50 Profitable Businesses in Ghana You Should Start

by Kojo Pocu
Profitable Businesses in Ghana

Are you considering launching a company in Ghana? One may think of a lot of profitable Businesses in Ghana, everything from import and export to mobile phone sales to online enterprises and even providing expert service. All of these company concepts can generate money, and you don’t even need to worry about the current economic situation because they will still be profitable even if the cedi falls against the dollar.

 With the high rate of unemployment in the country, the best decision you can ever take is a step toward starting a business. By doing so, you’d need business ideas by learning from either a mentor or online. Or simple your skills right now can get you into a good business in this modern world.

Without a doubt, Ghana is a nation to watch in the future. However, you must first figure out what works for you before making any preparations to launch a firm. But if you don’t try, how will you know what works for you? You can choose what form of business best suits you by reading this article.

In this article, Mrpocu.com has put together a list of profitable businesses in Ghana you should consider starting. From top online niches to traditional business and professional skills businesses. Read to the end of this article as you may find some important tips or skills you would love to start.

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Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Washing Bay Enterprise

Every entrepreneur in Ghana will find success starting a washing bay. All you require is a great site for your car wash business, the appropriate tools, and a successful marketing plan. How you plan to finance the company is another item to think about. Try to keep the cost of operation as low as possible while yet providing excellent service. As a general rule, treat every car as if it were your own!

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Child Care Business Or School

You are fortunate if you have a strong commitment to raising kids of all ages. By starting a daycare business in Ghana, you can grow this into a significant enterprise. You must acquire some parenting skills if you want to provide daycare successfully. Again, treat the child as if it were your own newborn. The development of the child’s creativity, encouragement of constructive behaviour, and improvement of their overall health should be your priorities. You must establish a positive relationship with both the child and the family members because parents want someone they can trust.

But you must be confident about the scope of your childcare enterprise. This business plan is frequently implemented in two (2) ways in Ghana. The first step is contacting parents and providing for their children while they are at work in their own houses. Establishing a daycare centre where various kids from various homes are looked after under a well-designed establishment is the second, slightly more demanding option. The latter can be chaotic at first, but when done correctly, you will experience true success.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Graphic Design Business

One of the lucrative business opportunities in Ghana that you may use is graphic design. Do you enjoy creating graphics for posters, brochures, infographics, and the like? Why not make your hobby a legitimate business? Graphic designers have some of the best salaries in Ghana. In that case, it would be prudent to launch your own graphic design company and earn at least enough money to support yourself.

There are various platforms accessible to you to make money with your talent, even if you lack the financial clout to open a physical firm in your area. According to the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Ghana is the best place in Africa to launch an ICT-related business. You can work on the tens of thousands of design jobs offered by people who need your assistance by visiting any of the freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Restaurant Business

Starting a restaurant was regarded as a very “risky” enterprise in the early 1990s and even in the early 2000s. While failure was significantly more likely, success was still a possibility. Things have changed today, and they have improved. Due to the nature of our current jobs, we no longer spend a lot of time in our kitchen.

For those of us in Ghana who are interested in opening a restaurant, this provides a business opportunity. Despite this, you still need to thoroughly research the market and choose where you want to conduct the firm. In situations like this, you should always decide who your target customers are. Are you aiming for a specific demographic or the general populace? Once you are confident in this, the likelihood of failure dramatically decreases.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Event Organising

Perhaps you have been employed in the events planning sector for a while and have made the decision to launch your own firm to profit from this business concept.

Or perhaps you’ve assisted with event planning in the past and wish you could use this skill in your career. Continue with this profitable business opportunity in Ghana for a variety of reasons. Most people lack the capacity to properly organize and carry out every aspect of an event. As a businessperson, you have a chance to profit from this.

However, before you start such businesses in Ghana, you need to consider the following:

  • Gain skills and experience in event planning
  • Determine your event planning market
  • Prepare a business plan
  • Designate which business entity fits best for your company
  • Develop your network of providers and staff resources

Focus on business development and marketing for your events company.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Pastry Business

Pastry company is a niche that has remained lucrative over time and has even been growing. For chefs, dessert connoisseurs, and even housewives, starting a pastry business in Ghana is a great passion. Keep in mind that you must already have some experience and the ability to produce desserts that people enjoy in order to launch this type of business. This type of business has high standards for both quality and flavor. Additionally, the chosen venue will need some amount of reform to comply with food safety and hygiene regulations, unless it is already established.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Beauty Salon

Did you pursue beauty as a subject of study or a hobby and feel the need to establish your independence? Are you having trouble opening a beauty parlor in Ghana? Not to worry. Simply start small and grow it into the successful enterprise of which you have long dreamed. Unquestionably, one of the best low-investment business ideas in Ghana right now is the salon industry. The salon industry in Ghana is today varied; you can operate it nearly everywhere your target customers live, even at home and on the street.

