Which people celebrate Bakatue Festival?

by Kojo Pocu

The Bakatue Festival is held by the people of Elmina, which is located on Ghana’s central coast, just a few kilometers from Cape Coast, the regional capital.

The festival is considered to be one of Ghana’s oldest, with celebrations dating back to 1800. Governor Cornelis Nagtglass once included the festival in an official report, demonstrating its importance.

The festival was founded by the Portuguese to commemorate Elmina’s establishment during the early days of colonization. However, over the course of a century, the celebration has evolved into a people’s festival that is traditionally held in the first week of July to mark the start of the fishing season in the Elmina Township.

The event is also observed to express gratitude to the gods for a successful fishing season and to pray for a better fishing season in the future. Elmina is part of the wider Fante ethnic group, which is primarily located in Ghana’s central and western regions.

Why is the Bakatue festival celebrated?

The festival was organized to celebrate the Portuguese establishment of Elmina during the early days of the colonization of the then-Gold Coast. Bakatue is a celebration celebrated by the people of Elmina township and its traditional territory, which is more aptly known as “EDINAMAN.”

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