About Kraalbaai – Cape West Coast

by Kojo Pocu

Kraalbaai is a lovely, lagoon-side retreat located just outside the Postberg Flower Reserve, which is a component of the West Coast National Park. It is made all the more memorable by the obvious houseboats moored in the shallows on which people stay on a regular basis.

Many people visit this location on the weekends, and the summer and bloom seasons are its two busiest times. However, it never goes too far because the park was created to protect the Langebaan Lagoon and its surroundings, not to profit from them. A Ramsar Wetland Site, the lagoon is a wonderful place to paddle and swim (certainly warmer than the waters of the Atlantic), bar the winds because, as with much of the coastline, when it blows, it blows hard. It is also the location where 117 thousand-year-old human footprints were discovered in 1995. “Eve,” whose footprints they are, is thought to have been 1.2 meters tall.

The golden, curled beaches of the lagoon appear to continue on forever, and thousands of sea birds call it home. Postberg welcomes visitors in the spring for the spectacular display of vibrant wildflowers, some of the best for miles around.

Kraalbaai’s two well-known landmarks are what makes it so recognizable. One such example is the wooden pier that appears to protrude from the middle of the white, sandy beach in the direction of the boats tied offshore. The second is the Preekstoel, or preacher’s pulpit, which, to be honest, resembles a modern cycling helmet and offers protection from the south-easterlies that can blow across this area.

Kraalbaai Map

Kraalbaai is a bay in Western Cape. Kraalbaai is situated east of Kleineiland.


Things To Do In Kraalbaai

Visit Kraalbaai Beach


Just before you approach the locked gates of the Postberg part of the West Coast National Park, you’ll find Kraalbaai Beach. Families of all sizes and shapes can be seen relaxing in the lagoon’s emerald water on any given weekend. Take part in a variety of sports on this beach, including boating, skiing, kayaking, fishing and angling. All of these activities are permitted in the lagoon.

The lagoon is frequently dotted with several boats, many of which are anchored. The amenities are excellent, and you can even have a braai by the beach or bring a picnic basket and take in the wonderful surroundings, which are a swarm of activities.

Eve’s Trail


Eve’s Trail is one of five slackpacker paths that run through the Cape West Coast Biosphere. It is a wilderness hike that begins on the beach’s white sands south of West Coast National Park.

The idea of this path is following in Eve’s footsteps, who is said to be the originator of all human existence, as suggested by the trail’s name. One gets a sense of what it must have been like to be ruled only by the sun, the stars, and the tides from the breathtaking scenery and absence of human activity. To refuel your soul, the plan is for you to go without a watch for the next 2.5 days and move at the pace of nature.

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