Today, a beauty shop is a very lucrative business, as I previously stated; of course, your effort and dedication will determine how successful it is. There are a few procedures to take when starting this business. First, be clear about the services your beauty shop provides, from those that are simple to those that call for more specialized training.

Let us take a critical look at some of the common ones:

  • Haircut.
  • Hairstyles
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Facial cleaning
  • Artistic makeup
  • Conventional makeup
  • Application of dyes
Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Electrical And Plumbing Service

It is really challenging to cease this kind of service. This is mostly due to the fact that experts will always be needed to handle this kind of situation, both in homes and businesses. Location, competitive pricing, and the kind of electrical device to deal with are things to think about when opening an electrical shop in Ghana. It is also best to hire electicians and plumber to work for you. It can pay off if you marking skill it great. By the time you realise you have an electrical and plumbing businesses with workers working for you.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Sachet Or Pure Water Production

Any serious businessperson who is interested in succeeding must make an investment in the water production industry given Ghana’s huge demand for sachet water.

In Ghana, selling “pure water,” as it is commonly known, is a tremendously profitable industry. Many people are investing in the sachet water industry since it is less demanding than other businesses in Ghana. Get a place, register your pure water business, and install the distillation system are all you need to do. Start a sachet water company in Ghana to get a reliable income. Pure water businees is arguably one of the long term profitable busineesses in Ghana.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Toiletries Shop Or Depot

Another profitable business prospect for the majority of young entrepreneurs in Ghana is selling toiletries. Toiletries are in high demand not just in Ghana but all throughout the world because we require them every day. You must plan and advertise your products very carefully if you’re an entrepreneur looking to make a profit. Toilet paper, wipes, toothpaste, shampoo, diapers, shaving cream, deodorant, and sanitary towels are just a few examples of the things you can choose from. These are a few of the items that Ghanaians have a great need for, thus as a startup, I would advise you to research the industry before beginning any toiletry enterprises there.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Poultry Farming

It’s one of the most profitable careers to think about pursuing. You can purchase land, avian housing structures, agro-inputs like food and various medications, day-old chicks, and farm workers with very little money. The chicks benefit from enough security, a tidy environment, and a good lighting system.

Within no time you can make decent revenue with the animals’ products such as meat, eggs and fertilizer.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Vegetables Farming

The cultivation of vegetable crops for human use is referred to as vegetable farming. Despite daily price increases, the nation is consuming more vegetables. Ghana’s vegetable agricultural industry is flourishing. Simply cultivating veggies for sale can bring in a respectable income. The majority of vegetable crops, such as onions, garden eggs, tomatoes, and peppers, don’t require any prior experience; however, having some background in agriculture can be advantageous.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Uber/Tricycle driver

Working as a taxi or tricycle driver in Ghana is another way to make a respectable living (also called Mahama cambu or Aboboya). With a small amount of money, you could even rent a taxi. Tricycle is a thriving industry that can pay you well. I personally know a tricycle driver who makes more than 100 each day. Apps like Uber and Bolt have made it simple to register as a taxi driver in Ghana, thanks to technology.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Mobile Money Agent

It is no secret that the Ghanaian mobile money industry offers some of the most lucrative employment opportunities. One of the best business concepts in the nation is to think about working as a mobile money agent.

Mobile money brokers earn $500 to $3,000 every month. As a mobile money agent, your ability to earn a living depends on your geographical location, your clientele, and your initial capital. All you need to run a mobile money business is a business certificate, after which you may apply for a mobile money SIM. Getting the Sim takes less than three months.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Snail Farming

Consider keeping snails for your business even if you don’t like them. A small space will do for snail farming. Snail farming is profitable given the demand for their flesh and cosmetics. In Ghana, snail farming is becoming more and more popular because of the profits. It doesn’t cost much to get started. A snail takes only 16 months to achieve adulthood. Sanil farming is underrated in Ghana. But these in it is make good living out of it. It is one of the best farming profitable businesses in Ghana.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Barbering Shop

Barbering is another option for making money in Ghana. You only need a well equipped shop and a handful of trained staff to get started. Most barbers in Ghana charge between $5 and $20 for each client. According to your area, you could make more than 150 per day.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Drug/Pharmacy Shop

You must have the proper licensing from the Pharmacy Council of Ghana in order to run an over-the-counter drug store or a legally permitted chemical store in Ghana.

