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by Kojo Pocu
Lamberts Bay

Staying in Lamberts Bay means getting to experience the magic of the Cape West Coast up close and personally. The unpretentious, picturesque seaside village of Lambert’s Bay lies right up the West Coast, not far from Clanwilliam. Wide stretches of white sand, bright blue skies, and an abundance of opportunities to enjoy seafood in the middle of crayfish country make this section of the coast quite simply stunning. The open-air eateries along the coast here have established themselves as local landmarks and serve delectable, traditionally prepared seafood as dusk falls right next to the water.

There is a lot for guests to do due to the area’s proximity to the sea and sand. When you’re not engaging in the typical water sports like swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, you may go on a guided quadbike tour, do sandboarding on the dunes, or even take a microlight flight over the bay.

Visitors from all over the nation visit Bird Island to have “up close and personal” encounters with African penguins, Cape gannets, and cormorants. The current gannet overlook at Bird Island, which is only 100 meters offshore of Lambert’s Bay and reachable by ferry or across the breakwater, provides access to the extraordinary mating dances and vocalizations of hundreds of gannets on their nests.

This region of the coast is home to the rare Heaviside’s Dolphin, which can be seen up to 150 meters from the shore in compact pods of up to 20 dolphins. Lambert’s Water is thought to be one of the greatest locations to see this species year-round, and any location along the bay is an excellent spot, especially in front of the campground or up on a dune.

Additionally, there are organized boat tours that include sightings of the Dusky Dolphin, Southern Right Whale (between August and November), and Humpback Whale during its annual migration.

Lamberts Bay Map

Lamberts Bay is an airfield in West Coast. Lamberts Bay is situated south of Jakalsriver, and southeast of Jakkalsrivier.

Lamberts Bay

Things To Do In Lamberts Bay

Bosduifklip Open Air Restaurant

Lamberts Bay

Bosduifklip adapts the West Coast open-air restaurant concept for “veld dining” in a stone kraal amid breathtaking prehistoric rock formations. However, it is not too far inland to prevent seafood from being consumed; on the menu are mussels, rollmops, pickled fish, and crayfish in addition to snoek that sizzles on the braai and is best served with traditional pot brood and homemade jams. When you smell the lamb on the spit, the enormous venison or waterblommetjie potjies, the sweet potatoes in a sweet sauce, or the curried tripe, you’ll also know you’re in for some Sandveld boerekos. Even more stunning is how everything looks at night when the rocks are illuminated and the sky is filled with stars. They have a complete license and provide regional wines.

Isabella’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Due to its distinctive setting and interior design, Isabella’s is a well-known attraction in Lambert’s Bay. Isabella’s is a waterfront restaurant with a stunning view of the harbour and bird island that is only 18 meters from the water.

Black mussel shells cover the restaurant’s floor, and fish nets cover the walls. In every way, Lambert’s Bay is portrayed as a fishing community. Isabella’s features a wide variety of meals on its menu, ranging from straightforward dishes like hake and chips or a pot of mussels to stunning seafood platters. Additionally, Isabel and her team of skilled women offer a welcoming and helpful service to make sure your dinner is one to remember.

Muisbosskerm Open Air Restaurant

Lamberts Bay

Visit Muisbosskerm for a seafood experience of a lifetime that is exclusive to the Cape West Coast. The most popular seafood dishes from the West Coast are available here. In addition to the traditional “waterblommetjie-” and “hotnotskool” stew, home-made “plaasbotter,” and the famed “Hanepoot korrelkonfyt” of the West Coast, we offer a broad range of fish that has been baked, smoked, or grilled. These are only a handful of the interesting possibilities available for the self-help dinner.

Lambert’s Bay Boat Charters

Lamberts Bay

The Southern right whales come to Lamberts Bay’s coastlines from August to October. Why not get a close-up look at them? The sole company offering boat rides in the charming community of Lamberts Bay is Lambert’s Bay Boat Charter. You might be able to see the whales even closer than from the shore if you make reservations or are on the harbour front.

Simply request a bespoke excursion from Lambert’s Bay Boat Charters so that you can arrange outings of various lengths focused only on cetaceans.

They specialize in heaviside dolphins, and the greatest boat tours are in the morning. Dusky Dolphins and, of course, Southern Right Whales in season are also frequently seen on trips. You will be in good hands because SAMSA (the South African Marine Safety Authority) registers boats and skippers to carry passengers.

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