15 Best Gardens In Cape Town To Visit

by Kojo Pocu
Gardens In Cape Town

List of top Gardens In Cape Town you should consider visiting.

There are plenty of tourist Attractions in Cape town you should plan to visit. And arguably it is one of the best destinations in South Africa with a variety of Instagrammable gardens and parks that offer a welcome reprieve from the bustle of the city. Every place has its own distinct qualities, from tranquil glades for people who want some alone time to outdoor activities for fitness enthusiasts.

Residents of Cape Town are fortunate to reside in a city that is peppered with a verdant assortment of horticultural havens, providing tranquillity and quiet at every turn. If you are looking to explore some of the best gardens in Cape Town then have got you covered. There are few obvious gardens that are popular in the city. If you are new to Cape Town, I’m pretty sure you are willing to explore some of these top gardens. Let me not bore you with this pep talk.

In this post, Mrpocu.com has put together some of the best gardens in Cape Town you should explore. From some of the popular locations to some of the best quiet gardens.

Best Gardens In Cape Town

Durbanville Rose Garden

Best Gardens In Cape Town

There are around 6 000 rose bushes in this blooming, well-kept garden, representing 500 distinct types. From October through May, when the bushes are in full flower, is the greatest time to see these delightfully fragrant blooms. By way of the many charitable organizations, people are welcomed for a cup of tea in the tearoom on Sundays.

If you don’t want to photobomb the bride or, worse still, have the bride photobomb you, you might want to visit during the week since the location has grown increasingly popular for weekend weddings over the summer.

Company’s Garden

Best Gardens In Cape Town

Some significant South African landmarks, including the Houses of Parliament, Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium, St. George’s Cathedral, and the National Library of South Africa, are located in this historic garden, which opened to the public for the first time in 1848.

It has developed into a refuge in the midst of the bustling metropolis in recent years where visitors and locals may wander, spread out a blanket, and feed the squirrels.
This garden has endured the test of time because of its botanically and historically significant trees, bird aviary, rose garden, and persistently rabid squirrels. You are welcome to enjoy a picnic and the summer warmth here.

The Company’s Garden Restaurant offers food (which isn’t very noteworthy), but at least it gives you time to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake while the youngsters explore the enormous birds’ nests created by Pokey Hefer. It is free entry.


Best Gardens In Cape Town

Elgin, the home of apples and pears (and the source of numerous debates over how to pronounce the “g” in its name), is also known for its lush gardens, which is not surprising given the region’s colder climate and fertile clay soil. It holds the Elgin Available Gardens event twice a year, during which about 20 gardens are open to the public. Visitors can take their time exploring and take in the varied range of flora that thrives in this area. Many of the gardens serve tea and small meals throughout the activities, and there are plants for sale.

One such garden is Auldern, which is perched on a hill and offers sweeping views of the Kogelberg Biosphere. The calm ambience is enhanced by a stream and two tranquil ponds.

Only during the two weekends of the annual Elgin Open Gardens festival is this garden accessible to the general public. For visits, however, groups can get in touch with Jenny Simpson at the number below. In order to schedule excursions for big groups during Elgin Open Gardens, tour operators should get in touch with Barbara Knox-Shaw directly.

Groote Schuur Estate, Rondebosch

Best Gardens In Cape Town

Despite the obvious relationship, there is much more to Groote Schuur than just the hospital. Cecil John Rhodes originally lived in Groote Schuur (large barn), which he left to the country along with sizable parcels of land along the mountain, which included Kirstenbosch.

The spectacular Rondebosch house, which a young Herbert Baker refurbished, is now a museum open to the public by appointment. It is well worth a visit, not least because of the collonaded veranda that views out over the gardens that slope uphill toward Devil’s Peak. There is still a sizable rose garden that is surrounded by plumbago and other flowers in a beautiful setting, in keeping with his penchant for “colour.”

Tokai Arboretum

Best Gardens In Cape Town

At least 30 of the adult alien trees at Tokai’s Arboretum, which is a national landmark and is located behind the Tokai Manor House at the foot of the Constantiaberg, have reached record heights for this nation. Many of the trees are oaks.

There is a clearing for a tea garden in a place full of cypresses, pines, enormous redwoods, and other exotics where one may easily while away a morning or afternoon with a muffin to munch on and coffee in hand. One may bike or trek the Tokai forest and neighbouring mountains from the arboretum.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Best Gardens In Cape Town

A must-see on your agenda for Cape Town is the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, widely regarded as one of the most stunning botanical gardens in the entire world. The vast garden, which offers a tranquil oasis, is the ideal spot to stroll and unwind among the distinctive fynbos of the Cape. Take a stroll along The Boomslang (tree snake), a high path that swirls and dips between the arboretum’s trees and provides sweeping views of the mountains, gardens, and city below.

Additionally, the Kirstenbosch Garden is the ideal location for art and entertainment; throughout the summer, a range of exhibitions, art events, and music performances are often hosted there. After strolling through the garden, stop by one of the restaurants for a cup of tea and some delectable sweets and peruse the gift stores for mementoes.

