15 Hotels in Ada Foah – Best Accommodation

by Kojo Pocu
Hotels In Ada Foah

Best hotels in Ada Foah that suits your travel type.

The Dangme East District has the tourism destination of Ada Foah. The town takes great pleasure in its gorgeous beaches, estuary, and a variety of tourist attractions and services. Ada Foah in Ghana is well-known for exciting water sports like boat tours, fishing, sailing, and swimming because the area is blessed with numerous rivers and the ocean.

The river coast is typically crowded with vacation homes as hundreds of Ghanaians who live in Accra use the area as a weekend escape. The transportation system works well because of the ferry terminal and boat harbour at the river shoe, where you can rent a boat and cruise the river around the highlands. It is best to spend a day or two in the town to help you explore and have the best out of your vacation or your weekend getaway.

In this post, Mrpocu.com has listed some of the best hotels in Ada Foad that will suit your stay. Since most of the hotels in Ada, Ghana, are close to the sea, the sand beach adds to their beauty. They are popular because they are reasonably priced and offer fun activities.

Best Hotels In Ada Foah

Best Hotels In Ada Foah

Peace Holiday Resort

The Peace Holiday Resort is located in Solikorpe Ada, which is part of Greater Dangme Accra’s East District. Nearly a mile from the estuary with the Atlantic Ocean, the resort is advantageously positioned along the shore of the Volta River. The hotel is accessible from the Accra–Aflao highway. The resort’s entrance is typically inconspicuous and challenging to find. Every member of the staff is friendly, and each room has contemporary furnishings. The rooms are cosy thanks to the effective air conditioning and ample bathroom facilities. Additionally, there is a separate living area that is shared by two rooms, as well as a sizable pool for cooling down. Don’t forget to tour the area on one of the hotel’s shuttle boats while you’re on vacation; the hotel is situated in a lovely and tranquil setting along the river.

While local dinners can be purchased outside the hotel, a basic breakfast is included. You can also sample delicious meals served in a variety of eateries that offer mouthwatering continental, regional, vegetarian, or diet-friendly cuisine. Additionally, you can place an order for your preferred dish and count on the cooks to surprise you. You are taken care of when it comes to getting a drink because the pubs have enough supplies to meet your needs.

Peace Holiday Resort’s excellent location will allow you to enjoy the clean, fresh breezes that blow along the river while embracing nature. The resort also boasts an evergreen, lavish, and peaceful setting that provides an unimaginable spot for every member of your family.

Best Hotels In Ada Foah

Dreamland Beach Resort Ada Foah

Dreamland Beach, one of the best hotels in Ada Foah, Ghana, is about 88 kilometres from Kotoka Airport. The hotel offers a bar, a continental breakfast, and complimentary WiFi. The modern amenities include a bar, a double room with a shared bathroom, a bed in a mixed 4-bed dormitory room with one bunk bed, and a queen room with a magnificent sea view. The protected area and salt production facility at Songor Lagoon, which are both 16.9 and 18.1 kilometres apart from the hotel, are two other magnificent tourist sites that are close by. Kotoka and Lome-Tokoin airports are the closest ones, each being 87.9 and 83.4 kilometres distant, respectively. The Dreamland Beach Resort offers a host of advantages.

This includes reasonable costs, the availability of online reservation management, the multilingualism of all staff members at beach hotels in Ada, Ghana, as well as the safety of booking. There are no pets allowed in the rooms, and the cancellation and advance payment policies may vary depending on the type of hotel you choose. Additional benefits include the availability of speedy internet and an abundance of parking.

Hotels In Ada Foah

Aqua Safari Resort Ada

Tourists and business travellers seeking an opulent hotel to unwind outside of Accra frequently visit Aqua Safari, one of the exotic resorts in Ada Foah, Ghana. The town of Big Ada, which is part of the larger Accra area, is home to this top-tier luxury resort. The luxurious beachfront resort has an outdoor pool. The apartment has balconies that look out over a tropical forest and tranquil waters that guests can use. The resort is among the better ones near Ghana’s Ada Beach.

