About Sunningdale, Johannesburg – South Africa

by Kojo Pocu

Although Sunningdale is not well known to city residents, it is located in a strategically favourable area of Johannesburg, immediately north of the Linksfield Golf Club, west of the N3, and is sandwiched between the well-established suburbs of Bramley, Lyndhurst, Highlands North, and Corlett Gardens. Not least of all due to its accessibility to Sandton and the city. Sunningdale, like much of Johannesburg, is a mash-up of architectural styles and a community. It is situated in the middle of the suburban “working city” vibe that makes Johannesburg such a shock to visitors but serves as a sort of mainline fix for people who live here permanently.

Johannesburg is not the place to slow down. One of the few South African cities where integration is plain to see. If you stay in Sunningdale, you’ll be close enough to the city’s bustle and its many attractions, including the Carlton Centre, Zoo Lake, Emmarentia Dam, Melville, and the nearby community of Norwood. Although Johannesburg lacks a mountain or a body of water, its concrete jungle is filled with a spirit that no other city in the nation can match.

From Sunningdale Johannesburg’s business district, Sandton is easy to reach via the M1, and it is here that one can really experience the pulse of what it means to live in the city – whether it’s business or pleasure. This is Africa’s richest square mile, dominated by Manhattan-style skyscrapers and sprawling shopping malls, and there is little to beat it if you’re after a heady experience. If you want calm and sedate whilst visiting, then head to nearby James and Ethel Gray Park, Melville Koppies or Emmarentia Dam.

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