6 Best and Safe places to Shop in Kumasi

by Kojo Pocu

Imagine the stress you go through if you don’t know the best and safe places to shop in Kumasi. For the few of us that have experience Kumasi before, we don’t stress looking for the right shopping spots. I remember my first time in Kumasi, I have to visit four different destinations before I could get a quality shoe to buy. Thank God now the internet has made it easy to find places.
If you already in Kumasi or planning a trip to Kumasi, these are the 6 best and safe places to shop. Get your shopping budget ready and scroll down to see where is best for you.

1.Kumasi Shopping Mall

Although the mall is not the largest in the Country, but this place is still a must-visit spot for serious shoppers, with some 53 stores and services spread across an area of 18,500 square meters of commercial space. It’s also a great place for those who are serious about partying, with a full-blown amusement park.

2.Kejetia Market

This is the largest open-air market in West Africa. Each day, some of 12,000 stores open for business, selling food, clothing, handmade glass beads, souvenirs, Ashanti sandals, fabric, and things. Attracting as many as 3,000 shoppers every day. Wandering around the market by yourself is fine: few tourists come here and shopkeepers will be pleasantly surprised to see you. Alternatively, go with a guide, who not only knows his or her way around but can also explain the more obscure trades and goods, and help you bargain and meet stallholders. Kejetia market is the best market and place to shop in Kumasi

3.Bantama Market

This one of the oldest markets and also popular destination in Kumasi. Bantama is both a residential and commercial area in Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. For shoppers who love to shop in the local markets, this is the best place you must visit.

4.Asafo Market

Asafo Market was formerly called Nkrumah Market, which was named after the first Prime Minister of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, but the name was changed to Asafo Market when Nkrumah was overthrown. This is the second most active market after the Kejetia market.

5.Jubilee Shopping Mall (KNUST)

The mall has a lot of compartments which include a barbering salon, a hair salon, a supermarket, an electrical appliances shop, a phone shop, and a few others. There are also a variety of banks for all financial transactions.

6.Adum Melcom

Melcom is one of the leading shopping centers in Ghana. They have shops across the nation and Adum melcom in Kumasi is one of the best and safest places to shop in Kumasi

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