11 Best Hotels In Keta – Volta Region Hotels

by Kojo Pocu
Hotels In Keta

Check out the list of best hotels in Keta for your next vacation in the Volta Region.

The Volta Region of Ghana is home to beautiful and remote lakes, forests, and mountains. The region also has a number of small towns known for their laid-back charm as well as a few big towns that are popular for their nightlife and clubs. Arguably Keta is one of the popular places in the region. Over the year the beautiful town has managed to pave its way through local and international tourists’ hearts. And surely you are looking to spend some time in the Keta and that is why you landed on this page looking for a place to stay.

If you’re looking for the best hotels in Keta – Volta Region Ghana, look no further than these top picks. From family-friendly to budget. These hotels in Keta – Volta Region Ghana have something that fits your needs in spades. So stop searching, and book your stay at one of these top choices!

Hotels In Keta

Hotels In Keta

Agblor Lodge And Beach Resort

The picturesque Keta Beaches in Ghana’s Volta Region are spots that are slowly gaining popularity among tourists. The first spot that springs to me when I think about visiting the Volta Region is Keta Beach.

The resort places a strong emphasis on providing outstanding service to its devoted patrons. Visitors have a selection of services customized to their specific requirements and interests, all of which have been painstakingly created to provide the ultimate getaway environment. You may count on their welcoming atmosphere to give you the ideal release from any kind of stress.

Hotels In Keta

Aborigines Beach Resort

To make their time away from home more enjoyable, the Aborigines Beach Resorts in Keta provide their guests with a stunning, amazing mood and a unique, clean beach environment. The presence of WIFI in every hotel room and public area, timely tasty local and international cuisines, a bar, a swimming pool, a gym, horseback riding, boating, beach soccer, safe swimming beaches, jet skis, and live music performances all contribute to a wonderful stay. One of the most alluring sites in Ghana that you should see is the Aborigines beach.

Hotels In Keta

Meet Me There

Dzita-Agbledomi, Keta is a charming hamlet with a long history of conventional farming and fishing that has grown into a contemporary mini-city with wonderful beaches and expansive views. The town is enveloped by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Gulf of Guinea on the east. Some protected beaches with azure waters are ideal for swimming or just lounging in the sunshine to the west.

The resort is perfect for couples who wish to be among the outdoors while yet having access to contemporary conveniences including dining establishments, boat rides, kayak and snorkelling equipment rentals, and massage services. However, keep in mind that neither television nor the internet is available.

They provide a serene, calm, and eco-friendly environment. They like providing warm customer service and fostering a lovely setting that showcases Ghana’s rich cultural diversity. While sleeping to the sound of crashing waves, awaken to the sounds of neighbourhood fishermen singing traditional songs. One of Ghana’s most picturesque vacation spots is the Volta Region, which is ideal for people seeking a tranquil getaway. It is one of the best hotels in Keta if you are looking to connect with nature.

Hotels In Keta

Keta Beach Hotel

situated in the tranquil Keta neighbourhood, 2 kilometres before the centre, next to the main road. The closest hotel to the town centre is this one. The hotel features self-contained rooms with TV/Fans, Air Conditioners and a restaurant and bar service in addition to a conference hall and communication facilities. Meals are served in the restaurant and pleasantly wooded garden bar with a swimming pool. Cold beers are available. The hotel also has an internet room plus WiFi ranging from 25Gh to 70Gh. This hotel has a wide variety of rooms depending on the facilities you require. Possibly one of the most value-for-money and one of the popular hotels in Keta.

Hotels In Keta

Adelaide’s Paradise Guest House

This guest house is located just down the road from Keta Beach Hotel, close to the beach. Adelaide’s is a fantastic place to start if you want a small taste of luxury at a fair price. You would be hard-pressed to find a more opulent location to stay in Keta with the incredibly clean and airy, albeit slightly sterile appearing rooms outfitted with flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, soft beds, and en suite bathrooms. At the time of writing, Adelaide’s newly constructed guest house lacked both internet access and a pool, but this could change.

Hotels In Keta

Lorneh Lodge Tegbi

Tegbi, 7km from central Keta on the ocean side of the main Dabala road. The Lorneh Lodge Teghi is an ultra-modern hotel facility with extraordinary scenic beauty. It has twenty self-contained rooms with TV/video, split-unit air conditioners, soft carpet, fridge and telephone facilities. Complementary facilities include a beach resort, swimming pool and a conference hall among others. The Lodge is one of the best budget hotels in Keta if you are travelling on a budget.

Twins Lodge

Twins Lodge is located on the main road, Joy line, Dzelopke. The hotel is owned by a friendly pair of twins whose pictures adorn the walls of the large common-room-cum-restaurant. It offers good-sized and well-equipped, self-contained rooms. Local and continental dishes are available upon request.

Hotels In Keta

Emancipation Beach Camp

The camp is located right on the beach behind Fort Pinzestein under the same management as Maranatha Beach Camp, Ada Foah, this fun beach camp consists of reed huts adorned with brightly painted world flags and bucket showers. The camp is the ideal spot for relaxing or swimming in the ocean. But be aware that the waters can get quite choppy so caution is highly advised There is a good beach bar and restaurant serving a decent range of continental dishes. Generally, meals must be ordered ahead as often food needs to be purchased from the market and then cooked.

Beach hut with one double bed – 20Gh, or with two double beds – 40Gh. You can also pitch your own tent for 5Gh.

Ocean View Hospitality Hotel

Ocean View Hospitality Hotel

The hotel, which goes by the name Ashiata Ocean View Hospitality Hotel, is located in a fantastic area and offers spectacular ocean views from every angle. The Ocean View Hotel offers a restaurant, a gym, a park, and rooms that are very roomy. The hotel is one of the best hotels in Keta with an incredible view of the ocean.

Eli Beach Hotel

Eli Beach Hotel

About 5-minute drive from the main town of Keta, the Eli Beach Boutique hotel is located on the beach of Tegbi, one of the cities that make up the Anlo Kingdom. The building includes a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, a shop, and a gym, among other amenities. It also has a lovely view of the ocean.

A&Y Wild Camp Ghana

Accommodations are available in Keta through A&Y Wild Camp Ghana. Two common restrooms and showers are available to visitors at the facility, and they are close to the rooms. There are towels on hand. At the on-site restaurant, savour regional fare or Italian pasta.

Visitors can take part in a number of local activities, such as fishing with neighbourhood fishermen and boating in the lagoon. In the neighbourhood, the Volta Region, and neighbouring Togo, A&Y Wild Camp Ghana arranges custom tours.

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