. The park is tastefully styled with a focus on family entertainment, and it houses the world’s fifth largest aquarium by volume of water. Whatever the occasion, there is always something fun to do at uShaka Marine World.

The Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI), which administers and defends the scientific and environmental integrity of Sea World and SAAMBR as a whole, is also part of Sea World. These research facilities also include a research and reference library, as well as classrooms for talks to schools and other organisations on marine and other coastal issues.


What Is Special About uShaka Marine World

uShaka has quickly established itself as a must-see destination along Durban’s Golden Mile, providing a world of entertainment, excitement, fun, and originality. The Village Walk’s nighttime activities extend from the daylight operations of Sea World, Wet ‘n Wild, and uShaka Beach to the midday operations of Sea World, Wet ‘n Wild, and uShaka Beach.

Things To Do In uShaka Marine World Durban

Here are some of the activities available at uShaka Marine World, ranging from riding the body tornado, mamba tunnel slide, super tube, and torpedo to exploring the Indian Ocean:


1.See Dangerous Creatures

This is the destination for all animal lovers. This region is home to some truly bizarre creatures that will make your skin crawl with terror. These species include some extremely rare reptiles as well as creatures that can only be found in dense forest. This location is for all adventure seekers in search of a fantastic adventure. Make sure to purchase your ticket ahead of time.

2.Enjoy Wet ‘n Wild

If you enjoy water parks, uShaka Marine World is the place to visit. This location features a fantastic water park called Wet n Wild. This water park is enormous and packed with thrilling rides that will provide you with an unforgettable experience. The body tornado, mamba tunnel slide, super tube, and torpedo are just a few of the slides you’ll enjoy at this water park.

3.Take A Tour With Durban Yacht Mole

Margaret Mncadi Avenue is a notable landmark in South Africa. This landmark is a port that is surrounded on one side by apartments and buildings and on the other by water. Some locals still refer to this area as the Esplanade. This waterfront is lined with hotels and restaurants, and the view from here at night is breathtaking.

4.Explore Coral Garden

This magnificent coral reef, with all of the great hues given to it, can be found in the gorgeous marine world. This reef has been reconstructed, and it is part of the amazing and diversified ecosystem that has also been recreated. Also, if you are a fan of African penguins and would like to see them up close, then marine world is the place to go.

5.Stop By At Indian Ocean

The moniker “open ocean” was given to this aquarium because standing in front of the 8-meter-long window makes you feel as if you are standing outside an ocean. You may see the giant fish that swim through this amazing window, as well as some well-known fish such as tuna and Dorado.

Extra Things To Do At uShaka Marine World

Enjoy a memorable meal at one of the many restaurants (including the amazing Shark Restaurant, which is located in a themed shipwreck with a window into a shark tank), and go shopping in over 11,250m2 of retail space that includes clothing boutiques, outdoor gear, arts and crafts, as well as indigenous and tourist-focused goods, information, and services.

The salt water aquarium with indoor and outdoor displays and exhibits, a 1200 seater dolphin stadium where you’ll be entertained by the world-famous Dolphins, the seal stadium, and the penguin rookery are all located in the heart of uShaka Marine World. Sea World also offers behind-the-scenes tours and additional participatory activities like snorkelling through reefs and grottos and scuba diving.

Durban is known for its beaches, and you’ll find many of them at uShaka Marine World. Bell’s Beach, which is adjacent to uShaka Marine World, has been set aside for adventurers and offers nonstop enjoyment all year. Windsurfing, beach volleyball, and beach rugby are among the activities available, as are surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, paddle boat rides, dolphin viewing cruises, and national and international beach sports competitions.


How To Get To uShaka Marine World Durban

Travel south on the Point Road from the Victoria Embankment or West Street from Central Durban to access the uShaka Marine World. Continue on this path until you reach Southampton, where you will turn left and then left again into Albert Terrace. This location is at the end of Durban’s Golden Mile.


uShaka Marine World, 1 King Shaka Avenue, Point Waterfront, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

uShaka Marine Wolrd Durban Contact Details

Telephone: +27(0)313288000