Sunbathing on the golden sands directly outside the hotel, where you can also see the magnificent waterfront villas, provides breathtaking views of the sunrise. Additionally, you can partake in water sports like jet skiing. Free WiFi is offered throughout the hotel, and a doctor is on duty to help if you become ill. Additionally, Aqua Safari boasts a 24-hour CCTV surveillance system, and highly trained, and experienced security personnel. The hotel also has a cutting-edge spa and salon.

To guarantee that every visitor is at ease, the rooms are elegantly adorned and well equipped. A flat-screen TV with cable, artwork, a desk, a phone, a minibar, ornate lamp shades, and a hairdryer are all included in each room. Every lodging comes with a private bathroom that includes a shower, a bathtub, and modern toiletries. Housekeeping and 24-hour room service are also available upon request.

Hotels In Ada Foah

Amate Kope Guesthouse

On the banks of the Volta River in Ada-Foah, close to Soli Korpe, is the Amate Kope Guest House. This self-contained building has sixteen rooms, each of which has a little tabletop refrigerator and a ceiling fan. There aren’t any eateries or bars there. It has a coconut tree with two heads in its garden. Make a reservation by calling +233245112590.

Hotels In Ada Foah

Treasure Island Ada

For your Ghana vacation, retreat, or meeting, the Treasure Island Hotel & Resorts in Ada Foah, Ghana, offers a genuinely distinctive setting. It is located in the heart of Ghana’s most picturesque location. A stunning landmark is produced by lush tropical landscaping, quiet rivers, and classic art and architecture in the centre of one of the most spectacular settings on earth, near the estuary of the Volta River and the Atlantic Ocean.

As soon as you step inside our magnificent Treasure Island Hotel & Resorts in Ada, Ghana, you’ll be surrounded by flair and luxury. With its spectacular water slides, distinctive design, incredibly comfortable guest rooms, 12D Cinema, Game Room, horseback riding, camel riding, and other amenities, the resort provides the ideal getaway just minutes from the island’s thrills and excitement.

Basic rooms, waterfront boat house rooms, penthouses with views of the majestic Volta River and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as private “home type” chalets, are among the lodging options. Visitors are given a warm welcome and a strong sense of arrival in their exquisite lobby areas. At Treasure Island Ada, every guest room has a luxurious bed, lovely draperies, and contemporary furnishings. There are excellent group savings and particularly created packages available. Treasure Island is arguably one of the most popular hotels in Ada Foah.

Hotels In Ada Foah

Manet Paradise Ada Foah

Around 104 kilometres to the east of Accra, in Manet, the river Volta joins the Atlantic Ocean. This opulent vacation resort offered top-notch amenities and first-rate customer service, making it the ideal location for many business and leisure travellers. This is the ideal vacation spot for anyone who enjoys water sports, as the river’s constant calmness and proximity to the sea create the ideal conditions for activities like windsurfing and jet skiing.

The area is also perfect for intrepid travellers who want to sail across a large number of little uninhabited islands on boats with motors. Along with gorgeous species like birds, turtles, and other inquisitive creatures, you can also explore the mangroves and wetlands with them. A short distance from the resort, the hotel is also surrounded by welcoming fishing and handicraft towns.

Their kind acts of hospitality make it feasible to mingle with the local population. Because hotel costs in Ada Ghana are determined by demand, you should be at ease when planning to have a fantastic vacation or an adventure, culture, or the natural world because Manet Paradise Holiday Resort will provide all of these at a cost-effective price. 25 Large double rooms with twin beds, 46 Standard double rooms, a restaurant serving both international and regional cuisine, and ceiling fans in every room are just a few of the amenities offered.

Hotels In Ada Foah

Kumoji Guest House

One of the hotels close to Ada Ghana is the Kumoji Guest House, which is located in the centre of Ada-for Ghana and has a tranquil atmosphere. In order to ensure that you have a fantastic time without experiencing any inconveniences, Kumoji has the most effective electricity and air conditioning facilities. It features a sizable parking area as well. Each room has an en-suite bathroom and is decorated with floor tiles and paint in earth tones for a sophisticated touch. A modest relaxing area with a cosy seat can be found in some rooms.

