Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary – What You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu
Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary

The Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary, a community protected area in Ghana’s Upper West Region, is located in the far north-western corner of the country. It runs the length of the Black Volta River, which defines the region’s western border with Burkina Faso, for 40 kilometers. Hippos, bats, chameleons, hedgehogs, and a variety of lizards and snakes call it home. With over 200 species catalogued and new sights spotted on a daily basis, the sanctuary is a fantastic place to see birds.

There are a lot more animals in the refuge than only hippos. The sanctuary has a lot of woodland savannah, riverine, and forest shore bird species, so it’s a great place to go bird watching. Hiking routes abound, with monitor lizards, bats, hedgehogs, pythons, and even chameleons to be found.

Visitors to the Wechiau Hippopotamus Sanctuary can also take a boat trip on the Black Volta, which is only a few meters away from the reserve, and encounter some friendly hippos in the river. This river safari is conducted by tour guards and boat drivers who are usually on the lookout for tourists who want to get aboard and enjoy the ride.

Accommodations At Wechiau Hippopotamus Sanctuary

The sanctuary has also erected a particular lodge in town where visitors who plan to spend more than a day at the site can stay for a nominal fee. At night, travelers enjoy Pito with the locals, who frequently gather around little fires to tell stories and listen to the singing of the woodland birds. This is one of the most memorable experiences for tourists who have spent their entire lives in places like Accra and Kumasi, where such gatherings are uncommon, if not non-existent.

Best Time To Visit

The greatest time to visit the refuge for travelers who want to see the amazing hippos is during the dry season, which is normally from August to January. This does not, however, rule out the possibility of seeing hippos if you visit outside of the designated times. Visitors can see monkeys, bats, several colorful and uncommon bird species, and even snakes at any time of year.

It’s simply the beginning of your experience when you get in Wechiau! Your first stop should be at the sanctuary office, where you will be greeted by a local guide who will assist you with all of your needs while also providing information on our history, local culture, and native plants and fauna.

Where is Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary located?

Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary is located at the extreme north-western corner of the Upper West Region of Ghana. it consists of a 40-kilometres stretch down the length of the Black Volta River which forms the region’s western boundary with Burkina Faso.

Ghana Travel Restrictions 

Ghana is open to most travelers again. I mean travelers from all over the world. However, you do need proof of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result before being allowed entry.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place, and you still have to follow certain guidelines. They are all good for our safety. 

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