8 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Ghana you don’t know

by Kojo Pocu

There are so many waterfalls in Ghana and some of them might be even unknown to some people.

There are many waterfalls which most people have never heard of, but one shouldn’t be surprised as they are not as popular as the Wli falls. Waterfalls in Ghana are quite a number and their beauty is undoubted.

Besides its important role in maintaining naturally healthy surroundings and the existence of several falls at different locations in Ghana, waterfalls also play a significant part in the tourism business as tourists love to go to waterfalls for the beauty they possess. In my own opinion, waters aren’t far from beautiful as they both go hand-in-hand for the complete satisfaction of the human brain.

This article is a guide for those who want to go on a waterfall hunting adventure or for those who want to learn about some wondrous places around them that they have never been to, but have always heard about from their friends.

1.Kintampo Waterfalls

waterfalls in Ghana

Kintampo falls, or, sometimes referred to by many as the Sanders Falls is among the highest waterfalls in Ghana. It is situated at Pumpum River (a tributary of the Black Volta) close to 4 kilometers when on Tamale road, north of Kintampo municipality. Boti River is the water source of Kintampo Falls.

You should visit this breathtaking scenery and view 3 drops settings that form Kintampo Waterfall; the longest drop is estimated to be 25 meters in height. Kintampo Falls is also a fine resting site and there is no harm if you carry a picnic basket with you to make the day more unforgettable as well as enjoyable.

The good bit is that you can get a cold drink from a cafe located at the site. Do you love swimming? Well, there is water for you to swim at the site for your enjoyment.

2. Boti Falls

waterfalls in Ghana

Ghana Boti Falls is another of nature’s wonders that you should make arrangements to visit. Boti Falls in Ghana is an average of about 1 hr and 30 minutes drive from Accra. However, that does depend to a large extent on which means of transport you employ.

It is a twin waterfall-based at the Eastern Ghana region, Manya Krobo. More so, the tour guides there are very friendly and full of the information you will be amazed to know. The fall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Ghana

On your way to the falls, you will come across 250 stairs that you might miss noticing owing to the awesome environment encapsulating the stairs. A jungle scenery, it sure does feel amazing as you listen to the jungle beckoning. Fun fact: Boti Falls’ twin falls drop from the same mountain, a male and a female drop. Away from the falls, there is the beautiful scenery you can take a hike at the Umbrella Rock; it is about 45 minutes from Boti Falls; an excellent picturesque view.

3. Wli Waterfalls

waterfalls in Ghana

 Do you know of the highest waterfall in Ghana?

Well, you have to visit Wli Falls and view the tallest as well as the highest waterfall in the country. It is an awesome lower & upper fall site based in the Volta Ghana region, around 20 Km from Hohoe. Should you decide on a walk through the site’s forest, you will come across a wildlife sanctuary that provides you with a chance of getting to see; big colonies of monkeys, baboons, birds, fruit bats, and butterflies. It is an amazing view to see a large colony of beautiful bats flying together and more so, clinging to each other. It is a site worth your time to visit and you will definitely meet people from different continents enjoying the view as well.

Wli falls’ guides will surely crown your day for they are ready to offer you a class of an entire history of the falls as well as the town. More activities you can undertake at the falls include swimming. If you are in love with swimming, do not forget your swim pants because there is a changing room ready for you.

4. Akaa Falls

 Akaa Falls define Ghana’s natural beauty to a greater extent. It is situated in the Eastern Ghana regions near the Akyeremateng village, Akuapem North District. The site is an average of 120 minutes from Accra and 7 Km from Boti Waterfall. Of course, your means of transportation will determine how long you will take to get to the site. The source of the falls is Boti River; the same river which feeds Boti Falls.

It is highly preferable if you would like to visit Akaa Falls to take a view of the dropping canyon of falling water, then you make your visit to the site on a full flow day.

