5 Questions US DV Lottery Winner Must Answer Before Celebrating

by Kojo Pocu
Visa To Ghana From USA

Congratulations to all of the winners of the US DV lottery (questions) for every year. Winners should be aware that they have not earned a visa or a green card, but rather the opportunity to continue fighting for a green card to stay permanently in the United States. You were informed on your winning confirmation that being chosen does not guarantee that you would be awarded a visa or scheduled for an interview.

While it is recommended to begin the procedure as soon as possible, especially for those with lower case numbers, it is also prudent to analyse your chances of obtaining a visa before making any preparations. Hold on to your joy and ask yourself the following questions:

Did I pass English and Maths?

A Diversity Visa is only available to people who have passed their High School examinations in English and Mathematics (WASSCE/SSSCE). Even if someone claims eligibility based on their profession, the issue of English and Maths grades will still put an end to their hopes. If you don’t have a passing grade in these topics, don’t worry about it. Medicals and immigration costs will be a waste of money.

Did I lie when registering?

If you told a lie or failed to include certain information when filling out the paperwork, your visa may be revoked. If these difficulties come up during your interview, you will be denied a visa if you used fraudulent passport details or omitted to add your spouse or children. If you were not married or had no children when you applied, but are now married or have children, you may add them in your application.

Do I have a criminal record?

Even before you are scheduled for an interview at the US Embassy, you will be needed to send a Police Clearance Certificate to the Kentucky Consular Center. Don’t waste your time pursuing a ‘Police Report’ if you have a criminal record that prevents you from doing so. Criminals cannot be admitted to the United States.

Will I pass the Public Charge assessment?

The’silent pistol’ is Public Charge. It shoots you without warning, and you don’t realise it until you’re dead. Many persons who have been denied visas due to Public Charge have no idea why they were denied. Only persons who are unlikely to become a burden on the government are admitted to the United States. Your visa will be denied if your situation indicates that you are likely to obtain public benefits.

When determining whether or not a person would become a public charge in the United States, several factors are taken into account. Your health, age, assets, family size, health insurance in the United States, savings, skills, employment, and income are just a few of them.

Have I read widely or sought advice?

Read everything there is to know about the current requirements for US DV lottery (questions) winners. It’s not the right time to keep it hidden. Seek assistance. It is preferable to evaluate your prospects before investing any money in the procedure. Do not submit the DS-260 form until you’ve evaluated your odds and considered how the COVID-19 pandemic might effect your application. The DS-260 form reflects your migration intent and may have a negative impact on your future non-immigrant visa application in the United States.