The Pharmacy Council of Ghana may additionally ask you for a non-refundable charge of GH 500.00. To run the pharmacy, you’ll also need a skilled pharmacist.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Phone Accessories

For individuals interested in retail or wholesale distribution, selling phone accessories is the greatest option. You can start selling phone extras like chargers, earbuds, batteries, and phone cases. You’ll need a store and a shop employee to accomplish this.

To attract enough consumers, the shop should be situated near to a busy area like a market or car station.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Make-up artist

It’s no secret that one of the most successful business ventures in Ghana is the sale of cosmetics. Since so many women desire to look beautiful in public, there is a big market for cosmetics. Working as a makeup artist is a viable career option.

Even while the majority of women apply their own makeup, some are not professionals at it. There are two choices available here: either you invest in a makeup artist, or you start selling the goods. You would continue to make money from the business regardless of the outcome. Because of social media make-up artist make money with even opening a shop. I think it is one of the best profitable businesses in Ghana you can start small and make it big.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana


The fact is that starting a microfinance business costs a lot of money. However, you will earn a respectable profit once you are able to construct one. You can launch a “susu collection” microfinance company.

One drawback of beginning this business is the expensive start-up costs. You also need a skilled finance team to handle your loan portfolios, as well as a method for efficient debt collection.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Liquid Soap Production

The liquid soap industry is an additional topic to think about. We all require liquid soap in our various houses, particularly in the kitchen. In Ghana, liquid soap is a necessity for practically all households.

The Ghanaian market is one that has a demand for liquid soap. Consequently, the business will always be profitable. You simply need to enroll in some basic training, which is offered in vocational centers. Some non-governmental organizations even provide free training for women.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Fish Farming

One of the most often prepared proteins in Ghana is fish. Fish is a favorite food of most Ghanaians. Some people even favor fish over beef.

In Ghana, one of the profitable industries is fish farming. The cost of operating a fish farm may not be as high as most people believe. You only need a small amount of land and a pond in the backyard of your garden to get started.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Laundry Business

Laundry service is one of the most successful small business ventures. You may launch a successful washing business with little start-up money. You don’t necessary need all the equipment to start your firm, which is an intriguing feature. You can begin small and eventually become large.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Point Of Sale (POS) Agent

One industry you should anticipate in the coming year is the point of sale (POS) industry. In essence, POS agents aid in reducing the crowding of people in banking halls.

Nowadays, the majority of retail establishments take payments for goods and services using POS machines. It enables you, the cardholder, to use debit or cash cards to access money and information in your bank account in real time online. We live in a fast-paced world, thus being a POS Agent in the new world will be highly lucrative because it keeps society going. Businesses can only grow if they can keep up with the pace.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Catering Business

As was already established, food is a need in our daily existence. The food industry can never be too crowded since we need to eat to survive. You can establish a catering business and earn decent money from it if you have good culinary skills.

Additionally, your services will constantly be in demand due to the growing demand for catering services at occasions like weddings, dedications, graduations, etc.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana


One of the most lucrative online business concepts is dropshipping. In essence, it’s a kind of eCommerce business where you may sell items that you don’t actually own. However, you will also need to market your products on other channels and set up an online store. The fact that you don’t have to keep inventory of the products is an intriguing aspect of dropshipping. Only after your consumer has paid and the item has been delivered to their address do you purchase from your supplier.

I advise you to start by reading our beginners’ guide on how to launch a prosperous dropshipping business in Ghana. This beginners’ tutorial summarizes everything you need to know about the dropshipping industry.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Cosmetics Business

If you like beauty, this line of work is for you. A billion-dollar industry is the cosmetics industry. You must conduct in-depth research on the subject you genuinely wish to tackle before you can begin. It is one of the best profitable businesses in Ghana if level up your marketinf skill.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Lounge or Relaxation Center

One of the most lucrative covert businesses exists. In Ghana’s affluent cities, running a spa can be a reliable source of revenue. Many people, especially those in the working class, are always looking for places to unwind after a long day at work or on the weekends. If it serves as a watching center as well, it generates extra revenue.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Network Marketing

Network marketing is here to stay, and if you have the knack for it, it can be very rewarding. This marketing strategy has set you up to profit from referral bonuses. Surprisingly, network marketing is also embracing digital technology. As a result, businesses can expand and advance sustainably. Anyone who can generate a lot of referrals for a company will be highly sought-after in 2021.