The falls are seasonal and therefore it is best if you plan to visit Akaa Falls, do pay a visit just after the rainy season. You will enjoy the jungle view and the falling water fully. What are some of the activities that you can engage in once you are in this prominent tourism destination? Well, you can view the beautiful scenery and witness nature’s wonderful water drop from a cliff. More so, you can enjoy a great get-together with friends or family. Some visitors to the fall do use the awesome cliff’s edge to take a seasonal bath.

5. Fuller Falls

Fuller Falls is beautiful and worth your travel time. The waterfall is situated at Kintampo and it has a lower and an upper fall that makes it more interesting. Fuller Falls is a fine relaxing site that will give you a peaceful as well as a refreshing moment away from your busy schedule.

 If you do love to swim, ensure you carry your swimming costume along with you to enjoy a dip in the pool. Fuller Falls is also a place you can take quality photos that will forever be a reminder of an unforgettable experience you had at the site. You could take a seasonal shower then relax as you enjoy the surrounding view. All you need is to make an amazing picnic for yourself.

The beckoning noise from birds crowns the surrounding environment. Not forgetting the kind guides at the site who are constantly ready to offer you any information you might be seeking about Fuller Falls. Being a revenue generator, do note that a small fee will be charged at the entrance to the falls.

6. Tagbo Waterfalls in Ghana

Tagbo Falls is a scenic site in Ghana based at Liati Wote near Mount Afadjato; one of the major mountains in the country. An estimated distance from Hohoe township is 27 KM; the time you will take to get to the site from the township will definitely depend on your means of transport. An amazing view, once you are at the waterfall, is how water drops off in several stages with the last stage a drop of about 60 meters high. You can take a walk in the forest.

The cocoa trees there will surely capture your attention. They are such a beauty with a green carpet of vegetation covering the surrounding for nature lovers. Tagbo Waterfalls in Ghana is characterized by strong winds. Swimming is another characteristic of the falls.

If you do love to swim, do not hesitate to dip your feet in the waters for a swim. Lovebirds, friends, and families can visit the site to have fun. To make your visit memorable, do accompany a tour guide as they would not fail to inform you more about the history of the falls as well as the surrounding area. The local people call the falls water ‘scared water’.

7. Tsenku Falls

 Waterfalls in Ghana such as Tsenku Falls is a serene site worth spending your time. It is situated in the Greater Accra region near Dodowa. It is often incredible to visit a waterfall just after heavy rains because the flow of water is usually humongous. Water drops off a 250 feet high cliff into a pool that has stratified rocks. The pool contains tilapia as well. The population of tilapia is quite large and you can easily see them because the pool has clear water.

 Tsenku Waterfalls, also referred to as Wuruduwurudu will give you that experience that you have always yearned for. It has exposed and huge rocks that are within the Po stream valley. Sanyade & Popotsi, are 2 streams that are joined by the Tsenku stream. Geography students often visit the scenic site to witness the anticline as well as anticlines folds that resulted from the massive forces that occurred during their formation.

Have you ever heard of Kyenku god? Well, the surrounding of the site was named that way because the shrine of Kyenku god is based at Obosomase, meaning that it can be seen. For you to enjoy more, have a guide and they will explain the history of the Tsenku waterfalls and their surrounding areas distinctly

8. Ote Falls in Ghana

 Ote Falls will give you an unforgettable experience if you plan to visit it after a rainy season; May to August to be precise, as they are among the most beautiful waterfalls in Ghana. This popular spot for tourists is based at Amedzofe in Ghana. Be ready to climb a very steep downward slope before you get to the falls. Mind you, you might fail to notice the steep slope because of the breathtaking jungle scenic view with the beckoning voice of birds. There is also a small pool for those in love with swimming. It is advisable to have your closed shoes or boots on when you are taking a trip to view the awesome waterfalls in Ghana. It can also be an amazing idea for you to carry food or drinks to the falls to relax and enjoy yourself more.

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