You will receive daily breakfast at Kumoji for an additional fee, and the resort’s restaurant offers both local and continental cuisine. A well-stocked bar will have a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you can use as entertainment. The estuary is only a 10-minute drive from the hotel, which is close to it. To witness these frightful beasts, you may also go to the crocodile island or the turtle-watching area. The estuary, where numerous rivers converge to form a connection to the ocean, is only ten-minute drive from the resort. The hotel is one of the budget-friendly hotels in Ada faoh.

Hotels In Ada Foah

Ezime Guest House

The Ezime is one of Ada, Ghana’s charming and venerable hotels and guesthouses that is conveniently located inside the city but close to the Volta River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is appropriate for solo travellers, small groups, NGO workers, work teams, and students. The hotel is also perfect for tour groups that are eager to unwind after a day of Ghanaian sightseeing before returning home. Some of the highlights include 5 air-conditioned guest rooms, each with its own bathroom, big common areas, lounge, garden terrace, and carports. Recently and totally repaired and fully equipped with modern comforts. Additionally, there is a modern restaurant and pizza for delectable meals including breakfast.

Hotels In Ada Foah

Tsarley Korpey Ada Foah

The hotel is surrounded by lushly landscaped riverfront homes and islands on a vast tract of land that borders the River Volt. You may get this appealing vista from any of the six guest rooms thanks to a breathtaking river view. At this outstanding tourist location, tourists and business travellers who wish to unwind in a peaceful environment can make use of first-rate services. The hotel is located in Ada Faoh, Ghana, and has 6 accommodations for guests, including 2 family rooms, 3 double rooms, and 1 twin room.

A swimming pool, conference room, high-speed internet, restaurant, and bar are just a few of the entertaining amenities. All of your vacation needs will be satisfied because the hotel is located in a cozy and secure area. Visit the crocodile settlement, crab island, dwarf island, and take a boat ride down the tranquil Volta River. The availability of lodging in Ada Foah, Ghana, has improved thanks to these top-notch hotels.

Hotels In Ada Foah

African Midas Beach Camp

The African Midas Beach Camp is located just across from Maranatha on the estuary of the Volta River, not far from Ada Foah. The 12 huts provide double beds, flat floors, and other necessities including a shared shower and restroom. Jet skis and boats are available for hire nearby. They can be reached at +233246594173.

Brightest Hotel & Spot

Brightest Hotel & Spot

The Brightest Hotel and Spot is situated near the Ada-Foah entrance, immediately before the junction with the Ada-Foah government Clinic. Its complete 16 self-contained rooms are equipped with a TV, fan, and private bath. There are dining options and a bar. Brightest Hotel is one of the popular hotels in Ada Foah. To make a reservation, dial +233-244065760.

Cocoloko Beach Resort

Cocoloko Beach Resort

The Cocoloko Beach Resort lies near the water at Totimekorpe. There are 22 sturdy native round houses in total, together with a restaurant and bar. Due to the nightlife and bonfires, the resort is suggested for local groups who enjoy getting together and having a good time. Call +233-244186075 or send an email to [email protected] to make a reservation.

Excell Lodge

Excel Lodge

One of the more recent lodging options in Ada Foah is Excel Lodge. supplying food in a tranquil, soothing environment. As implied by its name, the 16-room facility promises to offer great service. It is situated at the entrance to the Ada Foah neighbourhood. The morning meal is included. Call +233-244143036 or +233-50657979 for reservations.

Maks Resort & Guesthouse

In Soli Korpe, an area of Ada-Foah, the Maks Resort and Guest House is situated on the banks of the Volta River. Each room has its own bathroom, TV, air conditioning, and a fast water heater. The lovely garden is where the restaurant and outdoor bar are located. The hotel is one of the best hotels in Ada Foah. Please contact +233-208416514 or +233-271597692 for reservations.

Maranatha Beach Camp

The Maranatha Beach Camp is situated close to a fishing settlement in the Ada Foah estuary area. You’ll need to hire a boat to get here. There are 22 extremely simple cabins with double beds and both cement and wood floors. Showers and toilets are communal. Additionally, there are family huts with space for 6 people to sleep. Other activities like boat trips and watersports are great in the vicinity. Call +233-243528248 or send an email to [email protected] to make a reservation.

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