15 Top Cake Shops In Ghana – Ultimate List

by Kojo Pocu
Cake Shops In Ghana

Every ceremony or event is invariably crowned with cake. The essential element that signals a whole new level of happiness in a wedding, a birthday, or other remarkable events like a graduation party is a cake. At first glance, it denotes happiness and comfort. Everybody, in one way or another, appreciates sharing cake with their close friends or family as a treat. And there are plenty of cake shops in Ghana you can choose from if you looking for the best options.

Ghana’s cake stores are in constant competition to offer the best cakes. There are a variety of cake flavours that can be blended to bring out an amazing cake. This makes ranking Ghana’s cake stores extremely difficult because each shop has its own distinctive method of making cakes with wonderful aromas and appetizing decorations.

In this article, Mrpocu.com will list some of the top cake shops in Ghana you can choose from. From best cake dating spots to chops that offer large cake bakeries for big events. The type of cake they bake and also some information about their location.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Kareena Cakes Accra

Cake Shops In Ghana

This is Ghana’s premier cake supplier, and it is situated in the metropolitan area of Accra. The store also features a quick food restaurant and a bakery. Kareena’s Cakes welcomes people who want to bake for special occasions like weddings in their favourite ways. Every customer has always received the best service from Kareena’s Cakes. You can purchase more confections from this shop to top off your celebration. To place an order, just dial 0244885454.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Pink Panda Bakery Accra

Everything revolves around colour and taste, just like the name suggests. People from all across town who have eaten at Pink Panda Cakes have made wonderful comments about the bakery’s reputation for providing the tastiest cakes in town. If you’re in the mood for chocolate cake, you may be spoiled for choice due to the variety and high quality available. If you’re looking for a delicious cake and live close to Accra, pink panda cakes are the solution. The address of this store is 348 Fourth Street East, Legon, Accra. You can get in touch with them at +233 55 403 7988. Every day at 7:30 am, the store opens, and it closes at 6:00 pm.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Frankies Cake Osu

This is where you should buy your cakes if you want a flavour that will explode on your tongue. Frankie’s cakes aren’t your typical cakes. They are skilled at altering the cakes to meet your preferences. The Frankies are there for you whether it’s a wedding or a birthday. You can get in touch with them and place an order if you also want cakes in large quantities. This bakery is a component of a charming hotel and restaurant that serves delectable fare. The restaurant is one of the best places in Accra for cake dates Make a reservation or place an order by calling +233 30 277 3567.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Sugar N Spice

Sugar and Spice, a cake business in Accra’s Cantonments, cater to your sweet tooth. One of the best places in Ghana to purchase a cake has proven to be this bakery. For baking, Sugar N Spice has wonderful tools so that customers may order what they want whenever they want. Whatever style, hue, or type of cream you choose, Sugar N Spice has you covered.

Visit them and enquire about their services to learn more about this cake business. Additionally, the service providers have excellent people abilities that will make you feel at ease. You can obtain deliveries at your doorstep by calling them at 0302772122. No matter the amount of cake you choose, ordering delivery from this bakery is simple.

Cake Shops In Ghana

The CupCake Boutique

This bakery is situated in the Accra metropolitan area’s Labone district. The cupcake shop also makes wedding and birthday cakes in addition to cupcakes. This store is conveniently positioned in a large metro area, making it accessible to many individuals. Because they also bake pastries and other items you could need for your event, the store is also diverse. The staff can be reached at 0302799838. One of Accra’s bakeries is this one.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Second Cup Takoradi

We had no idea that a kiosk café business could have such a bright future in 1975. One of Ghana’s most well-known café shops, the eatery has locations all throughout the country. The second cup is a good place to go if you’re searching for a place to eat breakfast or brunch. Additionally, they offer some of the best cakes in the country. Visit the Takoradi branch and ask for their best cake and take me later. The restaurant is one of the best places in Takoradi for a special date and has Instagrammble settings to feed your social media pages with beautiful pictures.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Cake Accessories Kumasi

Cake Accessories in Kumasi has all the cake you need for events, whether it is big or small they have something to offer you at affordable prices. The cake shop is one of the best cake shops in Ghana best for your occasions. They seem to have gained a good reputation in Kumasi over the years due to their great cake flavours and good customer care. They work all day during the week except on Sunday and you can reach them on 0244234688.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Cake Is Art Bakery

Arguably this is the best cake shop you can find in the Western region of Ghana. The shop owner Obaa Yaa has managed to build a solid cake business in the region. If you are looking for a cake for your wedding, birthday, parties, or even breakfast in the Western region, then look no further, Madam Obaa Yaa gets you covered. You can contact the shop on 0267721359 if you are in Takoradi and 0556245189 if you are in Tarkwa.

Nas J Pastries Kumasi

The name will be familiar if you are a fan of TV shows in Ghana. We will hear or see their advert on one or two shows in Ghana. The shop is one of the best cake shops in Ghana for event orders and also one of the best in Kumasi. Their shop is located at Atmatim New site and you can reach them on 0548446582.

Cake Shops In Ghana

Bake Shop Classics Accra

If you appreciate elegance, this store is for you. Each moment is crowned by a cake. Making a mistake is just not an option because a cake is also shared by many individuals. Traditional bakeries accept orders and bake the cakes on your schedule. A delayed event includes a delayed cake. In collaboration with its clients, Bakeshop offers specialized services both inside and outside of Accra. The Bakeshop classics are confident in their abilities. To sample Bakeshop cakes, simply stop by the bakery in person or place an order by calling 0212933015.

Pinocchio Ghana

Pinocchio Ghana

The bakery is located at Osu in Accra. Visit the bakery to sample the delectable cake, or place an order and have the cake delivered to you! Call 0244432188 to reach Kunal Das, who may be reached. One of the several cake businesses in Osu Accra is Pinocchio.

Mummys Pastries Takoradi

For years, I’ve enjoyed the deliciousness of my mother’s baked goods and meals. And I have to say, they never let me down. They consistently meet expectations. Their meals are very tasty, and healthy.

Moka’s Resto Café

Moka’s Resto Café

If you’re looking for one of the best family-friendly café and cake shops in Ghana, you should go to Moka’s Resto. You should sample their breakfast cake and burger at the café shop, which also doubles as a restaurant serving whatever type of food you desire. Additionally, the restaurant doesn’t require reservations, so you can just show up whenever you like and hope for the best. Fries should also be sampled because a burger wouldn’t be complete without them.

Café Kwae

The cafe is close to One Airport Square in Accra’s Airport City. You have a wide range of options thanks to this. There are sandwiches, cakes, salads, tea, coffee, and many other little snacks available. The cafe is a terrific place to meet up with friends and is situated in one of Accra’s most lively neighbourhoods. Visit Cafe Kwae, which is perhaps one of Accra’s most popular hangouts. If you’re searching for an excellent place to shop, check out the Marina Shopping Mall nearby.

Cafe Mondo

Your go-to breakfast place in Accra will be Mondo. They not only provide excellent coffee and cake but also a chill, quiet location where you may enjoy yourself. You should go to one of the best places in Accra for breakfast. Try some of their cake flavours, and then tell me how you liked it in the comments. There is no need to make a reservation if you’re seeking a hip spot or peaceful surroundings for a date at Mondo.

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