Courier Services

Courier Services

Courier services are a further profitable business venture. You want to address issues brought on by delayed product deliveries with this firm. It doesn’t take much money to start and run a courier service, but with proper management, it can be quite successful.

Simply moving commodities and things from one location in a city to another constitutes the business. Even from one city to another at times, and as technology advances, from one nation to another Transporting items from one place to another will always be necessary, so this business will undoubtedly be successful.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

The 21st century’s dominant industry is digital marketing, which is here to stay. You can get going with very little technological expertise and no money. To attain the best possible outcomes in digital marketing, you will need to manage organic and inorganic campaigns, sponsored social media posts, and Google Ads for clients. You must try your hardest because your clients will be looking for impressive ROIs. Another profitable businesss concept for 2021 is this.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Fashion design is one of the business concepts that immediately springs to mind. Interestingly, despite the fact that this company has been operating for a while, the sector is constantly expanding. Today, you can launch a fashion design company and earn a lot of money.

You can decide which fashion industry to enter. The fashion house for every style of clothing can be opened, though, if you’re starting off huge. You might shop for cotton fabric, street clothes, and business attire.

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator

Interior design is a potential business venture you might investigate in 2021. The look is everything in our industry. Your responsibilities will include choosing color schemes, getting new decor pieces, setting up furniture arrangements, and hanging wall art. Consider yourself a professional who can assist others in giving an existing area a completely new appearance.


Photography Business

One of the most lucrative business opportunities in Ghana is a digital photography business. This kind of work is for you if you know how to work a camera and enhance the beauty of others.

However, I advise getting some instruction if you have no prior experience with photography. Additionally, there are a ton of sites available online where you may learn more about photography.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the technique of generating income by advertising the goods of other people (or businesses). Find a product that appeals to you first. Then, spread the word about it so that others can purchase it, and you can profit from each sale. Affiliate marking is one of the best online profitable businesses in Ghana you can start with small amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing

Travel/Tourism Agency

Starting a travel or tourist business might be expensive, but the rewards are immense. Although it will take some time for this business to develop, in the long run it will become well-known.

It’s crucial to build a website, lease space, and recruit at least two travel agents when starting this firm.

Rental Services

The rental service industry is tremendously profitable. You can begin contracting out a variety of items, such as chairs, canopies, vacuum cleaners, cutlery, cooking utensils, music boxes, ladders, etc. You might not be able to meet demand once your involvement in this firm becomes known in your community.

If you have an unusual selection of expensive tools or equipment, you can think about using them to start a side business that charges users by the hour. You can add more goods if the business succeeds as you learn what customers prefer renting.

Affiliate Marketing

Concrete Block Production

You ought to focus your attention on the concrete block manufacturing industry if you work in the construction industry. Making concrete blocks for construction is the focus of this firm. You can spare yourself some difficulty by purchasing a machine for block molding.

With a rapidly expanding population, there is an increasing need for housing, particularly in urban areas. If you can offer concrete blocks and other services as needed, that would be helpful.

Affiliate Marketing

Car Dealership Business

A successful enterprise that an aspirant businessperson or investor can launch in Ghana is a vehicle dealership. Operators in the car dealership sector sell and purchase both new and used cars, and they may operate in any of the following niche markets: brick and mortar car dealerships, online used car dealerships, dealerships for locally produced cars, dealerships for imported cars, businesses for luxury cars, and multi-brand and multi-maker car dealerships.

Because more and more consumers are realizing the need to reduce excessive expenditure when it comes to car purchases, the used car dealership sector of the automotive business in Ghana is truly booming.

Affiliate Marketing

Bar and Grill Business

Opening a bar and grill can be exciting and worthwhile, especially if you locate your bar and grill establishment in prime areas where you can readily draw socialites and nightlife enthusiasts. Starting a bar in Ghana is arguably the best among all the profitable businesses in Ghana on this list. I;m pretty sure you will understand me if you are a local staying in Ghana.

