7 Top places to visit in Cape Coast

by Kojo Pocu

Cape Coast is a beautiful coastal city located in the Central Region of Ghana. It is popular due to its unique history, culture, and heritage. It echoes of the past with its colonial buildings and buzzing streets. It also has a long history of the slave trade and other European settlers. Some of the Europeans they came into contact with were the Portuguese, Swedish, the Dutch, and the British.

Cape Coast was founded by the people of Oguaa and is ruled by the Omanhene who acts as the paramount chief. The city of Cape Coast is considered the most historical place in Ghana due to its long history. The places to visit during your stay on the Cape coast are numerous hence mrpocu.xyz have listed some of the top locations.

1.Cape Coast Castle.


This large unique edifice was once the abode of European settlers. The castle was first built by the Swedish in 1650 as a trading fort. It was later expanded by the Dutch in 1652 and captured by the British in 1664. Some of the worst horrors of the Atlantic Slave Trade were practiced here. Slaves were locked up in small dungeons with little air and no comfort. They were then transported to the ships docked on the ocean by boat through the Gate of No Return. This gate symbolizes the belief that when the slaves were taken through them they would never return to their homeland. The slave women endured sexual harassment and were raped by the Europeans. Some of them bore children of a mixed-race called Mulatos or Half-castes. The Cape Coast Castle is located just a few meters from the Kotokoraba market.

2.Elmina Castle.


The Elmina Castle also holds some of the darkest truths of the slave trade and how it negatively affected the African continent. It was originally built by the Portuguese in 1482. It is considered the oldest European castle South of the Sahara. It was also called Castelo de Mina. It was originally built as a trading post and it later became one of the foremost stops for the Atlantic Slave Trade. The castle passed ownership from the Portuguese to the Dutch in 1637. It was also occupied by the Dutch till 1872 when the British took possession of it. The castle was later handed over to the Gold coast government after independence. The castle is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is located a few kilometers outside the Cape coast. It is visited by African American tourists who want to know more about the Slave Trade and trace their ancestry.

3.Kakum National Park.

kakum national park

The Kakum National Park is a large beautiful expanse of vegetation and wildlife. It is a protected area for some of the largest species of flora and fauna. It covers an area of 145 square miles. It was established by the locals in 1931 and later handed over to the Wildlife management of the government in 1980. It is a semi-deciduous forest and it is home to a variety of plant and animal life. The endangered species like the Diana monkey, African elephant, giant bongo antelope, and the yellow bucked duiker. There are also several plant species here like mahogany. It has different types of vegetation which include, swamp forests, wet forests, and riverine forests. The Kakum National Park has a canopy walk which links seven trees in the forest. It is over 350m long and offers a wide view of the forest floor. It also has a tourist center which serves the basic needs of visitors.

4.Fosu Lagoon.

fosu lagoon

This is a lagoon located at Bakano a town on the Cape coast. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a major fishing spot for fishermen in the area. It is boarded by a large senior high school called At. Augustine’s College was built in 1930 by the locals and some missionaries. The lagoon serves as a source of food and water for the community living around it. It has a variety of bird species and lots of crows.

5.International Stingless Bee Centre.

International Stingless Bee Centre.

This center houses the rare international stingless bee. Many people troupe to see these rare bees and gain some education about these fascinating insects. The stingless bee is so named because its abdomen does not produce a sting. In the center, the bees are found in the semi-deciduous forest. These bees can live up to 20,f The stingless bee is a bee that makes People who are introduced in the visit can learn a lot about these insects. The center is located in Edmase Abrafo a few kilometers from Kakum.



The name Kotokoraba means ‘Village of Crabs’ or ‘River of Crabs’. This is the center of the city of the Cape coast. It is located along the beach. It has a statue of the city’s mascot which is crab in the center of the city. Kotokoraba has some of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean. The town offers a variety of restaurants and eateries. It also has accommodations for interested tourists. It is also well known for its market and crafts shops.

7.Festivals ( Fetu Afahye/ Oguaa)

The best time to visit Cape Coast is during one of their festivals. It allows you to enjoy the colorful culture and heritage of the Fanti people. You will witness traditional chiefs dressed in colorful Kente cloth and other regalias like gold rings, amulets, and necklaces. These festivals showcase the rich history and vibrant culture of the people. Beautiful umbrellas and palanquins line up on the streets carrying the chiefs. There is lots of music, dancing, and joy during these festivals. There are 33 festivals celebrated in the area, popular amongst them are the Oguaa and Fetu Afahye.

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