Arderne Gardens

Best Gardens In Cape Town

The Arderne Gardens, located in the centre of Cape Town’s southern suburbs, provides a tranquil haven away from the metropolis. The lovely garden is a well-liked destination for family vacations and lunchtime strolls because of its exotic trees and Japanese-style ponds, where visitors can see the local ducks, guinea hens, and fish. The numerous walks that wind around the garden beckons you to settle down and read a book or just take in the peace and quiet. Wedding parties frequently have their group photos done on the lawn on the weekends.

Green Point Park and Biodiversity Garden

gardens in Cape Town

A beautifully designed garden filled with a wide variety of native Cape flora may be found in the heart of the Mother City, directly below the Cape Town Stadium. Enjoy a carefree afternoon playing with the kids on the grass, having a picnic in the summer sun, or going for a run, a walk, or a bike ride in the open air while listening to the waves. Could an outside area meet more criteria?

Harold Porter National Botanical Garden

Gardens In Cape Town

You’ll be guided into a natural refuge of beauty if you follow the Harold Porter-designed zigzag walkways. Take a leisurely stroll through the garden to explore what botanical marvels you might find while keeping an eye out for baboon families.
Take an exciting climb up the mountain to some of the stunning rock pools that are tucked away from the view.

West Coast National Park

Gardens In Cape Town

Get in the car and head to the West Coast National Park to witness the splendour of nature’s wildflower garden, which comes into full, vibrant bloom in the spring. Throughout August, September, and into October, fields of daisies and fynbos bloom as far as the eye can see, bringing palettes of gold, purple, orange, and white to life.

The greatest time to see them is now, and wildlife enthusiasts may also observe the local flora, which includes, to name a few, bontebok, zebras, duikers, and ostriches. Bring your camera with you for some great shots of nature on the West Coast and Namaqualand, which are two locations that are quite popular with photographers. You may also take the whole family to Langebaan for lunch and a dip in the lagoon.

Chart Farm Rose Gardens

Chart Farm Rose Gardens

This is most likely one of the most romantic date suggestions in Cape Town, or just a fun Sunday activity. The only location in the Western Cape where you may select your own roses is Chart Farm in Wynberg, so take a moment to stop and smell the roses. 6000 rose bushes in various hues and scents make up the garden, allowing you to choose your favourite blooms.

There are secateurs and picking trays available, but on busy days it’s safest to bring your own. The farm also has a farmstand, a nursery, and a tea room where you may get a drink, a snack, or something sweet. For readily available stems, the price is R6, R7 for stems, and R4.50 for the Sunday special.



Babylonstoren is as stunning as they come and is located in the Drakenstein Valley in the heart of the Cape Winelands, nearly midway between Franschhoek and Paarl. In addition to being one of the most exclusive gardens in Cape Town, Babylonstoren is one of the most sought-after wine estates in the Western Cape. The 3,5 hectare (eight acres) Babylonstoren Garden, which is divided into 15 sections, has more than 300 different kinds of fruit, vegetables, and herbs, as well as bees for pollination, a wealth of native plants, fragrant lawns, a maze made of prickly pears, a magnificent Green House, towering rose vines, a Succulent House, and much more.

Additionally, it has a standout cactus patch. In fact, the well-known Babylonstoren cactus patch has quickly risen to the top of the list of Cape Town’s and South Africa’s most anticipated, sought-after, and “Instagrammable” locations.

The splendour of the Babylonstoren Garden doesn’t stop there; as you stroll around the garden, you’ll come across a lovely, secret walk that follows the creek, where millions of clivias bloom in the springtime in Cape Town. A large number of trees with noteworthy historical and botanical significance can also be found in this wonderful landscape.

Stellenberg Gardens

Stellenberg Gardens

Another excellent garden to visit in Cape Town is the Stellenberg Gardens. This stunning private garden in Kenilworth combines old and modern flora and designs over 12 sections. The Walled Garden, Pool Garden, White Garden, and Stream Garden are just a few of the extraordinary and beautiful gardens you can find at the Stellenberg Gardens. These gardens are all equally stunning, each with its own unique features, flora, and hidden natural treasures to discover. Visits are highly recommended to this wonderful garden.

Upper Liebeek River Garden

The Upper Liesbeek River Garden is both a natural treasure and a little-known location. This slice of the natural paradise is located upstream of the Paradise Road crossroads on the M3 in the centre of (suburban) Cape Town. A tranquil river created by the convergence of the Protea and Window streams flows past the communities of Newlands, Rondebosch, Rosebank, and Observatory before joining the Black River and emptying into Table Bay.

The Upper Liesbeek River Garden is home to a great range of flora, lovely picnic places, and a number of benches where you can sit back, relax and take it all in addition to a lovely river and the tranquillity and calm that come with it. There are no paved roads, however, the park is handicapped accessible via a wooden ramp.

Old Nectar

The Old Nectar gardens in Stellenbosch are located at the end of a gorgeous 120-meter drive that is lined with oak trees. This garden, which offers views of the Jonkershoek Mountains, is divided into many areas, including a native garden, a road lined with magnolia trees, a circular rose garden, and a kitchen garden. With the exception of the oak trees, all of the trees were planted by gardening legend Una van der Spuy more than 70 years ago. A portion of the garden is always in flower, rain or shine. It is simple to understand why this garden was included on the list of “1 001 Gardens to See Before You Die” with such beauty displayed throughout the seasons.

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