Bars are one of those companies that are quite popular and successful in Ghana since people always hang out there. One of the companies an entrepreneur can start in a busy street corner without breaking the bank is a bar and grill operation.

Affiliate Marketing

Bureau De Change Shop

If you are a Ghanaian or a resident of Ghana and want to conduct international trade or business, you must acquire the necessary currency. This proves that operating a bureau de change in Ghana is a feasible business that a budding entrepreneur wishing to launch a company may do so effectively.

The fact is, if you decide to start a foreign exchange or bureau de change business in a commercial center in Ghana, you will undoubtedly make a sizable profit because the industry is thriving and viable.

Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many business chances in Ghana, and any entrepreneur who wants to open a company there can effectively launch a commercial cleaning company and make good profits in a short amount of time.

This is so because Ghana has a booming commercial cleaning industry. Anyone can start this kind of business as long as they have an eye for cleanliness and precision. Starting and successfully operating a cleaning service will be simpler for you if you have experience in this area.

Construction Company

Another successful business that can be founded in Ghana is a construction firm. Simply put, the kind of heavy-duty equipment needed to complete a construction job and the expense of maintaining a large staff make starting a construction business capital intensive.

Even though the construction sector demands a substantial amount of initial capital, it may be quite successful if you have the skills and ability to complete high-quality work. Governments and the private sector make up the majority of a construction company’s clients.

Cyber Security Company

IT security services including firewalls, intrusion prevention, security threat analysis, proactive security vulnerability and penetration testing, incident preparedness and response, which includes IT forensics, are managed by cyber security corporations or IT security consulting firms. Due to the rise in cybercrime in Ghana, launching a cyber security company is a lucrative venture since everyone needs their data to be protected—individuals, companies, and the government. This one of the best profitable busineeses to start in Ghana in this modern world.

But in order to launch this kind of business, you’ll need the technological know-how required to protect client data or halt an ongoing attack. It would be prudent to speak with a business consultant in the region where you plan to launch the business, though, due to the technical nature of this industry and the necessity to understand what you would be getting into from a commercial perspective.

Fabric Store

One of the many businesses that may be founded in any region of Ghana is a fabric store, and the proprietor can continue to make a nice profit year after year. In fact, company owners who want to open a fabric store can do it from their garage or car.

The fact remains that there is consistently a ready market for fabrics. A fabric retail store only needs to make sure that they have high-quality fabrics, both locally and from other countries, and that their fabric store is strategically located.

Feed Mill Business

The poultry farming sector in Ghana offers a ton of business prospects, and a poultry feed mill is one of them. Different poultry mashes, such as layers mash, pre-layers mash, growers mash, starter and finisher mashes for broilers, etc., are manufactured in poultry mills.

This is a business that is accessible to aspirant business owners, particularly those who reside close to farming communities. A strategically located and government-approved facility, a consistent supply of grains, and, of course, knowledge of the ins and outs of business operations are all you need to get started. It is significant to note that the poultry feed mill industry is one of the industries that will never go out of style due to its significance to the poultry industry.

Frozen Food Shop

Any place in Ghana can open a frozen food store, which is a retail establishment where various frozen foods are offered. A frozen food store is a relatively simple and low-capital business to launch. The keys to running a frozen food store are getting the correct products that customers want to purchase and maintaining accurate records. A frozen food retailer may operate offline, in a traditional retail setting, or online, through an e-commerce retail website.

Amusement Park

Another successful enterprise that might be founded in Ghana is an entertainment park. The truth is that any business owner may create a venture that is modeled after Disney Land and still achieve great success.

Therefore, if you are passionate about providing entertainment for kids, you should consider opening an amusement park in Ghana. Without a sure, opening an amusement park involves significant startup funds and careful preparation, but it is also a successful business, particularly if your amusement park is well-equipped.

Driving school

There will always be people who want to learn how to drive, thus driving schools will never run out of customers. Given the nature of the firm, a novice entrepreneur may find the registration procedure and logistics burdensome. You will need to register with the appropriate government agencies and obtain particular certificates. Following registration, you can introduce classes for various automobiles. Both businesses and individuals are constantly looking for drivers and automobiles, respectively. If your driving school offers the greatest instruction, you can count on a consistent stream of students. It will be helpful if you have some driving experience before you start. Driving school is one of the best profitable businesses to start in Ghana because there are people who want to learn driving each and every day.

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